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Blunders 12:17 Thu Jul 11
Gary Charles - podcast
Hilarious Yank podcast about when sports stars go off the rails. Randomly there's an episode from couple of years back about former Hammer, and all-round drunk disaster Gary Charles!

"This week, we keep being surprised by our subject's antics... until it isn't surprising anymore. He was undersized, but scrappy, and had a chance to have a great, and long career, but injuries derailed all of that. Well, injuries, and a whole lot of booze. His drinking leading to unspeakable acts of public embarrassment, ridicule & jail time. He's a disaster, which is bad for him & those around him, but he's a gold mine for our purposes! Run your coach a bath, drink your career away, and sit in your own filth with Gary Charles!"

They're funny guys. And worth it for their pronunciations of Leicester City, Derby County and Nuneaton Borough alone.....

Also never thought I'd hear "High Street, Hornchurch" in an American podcast.

Skip the first few minutes to get to the good stuff.


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geoffpikey 6:53 Thu Jul 11
Re: Gary Charles - podcast
Misread this as a Craig Charles podcast .

Was hoping for some classic throwback funk.

I must have Alzheimer's very early.

Blunders 6:48 Thu Jul 11
Re: Gary Charles - podcast
he looks like a turtle now.....


Side of Ham 3:40 Thu Jul 11
I always thought it looked like Ray Charles cut his barnet

chim chim cha boo 2:58 Thu Jul 11
The ones about Marlon king and Nile Ranger are even better. Crime in sports is absolute quality.

13 Brentford Rd 1:52 Thu Jul 11
I used to cut his barnet.

joe royal 1:51 Thu Jul 11

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