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Could he fill in as a defensive midfielder alongside Rice???

Still got a good engine, distribution good and works so hard

Ideally still think Noble does a job but maybe not a 90 minute player now, as for Sanchez nothing to say lol

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Huffers 12:46 Fri Aug 30
Re: Snodgrass
I'll say again. Terrible footballer. Good at corners, certainly compared to the rest.

Full backs have a 50/50 chance of guessing right against a winger. Against him, no guessing is required.

marlonsrightsock 12:41 Fri Aug 30
Re: Snodgrass
Personally I think we should play Balbuena in the number 10 role and Ogbonna on the right hand side of our front four now that Antonio is out for a while


SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:35 Fri Aug 30
Re: Snodgrass
Apart from the one that Ajeti missed from about 3 yards out.

Woden 11:25 Fri Aug 30
Re: Snodgrass

His crossing was terrible v Newport.

Mex Martillo 2:43 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
I watch West Ham with Spanish commentary a they call him the Rock, it’s a complement and clearly rate him highly. I thought he did well against Newport, but that does not give me much confidence. Pre-season he made loads of errors and gave the ball away, it was a worry.

That’s right Pony, just idol speculation. But my vast football knowledge suggests to me he could do well in Rice’s position.

White Pony 2:29 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
Yeah that's my point really Darby. You put Antonio at RB then you haven't got him in the area of the pitch where he ia most effective.

Darby_ 2:25 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
To be fair, people’s objections to Antonio at right back weren’t just because he wasn’t suited to it. It was also because we were moving our biggest goal-scorer and attacking threat at the time into defence.

People moved into new positions sometimes flourish, like Arnie up front or like Rice did after being moved from centre-back to midfield. You wouldn’t really know whether Diop was any good as a holding midfielder until you saw him play there.

Either way, it’s not going to happen unless we have a massive injury crisis.

SUM A DING WONG 2:16 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
White Pony,

You're right, that we shouldn't be moving Diop into midfield, as things stand.

But, West Ham being West Ham, we'll end up with an injury crisis and be forced to do it!!

ironsofcanada 2:15 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
White Pony 2:01 Thu Aug 29

"let's keep him in defence where we bloody need him."

That is a very valid point. I was approaching it theoretically because as I said none of us makes these decisions.

It was a "what if" to me, not a "let's do it."

The only realness involved is my concern about him in the air. Have people worked out that he can be bullied? or is he just having a rough patch, I am hoping and because I am an optimist, expecting that the latter is the case.

Would him bulking up a little take something from his game?

White Pony 2:02 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
*is reasonable enough

White Pony 2:01 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
I think if you've witnessed a player deputising in a different position and think they made a decent job of it then fair enough, wanting to play them there more is not reasonable enough.

My point is that nobody has ever seen this lad play in midfield, if he ever has at all. We have midfielders, let's keep him in defence where we bloody need him.

SUM A DING WONG 2:01 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
At this moment in time I would not suggest trying this - but it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Diop could play DM.

He can tackle (although lately, he's been doing a good impression of someone who can't) , has pace, can play a bit, as well as beat a player.

Early in his career, Rio played in midfield for us, and he was excellent.

Hopefully, though, Conor Coventry can progress and be the next Declan Rice.

Although after Coventry gave the ball away the other night - he'll be written off as shit by the "know it all's" on here!

Mr Anon 1:59 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
plus the fact is sometimes you're short and have to play people out of position, I don't think anyone is advocating a full time move!

ironsofcanada 1:44 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
White Pony 1:20 Thu Aug 29

I am not saying every player can. I am saying it happens a decent amount of times around the world. So it is a possibility.

So to say it is complete outside the realm of possibility is not true. So that in itself is not really a reason we should not consider it.

I am looking for things about his play etc. not just because he has never done it.
I would not play Antonio at right back if I could avoid it, it just has not been a complete disaster every time, was the point. I enjoyed the wins against Spurs and Man Utd a few years, for instance.

White Pony 1:44 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
Fucking hell.

It's not that hard to fucking understand.

I don't think playing players out of their usual specialised position is a good idea.

Yes, sometimes, it can work. Rice proved he could possibly do it for Ireland so we tried him there. Has Diop ever even played there? Does anyone know? I'm pretty sure he hasn't.

We have plenty of specialist midfield players. Whether you think they're any good or not is irrelevant.

Advocating that we pull one of our best 2 CBs out of defence (where we need him to be) to play in a position that he's not played before, instead of one of the midfielders in the squad, in my opinion is fucking stupid.

It's not that controversial an opinion.

Mr Anon 1:37 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
But how does the example of Antonio override the example of Rice?

you sound just like vexed when he was insisting Rice was not a midfielder.

I'm not saying Diop would be any good, I have no idea. My point is no one else on here does either.

White Pony 1:33 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
Antonio is an example of why playing a player out of position is not usually a good idea.

Hope that helps?

Mr Anon 1:33 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
* by bringing

Mr Anon 1:31 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
"So, because Rice has converted from CB to DM, therefore any CB can now play there? Fuck it, let's stick Ogbonna in there."

odd because you use the same circular argument in bring up Antonio as an example of why you shouldn't consider it

White Pony 1:20 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
That's funny. We all know we won a few games with Antonio at right back despite - not because of - having him there. He wasn't suited to it. Pretty obvious to everyone including the player himself.

So, because Rice has converted from CB to DM, therefore any CB can now play there? Fuck it, let's stick Ogbonna in there.

I'd rather use the squad we have in the positions the manager intended them to play, especially when we have squad members who specialise in that position already.

Thank fuck you're not our manager.

ironsofcanada 1:18 Thu Aug 29
Re: Snodgrass
crystal falace 1:14 Thu Aug 29

"he gives the ball away regularly trying to pass it forward from the back."

I honestly don't see that. Does not mean it is not there but is not something I have noticed. I have noticed a lot of our players doing just that, just not him.

Open to examples.

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