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goose 11:45 Tue Sep 10
I’m getting bored of these cunts telling everyone what they should be eating.
You’ve got universities banning red meat, celebrities telling us not to eat meat and work places having to cater for this rubbish.

In ten years time ‘meat’ restaurants will be a niche and everyone will be eating this tasteless shit, men will have the lowest testosterone levels ever and the rest will have vitamin B & D deficiencies.

**throws rib-eye on grill**

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BRANDED 5:28 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
There are 7.5 billion people on Earth. A decent amount of them eat animals. Mostly cows, pigs and chicken with a few dogs for Northern.

You could see plenty of people turn. Egan but there will still be billions of animals being killed and eaten including dogs and cats and bunnies. The numbers are fucking huge.

Mad Dog 5:24 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
Those 1000 cows arent safe from me.

Extra steaks all round

SUM A DING WONG 3:20 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
I have this theory about all these people (mainly women)who are 'this' intolerant 'that' intolerant.

I think that they are just scared of eating certain food, that is liable to make them want to shit all the time (which is embarrassing for them when in public).

Bit of 'shit' theory, I know.

mashed in maryland 2:40 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
"she would save the life of 1000 cows in her lifetime..."

If demand for beef depletes that much, they'll just not breed as many cows.

Not like all these cows destined for the slaughterhouse will be set free to pursue a life of sunshine and rainbows

riosleftsock 12:25 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans

….to belch and fart out methane and make the planet uninhabitable (according to another cult)

Northern Sold 12:12 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
MATES daughter is a Vegan... does all blogs etc... and boy is she fucking preachy... stuck up a FB post of a photo of her 5 year old daughter in a field of cows... with a description of how that because of her being a vegan herself (not much choice when both her parents are Vegans) she would save the life of 1000 cows in her lifetime...


... 1000 cows

Northern Sold 12:10 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
bruuuno 1:18 Sat Sep 14
Re: Vegans
Re the killing animals thing, you could say that if it wasn’t for the fact that they would be eaten, these animals wouldn’t have been born. So they should be grateful for us for giving them a short taste of life


Sydney_Iron 11:50 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
No Brentford, for all the food fads and diets we seem to have taken up, throw in the amount of people who seem to have allergys to this that and another, a good portion of whom seem to do this when it suits, i work with someone who is "gluten free" but then chomps a muffin every so often but go for a meal get all up tight at the lack of options.

Not sure i agree with your comments on eating meats, although i eat meat myself i do limit my intake but to call people wh do "thoughtless selfish cunts" is a bit cunt like so fuck off with such utter rubbish.

13 Brentford Rd 11:19 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
"fucked up world" What for not wanting animals to suffer just so some thoughtless selfish cunt can get their thrice daily fix of cheap meat?

Sydney_Iron 10:21 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
I just flew back to Oz after 2 weeks in the UK and one thing that amazed me was the number of special request meals being brought out by the cabin crew on every flight i took before they trundled the trolley through the cabin!

In days gone by you may have had few, but these days it seems the travelling public (or good portion of them) has become Vegatarian, Vegan, lactose intolorant, gluten free, low salt, fruit only and Bland whatever the fuck that is, tasteless i assume? And so the list goes on.

We are fast becoming a fucked up world, well we in the so called "Western" or fully developed World.

riosleftsock 10:12 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
the last eastender 11:49 Fri Sep 13
Re: Vegans


Kasza or kawa as rio would call it is another one.
We call it buckwheat nutty and filling really nice.

I call is Kasha, because to spell it kawa in English makes no sense.

каша in Russian characters. Pronounced Kasha

scott_d 10:07 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
It seems lime all the hate and anger is coming from the non-vegans...

Bishopsfinger 9:50 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
Blame social media for a lot of these new vegans, new gluten intolerances and the like. If a so called celebrity states some even mild made up symptoms then you can be sure a day later thousands of others have it.


. . 1:06 Mon Sep 16
Re: Vegans
If 2 Vegans are having an Argument is it a Beef ? or just a Tofu

Mad Dog 11:02 Sun Sep 15
Re: Vegans
Beef was lovely. Medium rare. Gorgeous

the last eastender 10:12 Sun Sep 15
Re: Vegans
We are staying in the EU and you are all going to be forced to be muzlamick transgender vegans.

Joe C 4:29 Sun Sep 15
Re: Vegans
Never met a more vicious, nasty and spiteful group than vegans

Mad Dog 3:43 Sun Sep 15
Re: Vegans
Looking forward to my beef roast dinner later.

Takashi Miike 12:22 Sun Sep 15
Re: 100 steak dinners (rare)
fuck off braindead, you horrible narcissist cunt

13 Brentford Rd 12:19 Sun Sep 15
Re: 100 steak dinners (rare)
Meat eaters get so tetchy and defensive whenever vegetarianism or veganism is mentioned.

BRANDED 10:03 Sat Sep 14
Re: 100 steak dinners (rare)

You fucking ignorant spastic.

There is an ethical angle to it not just a taste one.

Spazz head

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