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BennyJay 1:02 Wed Jun 12
Pablo Fornals - signed

West Ham United is delighted to announce the signing of highly sought-after Spain international attacking midfielder Pablo Fornals.

A creative, technically-gifted playmaker with an eye for goal, Fornals joins the Hammers from Villarreal, for whom he has excelled in both La Liga and the UEFA Europa League.

Fornals, who becomes the second most-expensive signing in the Club’s history behind Felipe Anderson, has signed a five-year contract, with an option of a further year, after undergoing a successful medical at Spire London East Hospital.

Just 23, the Castellon-born player has already made more than 150 senior appearances and will join up with Manuel Pellegrini’s squad after representing his country at this summer’s UEFA European U21 Championship finals.

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Sniper 3:01 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo FORNALS - signed
As far as I could see last night he worked hard and kept the ball well. And the one time anyone made a decent run he picked them out with an inch perfect pass, the sort that had all the pundits creaming over Liverpool last night.

Sadly we had Snodgrass on the end of it instead of origi

The lad clearly has talent and ability it’s just being used wrong and he has no support, protection or coverage from those around him

Same goes for haller

Sir Alf 2:52 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
As most on this thread are saying. its about a blend of players that compliment each other in terms of technique/skills, physicality, pace etc. The best teams have a minimum standard on the tecnnique side though. For example, old Fernandino is a worker, closes down and physical and when younger was an essential part of their success. He can pass very accurately and control it well too. Rice meets the criteria. But Silva, Aguero also work and can move at speed.

We have such an unbalanced squad and team. Slow, immobile and lightweight is the theme.

So the likes of Haller, Fornals even Anderson and Yarmalenko all looking crap at times. You are often only as good as the players around you which is why some players when they move to another club seem to turn to crap overnight.

We need to invest a lot and fast in some strength and pace but allied to good technique ( e.g. Ndidi at Leicester) with a wide fast man and better full backs for stretching teams. And another forward with strength and pace.

The players with the strength, pace and technique are the ones that are hard to find ( hence the interest in Rice) but they exist.

Fornals has shown the right attitude but is not and was never a wide man. He will struggle in our midfield though as most others do,

We are the opposite if the phrase " greater than the sum of the parts".

eusebiovic 2:25 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He'll come good...the only reason he was signed was because of the fucking disastrous punt on Wilshere.

Which the more savvy amongst the WH faithful practically knew and predicted would happen...

blueeyed.handsomeman 12:24 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo FORNALS - signed
adaptation is always at least a two way process

southbankbornnbred 12:17 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
I feel for the rest of our players, because when we don't have the ball, and if Yarmo, Anderson, Fornals and Haller are on the pitch, then (in those moments) we are effectively down to seven men.

And it's not just them.

We have to work harder. We have to do more when we don't have the ball.

Or we are going to be fighting relegation all season.

Just as an aside, genuine question, when was the last time you heard an opposition manager or captain etc talk about how West Ham make it uncomfortable to play against them?

southbankbornnbred 12:07 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Lily - agree.

And even Brooking, Devo and others use to make sure they covered the ground and did some hard yards on occasion. They may not have been physically dominant players - but they knew to close down, hassle and press.

I watch our current lot - despite all this talk in the Premier League about the 'high press' and Guardiola's declared tactic of always trying to win back the ball within seven seconds if they lose it etc etc. - and I wonder what planet our lot are on. Fornals, Yarmo, Anderson, Haller and others. Lackadaisical, unbothered, don't track back, don't press hard enough at times, don't put teams under pressure when they don't have the ball.

You don't need to be a giant to compete out there. You don't even need to be physical, in terms of contact (although it would be preferable): the likes of Silva and Salah, for example, show that you can hassle and hustle your way into games and then dominate with the ball at your feet.

Lily Hammer 11:58 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed

It's not Allardyce like to want some fight in there. As much as we loved Brooking and Devo strutting their stuff, it worked because we had Bonzo in there, smashing anyone who got too rough. Tonka didn't take any shit, neither did Alvin, and we all know Georgie never did.

