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kips 9:52 Sun Jul 7
Are we being overrun with dogs?

Up in North Norfolk for a couple of days break this week and seemed to be as many dogs on the beach as people.

So many single middle-aged women with small yappy dogs around. Must be a substitute for young children for them I suspect.

According to latest PDSA figures there are almost 10million pet dogs in the UK!!

Time to bring in a £100 a year dog licence and enforce it properly.

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Tomshardware 9:02 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Many a time I'd have to pour boiling water on my bmx tyres in the 1980's after going over dog turd. Used to get stuck in the tyre treads.

Lee Trundle 6:32 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
The gypos round my area have lurchers instead of staffies.

Buster 6:26 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Shut up you cat loving poof.

13 Brentford Rd 6:20 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
It starts with animals.

Buster 6:18 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Mr Kenzo 5:10 Wed Jul 10

Would love nothing more than to watch a Staffy rip the cunts' limbs off. Superb thought.

Block 5:22 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
I'd throw it back at their fucking windows.

White Pony 5:18 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Our neighbours cats used to shit in our garden. You just collect it with a trowel and stick it in a small bag and out it in the bin.


Block 5:13 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Pony, Don't let the little cunt out?

Mr Kenzo 5:10 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Buster - If your having a few problems with Cats, my Staffy is for hire, he will rip them to pieces

White Pony 5:08 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
I don't like cats but it's completely ridiculous to compare a cat shitting in someone else's garden and leaving your own dog's shit behind. How is a cat owner supposed to stop a cat from doing that?

13 Brentford Rd 5:05 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Yeah we have 3 cats who all use a litter tray.

No surprise that you'd poison an animal

13 Brentford Rd 5:02 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
All dogs should be adopted / rescued and breeders stopped from breeding anymore dogs until there are none needing a home!

Buster 5:01 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Well the neighbours certainly do, but apparently it's just what cats do so it's ok?

Absolutely nailed on 100% that you'd be a cat owner though.

13 Brentford Rd 4:59 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Maybe it's because cat owners can't see when & where their cat shits? Just a thought.

Buster 4:56 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Why is it unacceptable for dogs to shit somewhere without it being picked up, yet cat owners are without any responsibility whatsoever when their cunty little pets shit all over other people's gardens?

I'm quite happy to poison cats. And their owners to be fair, who are all either raving bummer or psychos.

BennyJay 4:29 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
All relax, ace's dog Lucci is back with owner.


Moncurs Putting Iron 11:53 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Would love to see the dog licence bought back with the value of the licence being available as vouchers for use in the Vets.

Pick up the shit.
Take it to a bin
Have them 'done' (For the most part)
Have them insured.

Treat them like family

Owning a dog is a big financial and time commitment those just fancy one and drop the little bugger when they realise they haven't thought it through boil my piss.

White Pony 11:52 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Why the fuck would anyone steal a dog? There must be far easier, quieter, inanimate and less smelly things to steal.

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:41 Wed Jul 10
Re: Dogs
Northern Sold 2:12 Tue Jul 9
Re: Dogs

Very true.

Anyone trying to steal my Lab would be found in my back garden with their back out and him rifling their pockets for food and cash.

Northern Sold 2:17 Tue Jul 9
Re: Dogs
Amen Grumps.... Amen...

Grumpster 2:15 Tue Jul 9
Re: Dogs
Must be bloody awful for anyone to have their dog stolen.

I'd rather they take the missus.

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