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daveyg 9:54 Fri Sep 6
Online Trading
I'm looking at dipping into Online Trading.
Any tips on which platforms are good ?
I want to try the "paper trading " first , which one's offer the best training and real life aspects.
Cheers for now.

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daveyg 2:08 Tue Sep 10
Re: Online Trading
I took the advice of a FA. The regulations were different in those days I'm sure.I knew the guy but have always had my suspicions of the company he worked through. "best advice" was probably not their main aim more like the commission from Finiancial Products .
It started of with Provident Mutual,to General Accident, to CGU,to Norwich Union and now Aviva, many take overs.
I could of changed my provider but was unaware I could.

Jim79 1:21 Tue Sep 10
Re: Online Trading
Regarding your pension was it an advised sale? did you engage the services of an IFA or the like? if so you could have some recourse against them for inappropriate or negligent advice. If it was just a self purchased subscription pension then you may not have anyone to hold responsible as they will always say you should have taken advice from a regulated professional.

daveyg 1:14 Tue Sep 10
Re: Online Trading
Good info fellas thanks.
On another note, I've been looking at my Pension and have notiched that I have had no tax relief paid . I didn't realise this and need to investigate either through HMRC or acompany looking at mis sold Pensions.
My policy was a Section 226/IIA , I feel that I should of been given "best advice" throughout but non of my providers have ever mentioned I could do anything.
Any advice here ?

Heath Hammer 4:02 Mon Sep 9
Re: Online Trading
BRANDED 3:51 Mon Sep 9

Davey - what branded has said is absolutely right.

unless you have an absolute 'edge' in something that makes you a specialist you are up against firms spending billions of dollars to do it quicker and better than you can.

For every fairy story that someone made a million, there will be 100's of failures.

Also, steer clear of these tech systems that you can buy/pay a subscription for. They are basically Ponzi schemes - the only person guaranteed to get rich is the guy selling them.

For the average bloke on the street who wants to invest, is happy to accept some level of risk, the best option is to buy a simple multi-asset fund that tracks the world index.... if the market goes up 10%, you go up 10%, if the market goes down 5% you go down 5%.... most professionals fail to beat the market, I would not kid myself that I can.

BRANDED 3:51 Mon Sep 9
Re: Online Trading
I do £20k a year in the Youinvest ISA platform.

I do all kinds of stuff on the crowdcube investment platform but its not trading its investing.

I have the vast majority of my savings in the fundsmith fund that I never trade. Goes up on average around 17% a year but a crash is on the cards so that will reset itself briefly.

My experience of trading is you need a system that you believe in and what I realised is that other people are better at it than me!!!!

whu&eng1 2:58 Mon Sep 9
Re: Online Trading
If you're interested in gold trading, have a look at the company I work for https://goldexapp.com

Any questions let me know..I'll sort some offers if any of you do sign up and deposit etc.

JAC 10:15 Mon Sep 9
Re: Online Trading
I use Youinvest ,its a AJ Bell platform.Cheap to trade and they offer most services.

I find the only way to make money on cash equities is to pick a maximum of 4 stocks,watch them and range trade them,dont be too greedy and dont feel you have to trade every day week if its not working for you.

Remember ,the first cut is the cheapest!

daveyg 10:55 Sun Sep 8
Re: Online Trading
Jim I'm looking at FX,Gold,Equities,Crypto.I want to manage my own Peniosn fund too. I have a Serps related one that is "Mixed Investment (40-85% Shares) " and Another pension scheme also a "Mixed Investment (40-85% Shares) " . I've had the latter 30years but has greatly underperformed.

I'm looking at energy stocks,tech and emerging markets area.

bill green 3:25 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading

Alfie 3:05 Sat Sep 7

someone beat you to it


wansteadman 11:43 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading
If you do FX just wait for the moments that move it. For example,When there’s a vote for a law against a no deal brexit which is guaranteed to go through and result in a positive move on sterling just put your orders in with a stop and that’s it

PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:20 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading

Find the highest performing traders over the 12 month period and follow them. Sit back and watch the gains.

jfk 10:12 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading
I've got a couple of old school friends who work in Mayfair (hedge funds) been doing it for yonks,both done very well said its a struggle now(their idea of struggling ain't mine admittedly)and they know exactly what their doing.
My advice however would be listen to our very own Gavros the fellas a fucking genius.

Mex Martillo 9:35 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading
I don’t think its that simple though is it Alfs?
It kind of slowly increases so overall it makes a bit of money. But there are plenty of times it decreases or crashes and plenty of money is lost. Even when increasing some people make good money at the expense of people losing plenty. I guess you need to know what your doing or a bit of luck. Good chance you will lose money. I’d say with this Brexit nonsense a very good chance that everyone loses money in the near future?

Alfs 5:42 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading
bruuuno 4:35 Sat Sep 7

Frighteningly, it's what our economy is based on so I bloody well hope so.

bruuuno 4:35 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading
Do people actually make money from this?

Alfie 3:05 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading
Very recently ive started trading in cats.

On the FUCSET C C 230 ( fucking uppity trading indexfor poxy cats cats 230 of em).

My strategy is very simple: buy a cat - give it a name - try to sell it.

Arbitrage it. Wallpaper paste it.

No cat is too small for my book: no cat is too large either. Ive traded a kitten that was the size of a packet of crisps: ive also dealt in larger cats - some the size of a loaf of bread.

Ive gone long. Ive gone short. Ive been attacked by upset cats.

Im a fucking cat trader mate

Leeshere 2:55 Sat Sep 7
Re: Online Trading
I’ve started using Freetrade, it is an app only stock broker, but with no minimum trade limit and free fees, unless you want to open an ISA.

I would recommend it, especially for beginners. Check the community for more details.

Jim79 10:03 Fri Sep 6
Re: Online Trading
What markets do,you want to trade? Equities, Fixed Income, forex, commodities, futures, options? Do you want to by the actual security or use a derivative?

Need a bit more info?

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