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Far Cough 9:32 Thu Jul 25
Benny Hill
Sexist or extremely hilarious man?

The latter for me, thanks Thames Television, you cunts broke his heart

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Far Cough 5:03 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
70s US detectives. Fucking brilliant:


Thames Ironworks 4:24 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Very funny comedian who made a lot of people laugh, and still does.

Oh how comedy has lost its ability to make a joke out of human behaviour, good or bad.

Now we have comedians without any ounce of creativity or humour in their acts.

Far Cough 3:47 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Yeah Ironside not Perry Mason, running his wheelchair everyone's feet

ag ag ag

the exile 1:18 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
This made me laugh


Takashi Miike 1:13 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
yes, his version of 'Ironside' was very funny


Far Cough 1:10 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Does anyone remember Benny doing all the 70s US detectives, like Kojak, Perry Mason, Columbo and the rest?

Sven Roeder 12:26 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
He killed himself in the end
The actor not Jack
Probably because of hurtful comments about his HAMPSTEADS.

I loved that Reg Varney was in his early to mid 50’s when he played the bloke trying it on with 20 something CLIPPIES while living at home with his Mum

eusebiovic 12:23 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Far Cough

His railings were more extensive than Hyde Park Corner...

Far Cough 11:49 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Yeah, he had some fucking railings didn't he?

eusebiovic 11:30 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
I never understood how Jack the conductor from On The Buses considered himself a ladies man...he was one the ugliest cunts I've ever seen...

LeroysBoots 11:28 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
I watched Love Thy Neighbour the movie the other day with my Austrian Mrs

When I say watched, we saw 20 mins of it

She was shocked at the blatant racist language

Sambo, Nignog, Monkey

A lot has changed in 40 odd years

Leonard Hatred 10:56 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
On The Buses was shit.

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:50 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
A genuinely funny man who tailored his humour to that time to such an extent that he got 'typecast'

Made his money and got his fame giving us what we wanted at the time.

Godwinson 10:47 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
The puritanical and authoritarian PC period we live in will come to an end at some point.
Benny Hill will be granted a posthumous knighthood along with a golden statue at Heathrow Terminal 5.
On the Buses will become part of the school curriculum.

Just sit tight and relax.

terry-h 9:33 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill

Sorry, wrong comic...

Far Cough 9:26 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
"you can't chase scantily clad women around parks in fast motion forever, "

We've all done it :-)

Hello Mrs. Jones 9:05 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Very funny man a true exponent of British saucy humour. Folloing in the footsteps of Chaucer, james Gillray, Donald McGill , Max Miller and the Carry On films.
Sadly this is the end as the PC brigade have, in just a few short years, ended it all.

cholo 8:38 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Hal Roach was of the era of Chaplin and laurel and hardy, he was probably in his 90s when he said that. Alfred Hill done very well for himself, by all accounts off screen a very decent man if a bit of a loner. Was resentful when his show was axed but things move on, you can't chase scantily clad women around parks in fast motion forever, as much as we'd all like to.

Sven Roeder 8:22 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Hal Roach who produced Laurel & Hardy said Hill was the only comedian who compared to stars of the past.
Charlie Chaplin was a fan I believe.
Was reading he was making $5m a year in the 80’s from his shows being on all the time in the USA
Prisoners rioted in an American jail when they were denied the chance to watch him

cholo 8:19 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
Was mildly amusing as a kid, when you're 8 you're going to laugh at a midget baldie getting slapped on the head. Very much of its time rather than timeless.

Far Cough 8:12 Fri Jul 26
Re: Benny Hill
He was huge in America and I mean fucking HUGE with people like Steve Martin, Burt Reynolds, Micky Rooney, Phylis Diller, Joan Rivers and even the venerable Walter Cronkite, coming out in favour of him

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