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Queens Fish Bar 1:29 Sun Aug 11
Ministry of truth
George Orwell got it spot on with his novel 1984.

We are converging on 1984 - if you're not scared, you don't understand whats going on.


Michael Gove will launch a new 'rapid rebuttal unit' at the heart of Government on Monday to provide instant responses to "media myths and half-truths" about the risks of a no-deal Brexit.

The new Response Unit will be run by civil servants in the Cabinet Office and has will ensure that "the public and businesses are not being alarmed by scare stories or falsehoods ", The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

Senior Government figures are known to have become frustrated over the anti-no deal stories aired by the BBC in recent days, notably one about cows being slaughtered in Northern Ireland after a no deal exit.

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the exile 1:53 Sun Aug 11
Re: Ministry of truth
That was never going to go down well on here...

ironsofcanada 1:38 Sun Aug 11
Re: Ministry of truth
You got the first line right.

Takashi Miike 1:33 Sun Aug 11
Re: Ministry of truth
you're right, "you don't understand whats going on"

Hermit Road 1:32 Sun Aug 11
Re: Ministry of truth
I don’t think you understand George Orwell or what he was trying to say.

Queens Fish Bar 1:31 Sun Aug 11
Re: Ministry of truth
Sorry, messed up - shouldn't have started a new thread.

Mods please delete.

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