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Tomshardware 6:23 Sun Jul 28
Hugill has gone
Season loan to Queens Park Rangers.

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southbankbornnbred 5:01 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
There is a lot wrong with the modern game, of course (as well as a lot right about it). But the idea that a club like ours can spend £10m on a carthorse like Hugill, yet let a really promising kid who we've nurtured, like Browne, leave for a mere fraction of that is nuts.

People running football clubs have lost all sense of logic and reason. But we've known that for some time.

southbankbornnbred 4:54 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
It certainly boosted Preston's coffers.

southbankbornnbred 4:54 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
You can't do a "freedom of information thingy", mate, they only apply to specific public bodies.

But whatever the cost, you can just take it for granted that it was a huge waste of money - for which Moyes must take the blame.

Most likely the deal was OK, of course. But if I were the FA I'd be more interested in the fact that Moyes struck a deal with his old club which ended with them receiving £10m for a poor player (by any Prem standard).

Syd Puddefoot 4:35 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
So is it an established fact or an unsubstantiated rumour that Hugill's agent was Moyse's brother? Pretty bloody scandalous if the former.

Anyone care to do a freedom of information thingy and see how much he was paid?

Pickle Rick 4:19 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
Hughill's signing alone shows why Moyes was never going to get the job long term.

SUM A DING WONG 3:31 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
Whilst i agree it's not Hugill's fault for being offered the move and money to us, there's no need to feel sorry for him.

He's had to suffer a bit of ridicule - fucking hell, im sure that really bothers him when he looks at his bank account every week.

And thats coming from me and im the first to stick up for players coming under unnecessary or overly harsh criticism, on here.

Woden 3:07 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
I agree El Sorchio

Not sure why Hugill is getting flak. It's not his fault. The boy's offered a good wage above his ability. It's more Moyes and the Daves to critisize.

Good luck to him and I hope he bangs them in for QPR. That will be a win win for us all.

ironsofcanada 10:36 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
That was about Dendonker

ironsofcanada 10:36 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
Depends who you believe. Pretty sure I saw it as low as £18m in Jan 2018 but I thought the more concrete stories were about Moyes or Stuart Pearce not being convinced.

El Scorchio 10:33 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
Feel sorry for the player as I am sure this has been flat out embarrassing for him. Like someone who ha been promoted way over their head. Why wouldn’t he grab the chance of a lifetime for a lower league calibre player?

All the fault for this utter embarrassment and failure of a transfer is on WHU. I don’t care if it was Moyes or Sullivan or someone else. It may not have been so laughable if we didn’t pay The price we did for him. Bloody hell, I am glad we have a different transfer policy now.

wansteadman 10:29 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
I thought when were after dendonker he was £32m

Manuel 3:57 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hugill has gone
What is this obsession about 'replacing' players? Surely only a simpleton would believe that it always has to be one in one out all the time, it's really not that straightforward in reality is it. And why would you 'replace' someone that never played and didn't even take a squad place?

DukeofDevo 11:40 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
OTB - we went after Dendonker in January as well and was knocked back I know which player would have made more of an impact. Rather than spunking £10m on a striker that was never good enough for the premiership

eusebiovic 10:57 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
I can only wonder at what might happen if an investigative journalist from one of the tabloids decided to get their teeth into the detail of this deal...

Moyes might not get another job

Iron Duke 10:50 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
Strange signing. Way too much money and wages and he was never prolific for Preston. Apart from that, he wasn’t given much of a chance.

File with Savio.

On The Ball 10:47 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
One was a defensive midfielder in August (and most transfers are paid in installments, so perfectly normal) and was a loan, the other was a full transfer for a striker in January!

DukeofDevo 10:43 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
My understanding: we spend £10m on Hugill and never seriously played him

We made a derisory up front offer with payments to follow and got knocked back

Hugill hardly ever plays first team football
Dendonker signs on loan for Wolves plays in several games scores some crucial goals Wolves make the deal permanent We loan Hugill to QPR

I’d love to know the full story

On The Ball 10:36 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
DukeofDevo 9:33 Sun Jul 28

That's not even close to what happened.

On The Ball 10:36 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
iphammer 9:26 Sun Jul 28

They haven't said anything. You're believing everything you read on the internet.

Hammer and Pickle 10:23 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
... er I'd love to see Balotelli in C&B.

iphammer 10:21 Sun Jul 28
Re: Hugill has gone
Mex it’s early days for Haller. Time will tell if he is good enough for the premier league. Not sure about the mad Italian we’ve already had a few players come and go who have caused problems in the dressing room will he do the same?

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