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BennyJay 1:02 Wed Jun 12
Pablo Fornals - signed

West Ham United is delighted to announce the signing of highly sought-after Spain international attacking midfielder Pablo Fornals.

A creative, technically-gifted playmaker with an eye for goal, Fornals joins the Hammers from Villarreal, for whom he has excelled in both La Liga and the UEFA Europa League.

Fornals, who becomes the second most-expensive signing in the Club’s history behind Felipe Anderson, has signed a five-year contract, with an option of a further year, after undergoing a successful medical at Spire London East Hospital.

Just 23, the Castellon-born player has already made more than 150 senior appearances and will join up with Manuel Pellegrini’s squad after representing his country at this summer’s UEFA European U21 Championship finals.

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eusebiovic 10:41 Sun Jan 26
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Lanzini probably has a clause if he doesn't play a certain amount of games he can go cheaply/free.

Fornals is like Rice...there is a player in there but until they are surrounded by quality to raise the standard they will flap about at times until somebody has their back.

We need to clone Bonzo's DNA... it's possible in this day and age...I've heard.

Sir Alf 9:29 Sun Jan 26
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He dont look a 25 million player but until he gets a regular run out in his proper position, I will not write him off. He isnt a wide midfielder thats for sure but i giving it his best which is something.

How Lanzini is getting in ahead of him under consecutive managers is a mystery. Probably reputation and the hope that play him enough and he will return to his best form which happened to be when Payet was here. Hmmmmm... its almost as if Payet was keeping teams so busy he had more time and space? :-)

onsideman 6:10 Sun Jan 26
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Amazing that anyone could possibly have left the ground yesterday thinking that Moyes was right to take off Fornals ahead of Lanzini. Just amazing

The Ghost of Braderz 6:06 Sun Jan 26
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
If you can't see his ability on the bal, I'd argue you're watching the wrong sport.

Took his time, like every footballer joining the Premier league for their first time, before eventually begining to have a part in nearly every single goal we scored in December. You literally couldn't have found a more creative player in our squad. Now this fucking dinosaur turns up and favours an unfit out of form Manuel Lanzini instead of him. Fucking baffling.

Southbank = Moyes

White Pony 9:55 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Fornals was involved in most of our goals before Moyes turned up. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that.

Bishopsfinger 9:35 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
None of the offensive players produced anything. They are played to creat attacking play that ends in a goal or a good attempt at goal.

Fucking useless all of them. Can’t see a player anywhere in Fornals I’m afraid. Maybe people think he is because he’s trying about compared to the others ? Lanzini shouldn’t be playing but Fornals isn’t the answer.

Keep dreaming 9:30 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
The bigger problems is, both of them are useless.. it wouldn't make any difference who stayed on

southbankbornnbred 9:29 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Nobody has said that, TM: you're doing that thing where you get angry about something that nobody has claimed, mate.

Takashi Miike 9:26 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
you clearly do need to watch it again if you think fornals was worse than lanzini

Mex Martillo 9:23 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Watch it again, you need to, short memory retention?

southbankbornnbred 9:21 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
I don't need to, mate. I watched the game and know exactly what I saw.

He left the pitch at half time - he played half the alloted time for a professional football match, and was anonymous for almost all of the time he played: and you thought he put in a "shift".

Laughable. Utterly laughable.

Mex Martillo 9:19 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Bollocks Southbank, run twice what others did, watch a fucking replay you arse

southbankbornnbred 9:15 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
If you think that represented a "shift" then you and your firm must be the least productive organisations on the planet.

He got taken off at half time for a reason: he disappeared for most of the first half. Again.

Takashi Miike 9:14 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
worth every penny compared to that lazy, disinterested cunt lanzini

Mex Martillo 9:12 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Put in a shift chased for every ball.
No idea what game some of you were watching.
Would have been much better to have subbed Lanzini. Moyes got that wrong.

southbankbornnbred 9:09 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
I stick by what I said further down this thread, months ago.

He's too lightweight, he doesn't work hard enough, he is never in games long enough to influence their outcome and he needs to get more involved.

But, after a slight improvement during early December, he's actually got worse underr Moyes. Playing him out of position isn't helping him, of course. But it's not like he was tearing it up.

Very poor signing for that fee. Needs to toughen the fuck up and work harder - or move back to a hands-on-hips league on the Med.

Full Claret Jacket 7:48 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He offers more movement and effort than a lot of others on the team. Clearly not quick enough or physically strong enough to influence games heavily. I think he shows the right attitude. Not sure why Moyes keeps subbing him.

Sajmo1 7:41 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He might be good if we play him in his natural position who knows. It's like playing noble on the right wing.

collyrob 7:38 Sat Jan 25
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Anyone still wanking this chancer off ?

Atrocious signing.

Kite 2:20 Sat Dec 28
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
I’m not so sure we have paid £25m, I seem to remember experts in the media saying we paid £8m rising to £25m, depending on the player fulfilling certain targets.

If that's the case then our net spend is much lower than the rumoured £22m.

southbankbornnbred 11:49 Sat Dec 28
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He improved a tiny bit, for a few games in a row, during early December.

But he still drifts out of games far too easily. Too often, long chunks of the game just pass him by - it's the same problem with Haller - and you can genuinely forget that he's on the pitch.

He is still not physical enough, even for a little fella, and he needs to start realising that he's not always going to get given the ball to feet on the edge of the opposition penalty area. He has to get more involved.

Overall, a poor signing so far - especially for £24m. But not as poor as Haller, who has been a terrible waste of £45m so far.

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