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LeroysBoots 5:16 Fri Jul 5
Deutsche Bank
Anyone on here work at Deutsche ?

Looks like the proverbial sh*t will hit the fan on Monday.

Meeting rooms blocked out by HR


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Boycie 10:43 Wed Jul 10
Re: Deutsche Bank
yep deffo Brexit and that Bono

Hermit Road 11:49 Mon Jul 8
Re: Deutsche Bank
roltrader 5:54 Mon Jul 8

alfs barnet 11:39 Mon Jul 8
Re: Deutsche Bank
Pickle Rick wrote...

This surely has got to be the fault of Brexit? every job loss recently is attributed to it so why not this?

If I tell you that this has nothing to do with brexit, do you promise not to hold this up as irrefutable proof that brexit doesn't cause job losses?

roltrader 5:54 Mon Jul 8
Re: Deutsche Bank
Best of luck Cockney Rebel 11:55 Fri Jul 5

Pickle Rick 1:30 Mon Jul 8
Re: Deutsche Bank
This surely has got to be the fault of Brexit? every job loss recently is attributed to it so why not this?

DOUBLE COBBS BOB 12:22 Mon Jul 8
Re: Deutsche Bank
Scaling back in Asia etc

I would imagine they will ring fence and simplify their model

Be prepared for the tap on the shoulder...

Far East Hammer 10:57 Mon Jul 8
Re: Deutsche Bank
18,000 to be cut apparently

Mike Oxsaw 5:31 Sun Jul 7
Re: Deutsche Bank
People stopped borrowing money then? How very DARE they!!!

JAC 12:41 Sun Jul 7
Re: Deutsche Bank
TBH the news as been out for awhile now...They started cutting a few weeks back...HSBC will followsuit this week but on a smaller scale.BNP and Credit Lyonnais are also getting rid of people soon too.

JLAP 12:29 Sun Jul 7
Re: Deutsche Bank
Another good reason to leave the EU

RBshorty 11:40 Sun Jul 7
Re: Deutsche Bank
Don’t worry boys. I’m sure the German taxpayers are more than happy to bail them out.

Kaiser Zoso 11:15 Sun Jul 7
Re: Deutsche Bank
Ask divros he spent enough time doing exactly that

Mike Oxsaw 11:14 Sun Jul 7
Re: Deutsche Bank

This cannot, CANNOT, happen.

It's only people like miners, factory workers and PEASANTS who are affected by technological progress and changes in business needs. EVER.

What's the fucking point in me getting my 2:1 in Media Studies if next Thursday I've got to line up in the dole queue surrounded by homeless tramps and immigrant single mothers?

JLAP 11:07 Sun Jul 7
Re: Deutsche Bank
(C&P BBC..)
Up to 20,000 jobs could be axed at Deutsche Bank in a radical reorganisation of Germany's biggest bank.

The investment bank is expected to be particularly hard hit, with many of the cuts set to affect London and New York.

The supervisory board of Deutsche Bank is expected to approve the plan on Sunday.

The reorganisation of the business follows the failure of merger talks with rival Commerzbank in April.

The German government had supported the tie-up, hoping it would create a national champion in the banking industry.

However, both banks concluded that the deal was too risky, fearing the costs of combining might have outweighed the benefits.

German banking giants abandon merger talks
Deutsche Bank raided over money laundering
Chief executive Christian Sewing, who took on the top job just over a year ago, told shareholders at the annual general meeting in May that he would "accelerate transformation" by focusing the bank on "profitable and growing" businesses.

"I can assure you: we're prepared to make tough cutbacks," he said.

The 20,000 job cuts would be equivalent to a fifth of the company's global workforce.

With almost 8,000 staff, London is the home of its biggest investment operations.

Deutsche Bank has been struggling for years with the decline of its investment bank and has made several attempts to revamp its business.

It is thought that the latest plan will be the most ambitious so far and it has already prompted the resignation of one top executive.

On Friday, the bank announced that its head of investment banking, Garth Ritchie, was leaving.

Shares in the firm have fallen by a quarter over the last year. Last month they fell below €6 a share, but have recovered a little since then, and on Friday closed at €7.17.

Alfie 3:19 Sat Jul 6
Re: Deutsche Bank
Not sure about Merkel but i knew a german hoochy mama like that who flopped about because in a recent sex game gone wrong she got a cadburys creme egg sized love egg irretrievably and perilously lodged up her coal scuttle.

Every time its alarm pings, she froths up like a slug in salt.

Macron shit himself from it and the Irish Taoiseach prayed to mother christ.

When she comes up on it she shakes like shaking stevens with st vitus dance.

Leeshere 3:11 Sat Jul 6
Re: Deutsche Bank
Probably explains why Merkel has had the shakes recently.

yngwies Cat 3:07 Sat Jul 6
Re: Deutsche Bank

Alfie 2:46 Sat Jul 6
Re: Deutsche Bank
CBE - one could speculate that an institution under such scrutiny may need to liquidate some Rembrandts / , back teeth fillings - portable gold and other treasure locked up in the swiss / IOM / film making evasion / H Redkcrapps dog accounts.

Liquidate up. Bring up the wealth. Big up your scene & yourself

Cheezey Bell-End 2:37 Sat Jul 6
Re: Deutsche Bank
The gold teeth must be running low.

Gavros 2:35 Sat Jul 6
Re: Deutsche Bank
Sydney_Iron 12:08 Sat Jul 6
Re: Deutsche Bank
Been rumours of a Deutsche collapse for at least the last 10 years!

Cry Wolf and all that....

yeah but this time its definitely happening,

Will cause a few headlines on Monday for sure.

charleyfarley 12:19 Sat Jul 6
Re: Deutsche Bank
Trumpy owes them a few bob

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