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Leonard Hatred 12:39 Fri Sep 6
The space shuttle

The Smiths

Birds wearing ripped jeans and horrible clumpy shoes


Georgie Pariss takes no shit

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Queens Fish Bar 3:50 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
Summer of love

BigDingus 3:04 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
Shit year as Jethro Tull didn't release an album

Iron Duke 2:02 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
7 years after 1979. Seems like an eternity.

2012, however, seems like yesterday.

Lee Trundle 1:28 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
I appeared on TV the first time this year, on THAMES NEWS.

Dan M 1:24 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
3.6 Roetgen

Not great, not terrible.

Admiral Lard 11:46 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
The very obvious "great Season"

Ipswich Town in front of a full house - Dickens 20 yarder - Ward's penalty dive and Tonka smashing it home - Crowd on the pitch. team out on the upper west stand - Halcyon days

Job as a delivery driver with a transit and shagging in the back of it

Chernobyl and Challenger

ironsofcanada 11:44 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
Not a fan of Miami Vice?

ivan 11:43 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
zero 6 & chesters (southend) black bomber jackets , soul night specials , all whilst on a YTS

Eggbert Nobacon 11:39 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
don't blame her anyone wearing white trousers deserves to be shat on

the exile 11:38 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
The birth of my first daughter. I was wearing white trousers and she shat on them.

Eggbert Nobacon 11:30 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
One of the last great arcade years -

Bubble Bobble
Rolling Thunder
Ikari Warriors
Enduro Racer
Alien Syndrome
Side Arms

Eggbert Nobacon 11:28 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
The two Chelsea games for opposite reasons

The cunt who said Chelsea had scored against Liverpool

Starting secondary school

Some films I still watch now -

Ferris Bueller
Stand By Me
The Hitcher

violator 11:28 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
Black Celebration

paulon 11:18 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
Koningen Beatrix
The Late Late Breakfast Show
Colour of Spring

panamahat 10:48 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
The The Infected , took a few listens till I got there .

mallard 9:33 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
The Aztec Stadium

Block 9:32 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
I was 1 years old.

Toe Rag 8:54 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
A Mark HATELEY sticker in every FUCKING pack of Paninni stickers.

Bungo 8:43 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
I had a T shirt that said 'Dip your Wicks in '86'.

Seemed funny at the time?

jfk 7:37 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
Funny you should say that.I worked near Hatton Garden back then and remember seeing LH buying a huge diamond bracelet doings back then.
Remember the fight well,he was fucking mustard.

Briano 7:19 Fri Sep 6
Re: 1986
Lloyd Honeyghan beats the worlds best pound for pound fighter..Don Curry in 6 rounds

What an upset, him and Mickey Duff had 5 grand on at 6-1 as a little bonus

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