Fancy Dans are more than welcome as long as there are some hard nuts to compliment them.

southbankbornnbred 11:51 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Don't get me wrong, I'm no Sam Allardyce. I'm old skool West Ham and want to see the ball played on the floor and to feet.

But it doesn't matter what your football philosophy is, in England you must be prepared to tough it out because the game is quicker (in terms of relentlessness) and more physical than on the Med, despite all the changes of the past 25 years.

My biggest concern about Pellegrini's side is that we look physically weak compared to other Premier League teams. We get bullied around and we hardly ever win the key battle in central midfield. I'm not saying we need three versions of Marc Foe in there - far from it. But we need every player, including the supposedly technically gifted mob, to compete more, physically.

Yarmo, Anderson, Haller (incredible given his size) and Fornals in particular are the pushover brigade. Sometimes there are others, too. You can't carry four players during games. They've got to start competing physically a lot more.

We're a bunch of pushovers at the moment. Chelsea was an exception for obvious reasons.

Lily Hammer 11:45 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He is gradually adapting, but I fear by the time he is up to speed, the team as a whole will have almost zero confidence. He deserves a run in a team that has at least half its shit together.

southbankbornnbred 11:43 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Eerie - reckon you've summed it up nicely. He's going to have to get physically and mentally tougher if he wants to play centrally because he doesn't look quick enough to play out wide.

You don't have to be a giant to play in the centre in England - many smaller players have shown that - but you have to be prepared to tough it out. Fornals doesn't seem to be. He lets the rough and tumble happen around him - and the problem is that the Premier League is still a more physical league than Spain.

azel senior 11:43 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He is the epitome of what is the problem with us at the moment. Capable of absolute class, but far too inconsistent.

The passage of play where Snodgrass missed his chance summed us up last night.

Eerie Descent 11:40 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Bit of a headless chicken, but has more heart and desire than any other foreign player in our squad.

Problem is, he's not quick enough for the flanks, is he physical enough for what we need centrally?

southbankbornnbred 11:35 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Fornals is really struggling to make the adjustment to the pace and frantic nature of the Premier League. He's technically gifted, sure, but large chunks of every game just pass him by.

He's got to learn, quickly, where to position himself to maximise his talent in England. He seems like a little boy lost out there on too many occasions. Not a £24m player at the moment - has all the potential to show he could be, but he is struggling. He's among the group of players (with Anderson, Haller and Yarmo) who are getting bullied around during games.

He's currently part of the pushover brigade, however hard the adjustment has been for him.

Razzle 11:31 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Did anyone watch his defensive performance? woeful.

goose 11:26 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
he'd get murdered if play him in there with just Rice.

Sajmo1 11:25 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Stubbo that's a great shout. He works really hard and his passing skills and ability to move the ball forward are on another level compared to noble.

Stubbo 11:18 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Id stick him alongside Rice - with his energy and playmaking ability he could easily be our deeper lying playmaker with the energy we need to compliment Rice.

Love Noble, but his race is almost run. I lilke Fornals...had a tough start but not seemingly sulking about being in and out. Seems to have a decent attitude. Second half he was pointing and cajoling and trying to dictate play a bit. Would have been much more logical for him to drop in when Noble went off instead of Anderson.

fraser 10:41 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo FORNALS - signed
Feel sorry for him, trying to adapt to a new league with that uncohesive shower of shit around him, same goes for Haller, who I don't feel sorry for because unlike Fornals who kerps working and trying, he's French and mardy about it.

I would have Fornals in my team every game..

blueeyed.handsomeman 10:34 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo FORNALS - signed
none of our players are useless Kai,

hey are however struggling for a playing relationship enhancing each others and their own strengths,skills and abilities.
the worst case scenario is that sometimes it doesnt happen

Kaiser Zoso 10:13 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He'll be more effective when Antonio is playing, he won't have to give it to the useless Jock.

Two games running he's played a killer pass.

I'm not surprised Keep Dreaming thinks he's shit. That bloke's never been right about anything.

TWe 10:05 Thu Dec 5
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Definitely improving and once he gets used to the physical aspect of the prem he'll be a good player. Not quite sure where his best position is though.

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