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blindman 12:53 Wed Aug 28
Nailed it
West Ham is (was) "...the footballing equivalent of throwing paint at the wall every twelve months and hoping that a Jackson Pollock appears."

Seb Stafford-Bloor.

This bloke has got our number.

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gph 3:14 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
He was an apostate from the pourers.

When they found out he'd joined the drippers, and not just as an ordinary member, but was virtually their Pope, they were vivid.

, 11:36 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
I remember Accles and Pollock.

Sven Roeder 8:01 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
It was more dripping than dropping
Hence the nickname Jack the Dripper

Exhibition on at the Barbican by his wife Lee Krasner at the moment but think it finishes this weekend.

blindman 5:11 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
Oh well, it amused me.

chim chim cha boo 3:52 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
Hate to be a pedant but Pollock dropped his paint onto the canvas and never threw it.

All these years of abject failure and all the board had to do was call me and we'd have won cups and titles?

In other words, a shit metaphor.

blindman 1:42 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
Mike the Hammer - re: nailed it.

I guess you just had to respond.

Mike the Hammer 1:22 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
What if you don't like Jackson Pollock though, but you are a West Ham fan?

gph 1:13 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
*throws paint at wall*

*Jackson Pollock-standard painting appears. Jackson Pollock painting refuses to appear*

Vexed 12:57 Wed Aug 28
Re: Nailed it
That's a shit quite and you're a fucking mug for repeating it.

Fucking SEB?

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