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Coffee 8:24 Sat Aug 17
Saturday football
ARSENAL vs BURNLEY (1230 ko)
A decent first outing for both sides, but Arsenal will be strong favourites today. A physical encounter beckons with Burnley looking to open up their hosts on the break. Arsenal will have to defend well, but should easily come out on top. Home win.

Home form will be vital for Villa’s survival bid and this is exactly the sort of game they have to win to accumulate their points. Eddie Howe knows this only too well and his Cherries side will have a job on their hands at a packed Villa Park. Draw.

The less said about the opening day’s performance, the better. There may be a buzz on the East Sussex coast, but Seagulls fans will be well aware of their team’s frailties. On paper, we are by far the stronger side and this will certainly be a test of Manuel Pellegrini’s man- and team-management skills. There are few foreseeable excuses for anything but a win to get our season up and running. Away win.

It’s been more than six months since a visiting team last scored at Goodison. Marco Silva will want to extend his old employer’s dismal start to the season. It’s hard to think he won’t succeed. Home win.

Despite last season’s phenomenal record, Norwich’s primary goal this time round is survival. In Daniel Farke, they have a manager who just might do that, while Steve Bruce inspires little more than lukewarm confidence that he will also keep his club up. This may prove to be an early six-pointer. Draw.

Accumulating air miles always comes at a cost. The Saints will hope to exploit their opponents’ weariness and late substitutions may be key for both sides. A high tempo start to proceedings may be in Southampton’s best interests. Adrian is reportedly optimistic of being able to play today, although how much that benefits the visitors is debatable. Draw.

Whatever you think of Spurs, this should be a cracking game of football. City won’t have things as easy as they did last week, but still look way too strong for the visitors. And woe betide Tottenham if they choose to sit back, absorb the pressure and expect to profit from the break. Home win.

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Sven Roeder 10:45 Tue Aug 20
Re: Saturday football
Cody plants his feet. There is no lunge or dangling leg like Diop on the Man City player
Pogba just runs at him and launches himself over his leg.
Sky seemed not to even query it at all
Ref and VAR also spent 2 secs considering it

fraser 10:16 Tue Aug 20
Re: Saturday football
The tackle came in from Pogba's right near his right leg, yet his left leg gave way.. Didn't touch him, looked a dive.

3 players fouled Traore in one move all late, none of whom were spoken to. Either side of it two similar fouls by Wolves players, both got booked.

Sven Roeder 9:29 Tue Aug 20
Re: Saturday football
Neves scores a fantastic goal and all the post match stuff is about which Man U knucklehead takes the penalty.
Solsjkaer bleats about whoever is confident should take it. I am guessing Rashford was confident but obviously what Pogba says goes.

, 11:45 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football
Pogba looked like he barely made contact with the defender so missing the spot kick was karma.

Vexed 11:21 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football
VAR is the ruin of football, its just taking the excitement out of it. Cunts.

Sven Roeder 11:17 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football
Can you imagine us getting that one at Old Trafford? Or anywhere
Have said before no VAR Ref is going to over rule the on pitch Ref and say a pen is a joke
And that was a joke.
Initiated by Pogba

happygilmore 11:16 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football
Took an age to confirm wolves goal and a split second to confirm penalty. VarMANu

happygilmore 11:15 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football

Vexed 11:14 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football
Terrible VAR penalty decision. Never a pen. I hate VAR.

Sven Roeder 11:14 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football
Was that really a pen?
Would we get that one?
Pogba just launched himself over a leg for mine
Pogba manages to get his pen saved so justice done.

Sven Roeder 11:08 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football
VAR looked like it was trying very hard to get that Wolves player crossing offside by 1cm.
Lined up about every body part but couldn’t find it.
As said would have been a travesty if that goal had been ruled out.
Strikes a nice ball that boy NEVES

happygilmore 11:05 Mon Aug 19
Re: Saturday football
Cracking goal for Wolves, almost VARed

geoffpikey 7:27 Sun Aug 18
Re: Saturday football
Adidas, as well. Supposed "better" than most.

I predict they'll sell 2 shirts to Leicester fans.

I haven't had replica kits, apart from unsolicited gifts, since I was a pre-teen but it does slightly rile me how it's all gone mental. Every club has its colours. And I respect that.

Why isn't Leicester's away kit simply white with blue trimmings? Blancmange pink and black? Fucking nonsense.


Westham67 7:13 Sun Aug 18
Re: Saturday football
Just saw a pictures The kit looks like the pink round one with the liquorice in the middle

geoffpikey 6:53 Sun Aug 18
Re: Saturday football
That Leicester City away kit is a shocker. Players with yellow boots look like Liqourice Allsorts.

Dunno why I'm watching, TBH. Ha!

ironsofcanada 1:59 Sun Aug 18
Re: Saturday football
Watching Reading/Cardiff without commentary.

Cardiff in good voice. Shame they went down for a lot a reasons (including yesterday).

Coffee 7:42 Sun Aug 18
Re: Saturday football
Tomsdad 11:37 Sat Aug 17

Actually one of my better weeks...

Tomsdad 11:37 Sat Aug 17
Re: Saturday football
2 out of 7, one of your worse weeks and each Saturday is only going to get harder what with this VAR.

Stevethehammer 9:19 Sat Aug 17
Re: Saturday football
All of this is designed for Liverpool to win the league.. you watch they will soon have the most blatant cheat in the league Salah going down under his own feet and the referee not going to Var and sending the cunt off.

Sven Roeder 9:16 Sat Aug 17
Re: Saturday football
Bloody Spurs
Like to hear the explanation for VAR ignoring the blatant Man City pen. Utter nonsense. Might as well not even bother looking at them if that’s not given.

fraser 9:15 Sat Aug 17
Re: Saturday football
I'm starting to think Golden Oldie has a point..

VAR misses a blatant penalty but picks up on a wafer thin brush of an underarm which doesn't deviate the ball..

Jammy cunts

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