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Lovejoy 2:23 Thu Sep 5
Fitness watches
Talk to me. What’s everyone using?

Want something to accurately track calories during exercise.

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Bungo 11:32 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
Surely the heavier the watch, the better?

White Pony 10:52 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
I wouldn’t buy a “Smart” watch at all Sven, I just know people that own them.

Makes me wonder why people want to pay 10 times more for something that looks almost the same and does pretty much the same job. All because people are desperate for the brand. Ditto people who are desperate for a Land Rover or BMW, exactly.

tanman 10:39 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
As someone else below said Garmin 935, I use it for running and it tells me how far I have run and what pace etc, heart rate. Easy to use and reliable. Charge lasts ages on it too.

goose 9:31 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
The HR was the only thing we found useful.
I swear it assumed I was asleep when I wasn’t.

Sydney_Iron 9:29 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
I find the fitbit app very good, maybe the best out there.

Do a lot of exorcise, running etc and find it quite useful, don’t pay much attention to the calorie counter thing, that is a bit suspect IMO and not sure how they could accurately gauge such a thing, were as heart rate, steps, distance etc is maybe quite good.

They also have a sleep score, again it’s interesting to see each day but not sure how good it is, some days I wake up feeling good, but according to the app I had a poor nights sleep, and vice.verca????

The heart rate one is the main one for me, and have noticed if im getting sick, cold flu etc my resting heart rate will start going up from around 50 to around 58 a few days before I get symptoms, then come down as I recover.

I like this sort of tech but each to there own.

goose 9:18 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
I had a Fitbit but the calories it suggested I was burning was wildly inaccurate.

I wouldn’t waste your money.

Ask yourself why you need one.

Sven Roeder 9:17 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
If you ARE going Chinese I believe the Pangolin & the Corona Bat are their top selling models.

Sydney_Iron 9:03 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
Really Pony? You could make the same argument for all manner of items.

Most supermarkets have there own brands or unbranded of a large range of foods, most taste like shit compared to the more expensive reputable brands or how about Cars a BMW or some Chinese brand? Which would you prefer.

Sorry dont answer that i think i know already.

White Pony 8:49 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
Makes me laugh the amount of people who fork out a wedge for a Fitbit or a Garmin or Apple Watch.

You can pick up a cheapo unbranded version straight outta China, does all the fitness tracking for about £30.

Sydney_Iron 3:33 Fri Mar 27
Re: Fitness watches
Just got the fitbit Versa 2, the charge 3 started playing up, screen was going grey and could not swipe from the home screen.

Fitbit offered me a full refund or i could upgrade to the Versa 2 at a big discount, so did that, very nice bit of kit and a huge improvement on the charge 3, only thing missing is a built in GPS, you need your phone with you, otherwise a class looking smart watch/fitness tracker.

Had my eye on a Garmin Marq before i saw the price tag, Fuck me they are expensive!!!

jfk 5:32 Fri Sep 6
Re: Fitness watches
"I'm a fat fucker and have tried to move some timber miserably"
Any i watch solutions would be much
* scoffs cream bun and farts,fat cunt.

jfk 4:54 Fri Sep 6
Re: Fitness watches
Bracelets for porkers.

Claret Badger 3:22 Fri Sep 6
Re: Fitness watches
tracking bracelet tags for twats

Bungo 9:46 Thu Sep 5
Re: Fitness watches
Marketing knobs in meeting:

'Right we've flogged them phones they don't need, TVs with flat screens, curved screens, iPads and tablets until they're coming out of their ears.

What shit that nobody needs can we invent next to sell to the plebs?'

What cynical, me?

ChillTheKeel 7:56 Thu Sep 5
Re: Fitness watches
I got a free Huawei GT smartwatch with a P30 Pro.
It's not really a smartwatch but it does the fitness stuff well and actually resembles a proper decent watch.

Sydney_Iron 7:28 Thu Sep 5
Re: Fitness watches
daveyg, yes it’s waterproof, wear mine whilst swimming and in the shower and all good, it also has touch pay, you just load your card in the app, really pleased with it, was getting the iWatch but glad I got this instead.

Mike Oxsaw 6:43 Thu Sep 5
Re: Fitness watches
What about something (simple) that just tracks pulse & blood pressure? I'm sure I'm not the only person that suffers from hypertension, so something that just tracks & records that would be a winner (for me)

daveyg 6:26 Thu Sep 5
Re: Fitness watches
Do you know if the FItbit charge 3 is good for swimming ?
That's my main use I need it for.

Niblets 6:17 Thu Sep 5
Re: Fitness watches
'Garmin are great for running with footpod'

Why would you need a footpod to run with a Garmin? Unless you're using it indoors on a treadmill, which kind of defeats the object of having a Garmin in the first place.

REALGSA 6:15 Thu Sep 5
Re: Fitness watches
I have owned the lot.

Polar are best for gym workouts with heart rate strap

Garmin are great for running with footpod

Day to day I would say Fitbit

Apple watch is a waste of time, does not track accurate.
Only good to make calls, read messages and connect to the phone etc. Do not buy for fitness!

geoffpikey 6:06 Thu Sep 5
Re: Fitness watches
Pile of twattery.

Eat well.
Go for a run. Or just a good, strong walk.
See a GP once every six months. Unless something urgent.

Technology has become a scourge in this era. So many suckers.

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