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riosleftsock 11:46 Tue Jun 25
Do No Evil - Google

This is not about Trump btw.

If you are not sure whether you should watch the video,

1) open google in a new tab
2) Type "men can" into the search box and see what google suggests as an auto complete
3) Ask yourself if this is the trend or are you being steered for political reasons
4) Watch the video
5) Don't use google unless necessary
6) Google probably hates you

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Mike Oxsaw 7:52 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Suits me.

Far Cough 7:40 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Turn it in Oxsnore, you tit

Capitol Man 7:35 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
cholo 1:37 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google

That's the problem. O'Keefe and this org pick up some conservative myth perpetuated in weirdo world and then try all the trickery they can to try to fool someone into confirming it.

The right is all about tech company bias right now as freaks like Alex Jones and others are being kicked off of various platforms because of their actions and behavior.

So O'Keefe sat down and tries to think of a way that he can somehow confirm bias.

The trouble is that as the right wing has run away from just being conservative to basically claiming that truth and reality has a left-wing bias. Basically don't believe your lyin eyes, listen to whatever Trump or Fox of Breitbart or whatever tells tells them.

And you can see the mugs that lap that stuff up on here.

White Pony 7:32 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
What an odd thing to say.

Mike Oxsaw 7:24 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
ADHD is it with you, buster? Or Alzheimer's?

Obviously can't absorb reality when it runs counter to your beliefs.

There's a Muslim suicide bomber group somewhere that is dying for people who "think" like you to sign up. Give it a whirl.

Buster 6:59 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Here she is.

How's your latest contract in deepest, darkest Cambodia, Oxsaw?

You fucking nonce.

Mike Oxsaw 6:39 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
I know what's best for me. Can't, and don't, claim to know what's best for you.

Get safely through puberty and you may have a chance of finding out for yourself, though.

Buster 6:32 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Opened the thread, saw Branded and Oxsaw have posted and decided that whatever this is about, I bet they BOTH know best.

gph 6:21 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
"Because I’m always right"

Clever people never say this.

BRANDED 2:34 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
From before being on here obvs.

Lee Trundle 2:32 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
The bloke is a self made millionaire just from sitting on here 24/7, of course.

Kaiser Zoso 2:30 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Are you chiselled up, branded? No offence, but you’re on every fucking thread, saying the same banal tedious shit, over and over?

I was going to ask if you’ve got a life, but the answer to that is obvious.

mashed in maryland 2:29 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
In an age where everyone is fretting about fake news, powerful corporations and political corruption, here we have evidence that a huge company with a near monopoly on internet searches is admitting to trying to influence democratic elections.

It doesn't particularly bother me (I'm of the opinion they're ALL out to get us anyway) but I can't help but think that the same people dismissing this would be singing a very different song if it was shown that this was being done in a way they personally didn't like...

BRANDED 2:28 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Because I’m always right. Not sure google would hate me for that.

Kaiser Zoso 2:21 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
BRANDED 12:58 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
why would google hate me?

Same reason everyone else on here thinks you’re a cunt, is my guess?

peroni 1:55 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
, 12:23 Wed Jun 26

"I and most people that I know do not use Google so where are we going with this?"

Maybe he's trying to inform people other than you three?

claret on my shirt 1:41 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Why is darth vader on it?

gph 1:38 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
"Maybe some alt right start up should do a search engine for nutters?"

I think this is the point behind this.

Instead of wanting people to develop the critical thinking necessary to deal with biased media, certain forces want people to carry on being uncritical consumers, but of their brand of bias instead.

Usually, that bias comes with added lunacy

cholo 1:37 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Just watched the video

It didn't say anything you wouldn't already have suspected of Google.

The "whistle blower" could've literally been anyone, it would not be out of character for project veritas to have used a plant, and there in lies the problem, project veritas have been rumbled using similar underhand tactics in the past, they are not a trustworthy source. Only full unedited versions of the hidden camera interviews are of any use for this reason.

Lots of left wing youtubers have been demonitised too but they failed to mention that.

Verdict - nothing mind blowing or ground breaking.

BRANDED 1:27 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
Average people get what they deserve to be honest

Mike Oxsaw 1:23 Wed Jun 26
Re: Do No Evil - Google
They'd do no worse than using you as a guide for the requirements then branded.

Technically & operationally i/it's well understood WHY Google initially applied a location based filter - there's a fucking load of data out there and that increases at a much higher rate than the best search engine can search it (all).

Had Google - and other search engines - not started filtering, then the time taken to return ANY results, not just the ones you want/anticipate/expect would now be measured in days or weeks. Can YOU wait that long?

The underlying issue, as I previously mentioned, is that the average user has no way of even knowing if a filter has been applied, let alone what is being filtered.

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