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OneAll 8:30 Wed Jun 12
in my opinion on his day our best player yet were thinking about selling him to fund other deals surely this is going backwards

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Hermit Road 11:02 Fri Jun 14
Re: Lanzini
The bigger issue is the solidity of that 2 year extension. It should be pretty standard stuff for a football club. If they've done it right, we hold all the cards and he should rightly wait to see how his form is after coming back from an injury. If it isn't, heads should roll.

Russ of the BML 10:58 Fri Jun 14
Re: Lanzini
I think, after the injury he has had, the club are well within their rights to say to him that there is no extension at this time.

You get your head down, get your fitness back, get your form back and start winning games for us consistently then we review.

if that's not what Lanzini wants then he can leave. Simple.

At the end of the day we are evolving as a club. We are no longer all about getting pushed around by so called big stars. And held to ransom by people who think they are bigger than West Ham. Lanzini needs to understand that he is no longer in as powerful a position as he was prior to the WC. Live with it.

chedylan 2 8:04 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
Nobody remembers both Wilshere and nasri being injured then?

Lanzini would not have come straight back into the team if either were playing.
He was rushed back.
As for 'we were doing fine' check the performances at the time, and check yourself for that matter.
Fucking goldfish on here.

COOL HAND LUKE 3:37 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
I reckon he is after the security of a fat longer term pay cheque - insurance, if you like.
If we cave in he can, in theory and practise, do an Andy Carroll.
So he is looking for the high wage deal, WHU are reluctant, and are probably saying "You are with us for three years yet on the current arrangement"... etc... which of course is not what he wants to hear as, if his injury plays up, he could find himself out the door at the end of next season with zero prospects. So he is bound to be trying his luck against the 2 year extension, as it is killing off his negotiating power.
If we land Fornals, Pelle' prob sees Manu as (in todays terms) a cheap high grade replacement for him. You have to play your cards right. I can see Manu being pissed about it but life, as they say, is a hard old bitch.

Alwaysaniron 12:14 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
Texas Iron 12:06 Thu Jun 13

Yeah thanks for that Tex. You can see an ACL coming up in the first week of preseason now!

JayeMPee 11:46 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
Give the guy a chance, a tough season through injury but not his fault.

He is a must for next season unless we want to return to our 'selling club' mentality, and as for £20m you are surely joking!!

Manuel 7:56 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
Let's be honest, he has NEVER been a great player by any stretch, but he can be a very good one. My gut feeling is that after his injury, other players coming in, it aint gonna get any better for him, but would love to be proved wrong.

Stubbo 7:47 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
Lanzini is more than capable of playing as one of the deeper 3 players, or as one of the wide forwards.

Players that mobile are always versatile.

Merely his injury recovery that leaves any kind of doubt (and prior to that his general inconsistency).

The old c wing 12:30 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
North Bank - I would dearly love to see it. I think his best period was around Payet who allowed him the space to play into, and that genuinely he is better in a better team. His style of play has elements of Sir Trev, and I think thats part of the appeal, I just wouldn't be devastated to lose him as my fear is he wont ever realise that potential.

the exile 12:18 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
C wing - I agree that he has never delivered in a sustained way. Many on here are being sentimental and looking at him through rose-tinted glasses. Whoever is negotiating his contract should not give in to his demands. We can either sell, but I doubt there will be much interest. Or we can keep him and let him try to prove himself, which he seriously needs to do. As far as I am concerned he has almost reached his credit limit.

Texas Iron 12:07 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
Sell Lanzini...

Texas Iron 12:06 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
Fornals looks better...more versatile...and Not injury prone...
Well Lanzini...maybe get 20million..???

North Bank 12:05 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lanzini
c wing I can't say I worship him but for me he's up there with Anderson as our most creative players, He was excellent in his first two seasons and after a pre season I think we'll see him fully fit and linking up with Anderson with great success

The old c wing 11:59 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lanzini
I genuinely believe that he still has yet to fulfill his potential, and that given his age by this point, its frustrating that he hasn't done that.

Lots of fans seem to worship him, but I don't think he has ever delivered in a sustained way.

I would love him to do so, but if the right offer came in, I think we should accept.

Crassus 10:14 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lanzini

Look mate, I really like the player, and he has provided real moments

But answer this, where does he fit in a 433 system that is the manager's preferred route and all the current vogue?

I'll tell you, no where. He is a number 10 and is Couthino lite, and just like him, can't fit that system, exactly why Liverpool are better without and Barca dropped a bollock and will struggle to shift at the right money

Stubbo 9:49 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lanzini
You're probably right Crassus, but in fairness a player with his level of ability probably should (unfortunately) have aspirations beyond us.

I don't begrudge him that, but he should sign the new deal and let us get value, with agreement that if any of a number of named clubs at a predetermined price come in for him he can choose to leave.

On The Ball 9:45 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lanzini
I don't think he was rushed back at all. There was no rush - we were never in any trouble, we were doing fine - we were well-set to cope until he came back fit, which he did.

Crassus 9:43 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lanzini

Be that as it may, and you are not wrong, add this

He and his agent were blanking all dialogue of a new contract running into the WC, Messi was singing his praises and he was featuring for the national side. Ultimately, a fit Lanzini could have made an impact for them and since the U20 WC he has been known to all.

All came tumbling down with his injury, he has a year left, with dissention around an extension

In my mind and as I said on here he was offski after the WC, a WC that was destined to be good for him, well tough shit Manu, we hold the cards now as you hold your leg

chedylan 2 9:34 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lanzini

It's clear he was rushed back due to Wilshere and nasri both being permo injured themselves.
Lanzini has a terrible injury and lucky to get any game time at all last season. Hardly surprising he's struggled. Wasn't so long ago was arguably our best player.

Another one with a short memory.

JLAP 9:17 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lanzini
According to ExWHU Lanzini still negotiating his new contract, apparently he is on a lot lower wage than some of the top players, under £50k pw.

Vexed 6:44 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lanzini
Had a bad injury and is now a bit drossy, hopefully will get his shit together next season but we might regret not flogging him when he was still worth money. Replacement for Noble.... fucking hell.

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