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Coffee 9:51 Sat Aug 10
Saturday football
Forget Brexit, Wimbledon, the cricket world cup and the hottest day since Vindaloo was invented, the real stuff is back. A pregnancy’s worth of Premier League football, interspersed with the rugby world cup, icy cold days, dark afternoons and misty midweek nights. Liverpool’s comfortable dispatch of Norwich last night takes nothing from the tradition of unexpected results on the season’s opening day. The early kick-off would be a fine addition to that tradition.

It’s hard to think of a stronger, more competitive West Ham squad. Or of a first team with more potential for flair and a midfield that should become the envy of most other clubs in the country. But it’s also hard to know how well the new recruits will fit into the team, and how quickly the glue will set. One thing is certain – we have a team that can take the game to the champions without overwhelming respect. City will again be strong title favourites and an early shock will only serve to sharpen their focus. And ours. Home win.

You’d think that a good number of West Ham will follow Sheffield Utd’s progress back in the big time with interest. They return with a fine recent pedigree and this opening fixture offers an opportunity to test themselves against a now firmly-established Premier League side. Albeit one that enters the season with a large number of injuries. Draw.

The Saints ended last season in the ascendency. Can they continue that form? Both sides have used the transfer window to solidify their squads without an undue splash of cash. On paper, it’s an evenly balanced encounter but with enough in it to give both the expectation of three points. Draw.

It’s all going to be about Wilf Zaha, isn’t it? No, of course it isn’t. It’s about one team that’s likely to be battling in the division’s nether regions and another that will expect to be sniffing around its upper parts. In the coming months and for contrasting reasons, both may look back on this as an early must-win game. A stalemate beckons, perhaps? Draw.

Today’s booby prize for the neutral. The Seagulls’ performance under new manager Graham Potter will be of interest, though, as will Watford’s ability to continue last season’s exceptional performance under Javi Gracia. Home win.

Spurs will be missing almost half of their normal first team as they seek, once again, to improve on the previous season. There’s little chance of that, in truth. Villa have been busy in the transfer market. Tom Heaton’s arrival could prove one of the most astute signings of the window, and he will likely have his hands full in his new team’s return to the top flight. Home win.

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jfk 2:38 Mon Aug 12
Re: Saturday football
Glad to hear your back to your finest coffee.
Long may it continue mate.Always a great read.

Any Old Iron 12:30 Mon Aug 12
Re: Saturday football
I don't want to in any way support Jr, but Manchester Utd were very lucky not to concede 2 or 3 before they got their 2nd. Would have been a very different game then.

Sven Roeder 12:20 Mon Aug 12
Re: Saturday football
Mourinho said the same on Sky.
Kante has missed some preseason but if he is fit enough to play 25 mins at the end you start him even if he can do an hour.
Knowing Kante he is naturally fit and would play 90 mins no problem.
Also pointed out that he had experienced players like Giroud and Alonso on the bench and chose inexperienced players instead.
The manager with all the trophies basically reckoned the rookie fucked it up.

happygilmore 12:01 Mon Aug 12
Re: Saturday football
sarri's biggest mistake any manager could have made was playing the best DM Kante out of position. Then this bloke comes along and leaves him on the bench. Giroud likewise should have started and would have given that defence a sterner test.

Takashi Miike 11:47 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
to leave out kante shows how arrogant the cunt is, and as sketchy as luiz often is, he's twice the player of zouma who always reminds me of ogbonna

Hermit Road 11:40 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
How does Kante only make the bench of any team in the world?

If Kante is available to you, you pick him first and build the team around him. That goes for any manager at any club.

Mart O 11:26 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Also from the BBC:

"This was Lampard's heaviest defeat in the Premier League since he featured for the full 90 minutes in West Ham United’s 1-7 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford in April 2000.".

Double AGs.

Far Cough 9:20 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Frank Lampard suffered the heaviest defeat by a Chelsea manager in his first match in charge since Danny Blanchflower lost 7-2 to Middlesbrough in December 1978.


ag ag ag

LeroysBoots 8:53 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Pedro was shocking today, hope he keeps his place!!

Sven Roeder 8:39 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
There were 8 or 10 suitable central midfielders linked in the window and we refused to pay the fees for them.
None of which were wildly extravagant
Can’t recall any of the players linked going elsewhere

Barty 8:33 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Get this lad in in January and play him alongside Rice!


Vexed 8:26 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
I heard on here that Rice was the second coming of Moore and that people would be queuing up to throw 100m at us for his services this summer.

What's changed then?

Sven Roeder 8:16 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Double Rice

Chelsea without Hazard are miles behind last season. Lots of useful players but no one with that bit of magic. Or a goal
Hazard beat us on his own at Stamford Bridge last season.

Far Cough 8:15 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Turn it in Vexed, nobody said that, you tit

Vexed 8:11 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
I thought Rice was the answer to all our midfield woes?

New Jersey 8:10 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
We've only needed one for the last decade but what do us supporters know!!

Sven Roeder 8:10 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Watford 0 Brighton 3 is the worst result

There is only one other team that has lost 3-0 at home to Brighton in Premier league history.

Jasnik 8:09 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Well said Frasier

fraser 8:08 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
But we don't need a DM we have the best squad ever...

New Jersey 8:08 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
Kante on the bench, he needs to join us, I'm sure he would make the starting eleven!

swindon hammer 8:07 Sun Aug 11
Re: Saturday football
As awful as it is to lose 5-0 at home I would say Chelsea, Watford and Southampton had worse results this weekend when considering the opposition.

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