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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Pub Bigot 12:39 Fri Sep 6
Toronto Advice
I'm out there in early November and looking at things to do. Websites don't really paint a good picture of lots to do. I'm staying with friends in Kitchener, Ontario for three nights and then in Toronto for 4 with a trip to Niagara Falls in-between.

I think the wife may enjoy Toronto more than me.

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geoffpikey 9:45 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
Trip Advisor.

Better than all the bollocks spouted here.

Only been once for any long time to Toronto, I admit.. Thoroughly enjoyed. CN tower was great. Friendly people, nice food, and (way back, at least) was not a SPECK of rubbish/garbage on the streets.

Pisses all all over London. Have a nice day.

ParadiseLost 8:57 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
@MPI I think one of the reasons that Airbnb’s are cheap in Toronto is the debates over whether they are legal/require licensing. The debates have been going on for a while - like a year - but there was talk that a decision was due around now. If they do decide on licensing that might result in some owners cancelling future bookings at short notice if they can’t get into compliance. If someone has an update and I’m wrong, happy to be corrected.

Worst Case Ontario 7:57 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice

Oh I misread the schedule. Didn't see the MNT were playing.

I'm not terribly interested in international football. I have other reasons, but also like you say, it's in large part because I don't have the time to follow every sport anymore.

Moncurs Putting Iron 6:01 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
If you haven't already sorted your accommodation suggest Airbnb.

Very reasonable, nice clean apartments for a fraction of US equivalents.

ironsofcanada 5:50 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
Worst Case Ontario 5:33 Fri Sep 6

I feel bad about how much my interest in the CFL has waned over the years, same with hockey. Part of it is just too many sports to follow.

I am excited about Saturday been following a lot of the players in Europe, but I was excited again Haiti as well. So well will see, the big test is the States off course.

Worst Case Ontario 5:33 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
No, just CFL stuff, and Toronto v Ottawa at that. No interest in that myself.

ironsofcanada 3:43 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice

Not going to BMO on Saturday are you?

Worst Case Ontario 3:21 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
PM me and I'll sort you out. Even buy you a beer.

nychammer 11:08 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
Was up there for a long weekend in June. Niagara worth a look, good day trip. Casa Loma is worth seeing, lunch or drinks in the old brewery district, some nice eats if you hunt around and plenty of nice beer gardens. Will be getting chilly tho in November.

Block 10:35 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
It's my daily reminder that I'm not as ugly as I thought.

To cheer myself up I look at your photo and then realise I'm actually fucking SEXUAL.

stewie griffin 10:33 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
actually mildly amusing for you - although it does raise the issue of why you're carrying around pictures of me? I realise I'm something of a hero to you, but that's a bit much

Block 10:30 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
The chap who's starting monday was telling me about how harsh the winters are.

He was absolutely crying with laughter at how bad the UK is at dealing with the smallest bit of snow.

He also cried with laughter when I showed him a picture of Griffin, he couldn't believe something so ugly could have been conceived naturally.

Block 10:28 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
We still talk to this day, in fact I've been invited to the grand opening of their RANCH.

It's difficult being so popular.

ironsofcanada 10:28 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
Block 10:24 Fri Sep 6

I can hear the accent now, almost every time but I could not when I lived there.

Alberta, BC, unless you are super rural or Native is pretty American.

stewie griffin 10:25 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
then they realized you are a fucking imbecile, and that sort of thing is par for the course with you?

Block 10:24 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
I've got friends in BC who I met travelling.

They hated it when I first thought they were America...Opps.

ironsofcanada 10:22 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
Block 10:21 Fri Sep 6

Middle of Alberta.

Block 10:21 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
IOC, where were you originally from?

ironsofcanada 10:18 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
David L 10:10 Fri Sep 6

More seriously,

Other than the tower (meh) and sports stuff, with a focus on hockey or I guess basketball these days, most of the tourist stuff is stuff you will find in any big city.

The ROM is a decent museum, it has some great neighborhoods, Italian, Jewish but not as well defined as someone said Montreal. But all of that is in London and better.

You need to go a long way from Toronto to do much in the way of anything outdoorsy, in my opinion at least. But I grew up rural and only lived in T.O. for a year as a poor grad student.

David L 10:10 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
Don't waste your money doing the bus tour. It's shit.

Perhaps take in a Leafs game?

Drive over the border to the Military Road outlets?

Not much else there I'm afraid apart from a load of great outdoorsy stuff like biking and hiking

ironsofcanada 10:06 Fri Sep 6
Re: Toronto Advice
Block 10:01 Fri Sep 6

If you want an another exciting and typical Toronto experience look up the Kids in the Hall sketch "After the Hockey Game"

Pretty different in '88 when I would have seen it as a kid.

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