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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Barty 4:29 Mon Aug 19
Tripp Smith?

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Steven P 2:20 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
I’m messing

ornchurch ammer 1:11 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
When I say shit I mean sell on the cheap like he does the players.

I can see him being a bit like Ashley though in that when it looks like a deal is agreed he moves the goal posts a bit to increase his profit.

Steven P 1:01 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
Why would you want him to be shit at doing a deal for the club? Surely you want them gone?

ornchurch ammer 12:45 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
Lets just hope that Sullivan is as shit as doing a deal to sell the club as he is at selling players.
Cant see it somehow though.

goose 12:20 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
according to Bristol on KUMB its Americans but not Smith.

maybe its the corpse of Paul Allen.

i'm bored.

Gavros 3:13 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
Youre such a bitch bruuno.

Is it because i didnt offer a reacharound?

bruuuno 2:02 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
Gavros is 100% bender

Gavros 1:53 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
I think it may be wishing a bit too hard to get a new owner in who is an expert at selling distressed leveraged debt.

Sounds like the glaziers on steroids.

bruuuno 1:48 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?

bruuuno 1:48 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
This is 100% but shit

On The Ball 12:21 Tue Aug 20
Re: Tripp Smith?
Mr Anon 10:57 Mon Aug 19

He must do. But to get followers/retweets/clicks etc he does speculate about things that can never be proven. And earlier this year he was whipping the tards up about the kit manufacturer that was about to be announced - he was encouraging them to speculate about all sorts like Fred Perry, promising them an announcement "soon" - yet the Umbro deal had been extended months before. I pointed this out and he blocked me.

goose 11:03 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
Thinking out loud, I’m guessing if they bought the stadium any agreed payments to the LDDC (or whoever) would be null & void?

MaryMillingtonsGhost 10:59 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
They’ll wait until 2023, when there is no ‘penalty’ to pay.
It’s always been about the long-game for them, ultimately purchasing the LS for relative peanuts and then selling to anyone willing to stump-up the ridiculous amount they’ll want, whilst putting in virtually zero personal investment during there tenure.
When they’ve gorged all they can on West Ham (including interest payments) I think they, most probably Sullivan and his spawn along with their diseased pet Brady, will move on to another host.
As Cartis so eloquently put it, cunts, all 3 of them.

Mr Anon 10:57 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
Do people still doubt ex? As attention seeking as he is He was spot on in the summer, he obviously has a source. Don't think he makes stuff up.

On The Ball 10:49 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
I'm sure it's just more nonsense made-up by some Twitter attention-seeker like Ex.

If you think they wouldn't sell, even in the penalty period, you're off your rocker. What do they care most about? Money. If someone offers enough, even with the penalty, they'll take it. Personally I wonder if they'll buy the stadium first as the whole thing is worth so much more with the stadium included.

I don't think (/dearly hope) for a second they're looking to leave it to any of the kids. There's too much money to be made by selling.

goose 10:31 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
It’s all assumptions at the moment.
Maybe he’s lining up Bolton as his next project?
Maybe it’s the Qataris ppl keep talking about?
Maybe it’s all bullshit & we are stuck with the horrible curbs and their offspring?

Probably the latter.

marlonsrightsock 10:19 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
goose it's all bollocks, are we seriously expected to believe that Sullivan's recent involvement with Bassini looking to buy out Bolton s he his next move after he sells us to mystery buyer

Didn't he say he'd only sell to the mega rich ie Saudi Prince or their ilk, that's not going to happen, although credit where it's due Sullivan does have a track record of being economical with the truth

cartis 10:17 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
Anything to see the back of GSB
Three absolute fucking cunts

goose 10:09 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
Re: If a multi billionaire wanted to buy West Ham...
Postby bristolhammerfc on Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:17 pm
Supposedly deal agreed but kept under wraps for now pending other moves including Bolton

Shamelessly stolen from KUMB.
Not Tripp, someone else.

Fingers crossed.

ParadiseLost 5:46 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
Actually it might not be a bad time to sell the club on, even with the stadium agreement.

Neither Sullivan or Gold are young men. If as seems likely the economy globally is about to turn down asset values might not get back to present levels for a while. When you’re older that’s a consideration. Sullivan’s property empire, in particular the retail properties, might not look so clever either at the moment.

So what’s in it for a buyer? Perhaps the likelihood that Sterling might be in for a little swoon pre and post Brexit. For a foreign buyer that might look like a nice discount with a reasonable upside if Sterling recovers after the actual exit and potential initial mess subside.

Moncurs Putting Iron 5:31 Mon Aug 19
Re: Tripp Smith?
No ref he dived.

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