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Bishopsfinger 11:10 Sat Sep 7
Never forget
I was at one of the early games at the new stadium and after the club threatening to ban standing supporters.They hired an unknown group of so called security to wade in wearing masks, do you remember this? They had scarfs pulled up over their faces .

Now this came from them, masked security trying to man handle their clubs supporters. Remember this when you're thinking if you will give them the benefit of doubt .

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wanstead_hammer 9:10 Sun Sep 8
Re: Never forget
The 3 cheapskates are exactly that. And lying, greedy bastards with it. They ripped the heart out of our football club.
As for the cowardly ‘security’ bullies and the undercover ob taking sneaky photos, that just goes to show that the no good, scumbag board, don’t know how our supporters work. We’re quick and won’t take no shit.
The other muppets who clumped their own are wrong’uns. What goes around comes around.

So, no, we’ll Never Forget.

Take That!

Bishopsfinger 9:18 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
Vexed 4:59 Sat Sep 7

Are you some kind of pantomime villain or something of WHO ? fuck me this fella really is a wanker but you really all know that I suppose. Hes great value though a bit like letting the fat kid at school hang around with you. You would miss the little man if he wasn't about.

SUM A DING WONG 5:15 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
Im not saying change your views. Im just stating that they're in a minority, so they don't represent a large amount of people.

Yes, they were cunts for doing what they did.

Takashi Miike 5:13 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
no, I was there for the bond protests. cunts like wouldn't have dared do it back then and fuck 'spur of the moment', it was nothing more than opportunistic bully behaviour. whatever you say won't change my views about them so don't bother

SUM A DING WONG 5:11 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
Hermit Road,

When you say apology, is that from Noble or the blokes that hit the other supporters?

If its the latter, tbey won't apologise, they'd be grassing themselves up.

SUM A DING WONG 5:06 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget

That's something else though, and to be fair as bang out of order as it was hitting our own fans, it was probably heat of the moment.

Wrong, i know, but probably not worth reading that much into.

Vexed 4:59 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
I've got a feeling that this plank wants us to remember something. Several times apparently.

Hermit Road 4:47 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
Got some sympathy with the original post.

Those fans who laid into the protestors were a disgrace and so was the man they took their lead from, our so-called leader on the pitch. Theres been some criticism on this thread for bringing that up, but I've never seen the apology for doing it.

Takashi Miike 4:38 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
scorch, the 'respect each others feelings' model went out of the window when potential marchers were threatened, and so called fans laid in to protestors at the burnley game. unforgivable behaviour that wouldn't have been tolerated when I was goinb

MaryMillingtonsGhost 3:48 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
El Scorchio 3:21

Whilst I think the owners are cunts of the absolute highest order, I also agree with pretty much every word of that fella.

SUM A DING WONG 3:48 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
Well said, El Scorchio.


It would have been 10 out of 10 had you not used the 'hate on' expression.

Come on now, mate - youre not a 13 year old yank.


El Scorchio 3:21 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
I agree with Sum. On here we are so keen to paint things in extremes- if you don’t continuously, vocally demonstrate hatred of the board then therefore you must like them and vice Versa. If you don’t openly hate on the stadium you must love it. I’m fairly indifferent to it- I don’t love it but I don’t hate it nearly as much as some.

The truth is it’s a massive sliding scale with hundreds of shades of grey rather than being black and white. For example it should be possible to acknowledge that at least recruitment and investment in players has improved in the last two years, and a proper manager has been brought in. Does that excuse other things? Absolutely not. But it is one improvement in one aspect of running the club. Other things are still completely piss poor and they should rightly be blamed for them.

As sum says, we shouldn’t paint divisions amongst ourselves, but we do need to accept there are varying degrees of how people feel about different aspects of how the club is run.

People shouldn’t moan about others being apparent extreme opponents of the board, and people shouldn’t call others sheep for not feeling the same way. Everyone is entitled to feel the way they feel, and I don’t really think there’s a ‘wrong’ way to support the club.

Pub Bigot 2:25 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
Fight fire with fire. There's more of us.

SUM A DING WONG 2:24 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
AKA Ernie,

I wouldn't say blind, but tolerant - i can't speak for everyone though , obviously.

Anyway, as i say, let's see what happens these next couple of windows.

AKA ERNIE 2:14 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
try hard not to have a go at posters but some are so blind

SUM A DING WONG 2:10 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
People will not accept if we start losing players and then not qualify for Europe or vice versa.

I was more getting at the having a go at people on here - once we just argue amongst ourselves, the board win.

AKA ERNIE 1:58 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
sum time has gone mate because most are happy to just accept it.
As for moaning what else would you suggest I'm never going to shut up calling our owners cunts

Bishopsfinger 1:34 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget

Talk about the team elsewhere mate yiure diluting this one about the owners.

Bishopsfinger 1:33 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
It's never too late for anything thays defeatist. The massive missed opportunity we had before is a kick in the bolox. The original march had momentum, coverage and support. Quashed through thuggery and the people that started the rumbles were told to stop.

These people were ones fans actually ones that fans had an inkling of respect for ( now gone) if not respect then they thought they could just achieve something.

They were laughing in the board room how by making a couple of calls they shut it up. Don't get me wrong they were concerned, very concerned but "nod nod wink wink its sorted bruvver" and they slept well again on their unicorn fur mattresses.

SUM A DING WONG 1:18 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
Although its not at the speed i would like, i feel that the team /squad is getting there.

But, still some way to go - so they still have a fair amount of work to do.

SUM A DING WONG 1:16 Sat Sep 7
Re: Never forget
Ernie, if the time for protesting is long gone, then why moan about it? The battle would be lost.

We need to keep on their case, doesn't have be nasty.

Unless they decide to not invest enough - then it's time for another 'Burnley'

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