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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

East Stand Pat 12:14 Thu Jul 25
Time to be positive!
many people on here are already negative regarding the upcoming season, but should we now start looking at the positives?

1) dead wood gone
2) moaning striker gone
3) 2 top class younger and hungrier players added
4) smaller squad, every player could make the starting 11 so training will be intense with player pushing hard for their place
5) starting season with fully fit squad
6) 4 Academy players added to first team squad, so that side of the club is also working.
7) more fans now in the ground

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Mex Martillo 10:11 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
What’s this Time to be positive?
I’m positive at the start of every season

ChesterRd 9:31 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
Did I seriously read someone on here claiming Josh Cullen was as good a player as Pedro Obiang? Fucking hell.

Boycie 9:05 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
and...they sell popcorn in the ground! how good is that?

ironsofcanada 2:48 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
Did the math wrong on Diangana, he slips in (Jan 1998 or after) so we would have to register 24

Thanks Stubbo on other thread.

ironsofcanada 2:01 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
For perspective on squad size and depth (I would say for both sides of the argument)

As of now, in realistic footballing terms: (see explanation below)

We have replaced

Arnautovic with Haller
Adrian with Roberto
Obiang with Fornals
Makasi with Martin (players who did not/will not - hopefully - give us minutes)

Perez with Silva
Carroll with ----


- The official site lists exactly 25 players in first team

(this does not exactly correspond player to player to who would need to registered, but the number actally does, see later)

Having more than that is pretty pointless, obviously

Last year, in September we officially listed 23 players (16 of which were foreign and 7 home grown)

Players that are gone from that list: (* is home grown)

Arnautovic, Marko
Carroll, Andrew Thomas*
Makasi, Kusu Moses*
Obiang Avomo, Pedro Mba
Perez, Lucas
San Miguel Del Castillo, Adrian

Comparing the official site, added or forced to add because of age are:

Martin *
Diop (recently old enough)
Cullen *
Diangana* (recently old enough)

Rice still does need to be registered

However, Xande Silva does need to be registered as foreign player and is not in the first team 25.

So we have lost 6 and added or must add 8 at this point. (Added homegrown players to the needed 8.) This takes us up to the limit. So, if we go rid of Diangana or Cullen, say, they would have to be homegrown replacements.

eusebiovic 1:54 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!

Just an example...

cornish 12:36 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
Isaac Hayden ? Why.

eusebiovic 12:32 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
The future goal has to be a compact squad with better quality...

It's easier said than done but if you sign 2 good players every summer and keep the ones signed previously then it won't be long before a very tasty first XI comes to fruition.

Last year we had Anderson, Balbuena and Diop this year looks like Fornals and Haller...added to Fabianski and Rice - it's not a bad start.

Then you have Lanzini, Yarmolenko and Wilshire who we know could be very useful if they stay fit but that is why they joined us in the first place - all were punts on good players prone to frailty more often than not

I'm optimistic - another defender midfielder who was a bit younger and could do the simply task of intercept and give the ball would please me greatly.

Issac Hayden would be ideal

crystal falace 12:19 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
I mean we're very close to the 25 man squad especially foreign players as it is, so if we were going to bring more players in some more would either have to leave or we'd have people like Sanchez earning decent money and not even included in the squad

Norflundon 9:23 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
But do they?? Yes I’d love us to sign top class back up to Rice but if your saying the squad is weaker is obiang actually better than Cullen...? Not from what I’ve seen. Arnie was a fantastic player but he hardly played Carrol never played and Perez was absolute dogshit. I don’t see how a squad is weaker if you don’t replace people that don’t play. Also if your going to play one up top which I assume we will with Haller and touching wood the cunt isn’t made of glass why would you need that many strikers especially when you have somebody like Antonio who can Play the line striker role perfectly well
I understand what your saying about injuries but imo if you actually break it down we are in a much stronger position at this point than last season Reid lanzini wilshere yarmalenko are all fit diangana and Johnson are now classed as first team players Cullen is back off of loan and we have signed on the face of it two exceptional players
We have two left and right backs plus Johnson plenty of centre halves plenty of wide players plenty of midfielders and two proper centre forwards and Antonio who can play there and the youngster silva.
IMO there are three weaknesses in the squad but not because we haven’t got enough players but because the players we have are not good enough, we need to replace one of the left backs as cresswell is too slow and Arthur can’t defend Sanchez is just awful and I would replace Hernandez with somebody who can play up top on their own so if anything happens to baller we don’t have to change the way we play

Jasnik 12:43 Fri Jul 26
Re: Time to be positive!
Just watching the Newcastle game again.
We were poor but it was Anderson mostly who did nothing all game. Yarmolenko wasn't much better.
Wilshire and Snodgrass made a difference.

Reid look very leggy. Cullen wasn't as bad as some made out.

AKA ERNIE 8:59 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
Norfolk I agree some shots gone but they still need replacing especially with our injury record

Norflundon 8:04 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
Ernie I don’t agree with that we’ve sold absolute shit apart from Adrian and a sulky cunt that didn’t want to play one week or was rolling around injured the next
Our squad has to many shit players and imo if they are not in the squad even if you don’t replace them it means they can’t play
I’d be even happier if we lost another 4 get rid of Sanchez Hernandez Reid and one of our left backs and got three young hungry players in a left back another midfielder and striker or I’d be happy to promote from the youth team even

Mr Kenzo 7:38 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
Oh everything is cool then


AKA ERNIE 7:33 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
is our starting 11 better than last season if haller comes off yep

is our squad better. nope cunt owners doing their usual losing loads of players and not replacing

Alfs 7:25 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
What asset-stripping???

Er, our stadium.

East Stand Pat 5:45 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
This was supposed to be a positive post.

crystal falace 5:41 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
Heat really is getting to people today

goose 5:41 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
Time of the month pat?

East Stand Pat 5:38 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
Oh the other bell end has piped up!

goose 5:33 Thu Jul 25
Re: Time to be positive!
East Stand Plant

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