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Blunders 5:34 Wed Jun 12
Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)
Going to Valencia next week for long weekend, anyone done the tour of the Mestalla? Proper stadium.

Also any other must-dos in Valencia welcome.

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eusebiovic 8:53 Sun Jun 16
Re: Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)
There is a great seafood restaurant near the old port called A Peregrina...

Mex Martillo 8:47 Fri Jun 14
Re: Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)
Chigwell, I sold that aquarium some fish, if you see some big fuck off meagre (Argyrosomus regius) they were mine!

the claret badger 12:49 Fri Jun 14
Re: Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)
Great City Valencia
been 3 times now. First time about 6 years ago and did the tour of the stadium.
Only 3 of us on a guided tour, plenty of photos inside and on the pitch. The Mestalla was used as a evacuation area when the City was flooded around 50 years ago. Watermarks were left on the changing room walls. Quite a spread out city but everywhere accessible by foot if you dont mind walking. Massive sandy beach down by the Americas club and river has been reclaimed and turned into a park. Handy to get out of the heat

Chigwell 11:01 Fri Jun 14
Re: Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)
You have to visit the Aquarium. Seriously, you wont regret it. You'll need at least half a day to do it properly..

Mex Martillo 7:33 Fri Jun 14
Re: Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)
You need a head for heights, if you can go up to the top, quite impressive, both looking down at the stadium and more so looking out over the city.
I went to see a game there years ago, Valencia v Cadiz. We had seats up the top and my mate could not handle it, he got vertigo. The stewards were great and completely understanding and said to just go down and find an empty seat and sit there! Even pointed out some great seats at the front of the second tier, where we went.

Blunders 5:45 Thu Jun 13
Re: Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)
Cheers Lard, saw the new stadium has been held up for good few years.

Will fancy looking round the old gaff before it's gone, those steep sided stands are iconic.

Admiral Lard 5:37 Thu Jun 13
Re: Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)
The Mestalla stadium is a crumbling ruin, I last saw it in 2010 and it was falling apart then. Very little has bee done since as the the football club and the City council have been working on the Nou Mestalla.

This project has ground to a halt several times though there is a more recent initiative to get it going again, no one is holding their breath.

The City is fantastic, friendly and accessable. A real mix of the old and the new. Everything from the beach at one end, architecture, buzzing bar and restaurant life and the weirdest thing of all, the old riverbed now used as parkland and events and attractions with the old bridges still in situ.

(They re routed the river to the outside of the City)

I love the place, a little research online to find the things you like and you can pretty much walk to it from wherever you are

Enjoy your weekend!

Blunders 2:16 Thu Jun 13
Re: Mestalla Stadium (and Valencia tips)

Gavros 8:20 Wed Jun 12
Re: Spanish Siesta SPLAT !!!
Gaspacho splat

joe royal 8:12 Wed Jun 12
Spanish Siesta SPLAT !!!

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