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selecta 3:37 Thu Sep 5
40 seasons
Will we triumph on the 40th anniversary season of our last trophy?

Jeez I’m getting old!

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4ever-blowin-bubbles 5:48 Mon Sep 9
Re: 40 seasons
yes yes yes hopefully we do

eusebiovic 1:22 Mon Sep 9
Re: 40 seasons
cholo 11:42 Mon 9 Sept

North Bank 12:52 Mon Sep 9
Re: 40 seasons
cholo nail on head there mate

Far Cough 12:16 Mon Sep 9
Re: 40 seasons
We won the cup in '64, we won the ECWC in '65

Admiral Lard 12:03 Mon Sep 9
Re: 40 seasons
My first regular season at the Boleyn was 74/75, they season we beat Fulham 2-0 in the final. Bobby Moore was their captain!

The following season we reached the final of the ECWC losing to Anderlecht.

Though I was too young to remember is we'd won the cup in 65 and we did so again in 80. It seemed a regular thing for us to do.

I think if you'd told any Hammer at Wembley that day that 40 years later we would not have another significant trophy to our name they wouldn't believe you

dicksie3 11:59 Mon Sep 9
Re: 40 seasons
The only trophy that we’ll likely win (again) under these cheapo pervy old dickhead cunts is another two bob Play-Off Final when they relegate us (again).

cholo 11:42 Mon Sep 9
Re: 40 seasons
Blame scaloni.

eusebiovic 11:38 Mon Sep 9
Re: 40 seasons
I was 7 years old and watched the final in our old council flat off the Old Kent Road. It was that win which confirmed my support after seeing the team on The Big Match highlights now and again and kinda liking what I saw...

ChillTheKeel 2:36 Fri Sep 6
Re: 40 seasons
Pickle Rick 11:36


What's worse is some 'fans' applaud this approach.

Sir Alf 2:30 Fri Sep 6
Re: 40 seasons
First 20 years or so following the club I saw 3 cup finals 2 European Finals, 2 league cup finals , oh and us winning the WC too ;-). great football and skilled footballers . At the same time we flirted with relegation in an overall majority of those years.

We maintained the last part over the next 40 years :-(

Oh we did get to 3rd in the league and lose a cup final in those 40 years so not totally uneventful. Let’s just say 40 years without any tangible success.

Now it’s about money so I expect we will all die without any major achievement if I’m realistic but there’s always hope.

Happy Friday;-)

gph 1:50 Fri Sep 6
Re: 40 seasons
We didn't win the INTERTOTO outright.

We shared it with that minor Italian club, Juventus.

Oh, the shame...

And Montpellier.

I can't remember - did we have a third of a parade?

Pickle Rick 11:36 Fri Sep 6
Re: 40 seasons
Northern Sold 4:08 Thu Sep 5

Won't happen whilst we continually flirt with relegation, PL pays the bills, the cups don't.

Sarge 10:26 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
39th anniversary

Div 2 winners 1980-81

selecta 9:03 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
Not Totscum like a few seem to on here!

lab 8:59 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
Who do you support selecta?

paulon 8:37 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
BETWAY CUP winners 2018 (on penalties)

Chigwell 7:03 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
I was there at Wembley when I already thought myself a long-term Hammers fan. The problem on winning a cup today is that while in the early rounds the big 6 clubs may field "weaker" teams (i.e. players earning a pittance like £20K per week), once they get to face serious opposition they bring out their strongest players. So we'll not win anything again at that level, as long as the PL rules the Pay TV world.

ludo21 6:52 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
Jeeez 40 years... that's horrific on so many levels!

Leonard Hatred 6:12 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
You seem to be forgetting the INTERTOTO.

collyrob 4:58 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
Do the dildo bros pick the teams for cup games?

Sven Roeder 4:39 Thu Sep 5
Re: 40 seasons
I’ve got a good feeling about the Checkatrade Municipal Plate Southern Section (Junior) this season.

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