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Eddie B 8:45 Wed Sep 11
WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Fred Diop Ogbonna Arthur
Rice Noble
Yarmalenko Lanzini Anderson


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davese16 5:04 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Fredericks Diop balbuenna Arthur
Rice Noble
Yarmalenko Lanzini Anderson

Fivetide 4:55 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
As a lifelong supporter I have to temper excitement at potentially going third with the eveidence that we usually waste these opportunities. But that's obviously very negative, and on paper we should have plenty enough skill and form to blow away a very average Villa side.

If I were a Villa fan though, I'd fancy my team against anyone under the lights at home - as we always have.

Texas Iron 4:44 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Keep Midfield tight...
No mistakes in defence...
Catch them on the break...
All our front 3 are goal threats...
C O Y I ...

Holstebro Hammer 1:35 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Same team as last time out I reckon.

Sir Alf 12:30 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Hmmm... 4 games in is far too early to be able to assess much but the addition of Haller, return of Yarmalenko, tactical tweaks and getting that "big team" mentality ( as Pellegrini calls it) further ingrained are what will hopefully make us a bit better this season than last?

We were a walk over 2nd half of our first game this season against City and rode our luck a tad against Brighton and to a lesser extent Watford. The Norwich game was, for me, the first where we looked convincing and actually bossed the game.

I like Pellegrini's philosophy but he has not in the past seemed to ddemand the same work rate off the ball from his creative players as some other managers do (Guardiola, Klopp etc). But I think that is what we need more of to, as they say, "win the right" to play our football. Noble and Rice do it but we need Lanzini, Yarmalenko and Anderson to do more. We had more pressing the opposition against Norwich than usual and that definitely helped but we need that to be the norm.

Villa are not the quickest team which will help and also they play an open game or have until now. On paper that should suit us but we need to be at it from the off and not one of those slow start games where we cannot keep or get the ball ( lack of pressing / sloppy passing ) and only start playing once we concede. Lots of statements of the bleedin obvious I know but if we are to progress this season we need some of our "fancy dans" to play a bit more for the team.

We could lose ( it happens what with our "consistent inconsistency" over the years, along with referee decisions etc,) but I will not be so concerned if we give them a good game, create chances etc. Its those losses where we fail to test the keeper and consistently give poor passes back to the opposition that are so depressing.

An important week. We get something from the next 2 games and the feel good factor continues but those who have followed us for many years know we could just as easily be be back to "sack the manager", "sack the board"and "sell all the players" by next week too :-)

crystal falace 12:25 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Sounds like they are well up for this one, lots of talk of getting the crowd going straight away and "hounding" the ref to pressure him after they feel robbed from their last game (rightly so in fairness) wouldnt surprise me if they did get a few soft decisions their way

An early goal would be ideal to quiet them down, but even just getting hold of the ball and dominating possession for the first 5-10 minutes will have a positive impact too.

w4hammer 12:05 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
this current squad and formation is still learning the ropes and getting into gear- we will always give others team a chance however look at the games this weekend- here's a funny thing- so do others...its all about how we react if they get their customary dodgy penalty or freekick as the crowd howl for blood...

2-1 west ham , please!

Cor Blimey 11:56 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
If I was the Villa manager I’d attack both full backs with pace. They’ll get no help from the fancy dans doing step overs in front of them.

Alwaysaniron 11:44 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
It's Pellers birthday today and he needs to put real fire in the bellies of our players. Not since the days of PDC have I felt this good about our team and I really hope that each and every player tonight gives 100% If they do then we beat Villa because man for man we are a better team, however their fans are well up for this (reading their websites) and will get right behind their mob from kick off. COYI let's get into that top 4 and shake up those wank fest clubs who think it's their divine right to be there!

fraser 9:50 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
When was the last time we played three on the bounce unchanged?

Bishopsfinger 9:46 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Please keep Wilshere away from the team let the others get time together. Yar gets the nod just imo.

fraser 9:44 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
*Antonio wouldn't have started

fraser 9:43 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Injured or not doubt Antonio would have started.

Haller, Anderson and Lanzini our most in form players.

Haller looks like he will be consistent, the other two need to follow suit if we're to have a good season.

Rossal 9:42 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
White Pony 1:36 Mon Sep 16

Well the team is winning with Ogbonna in the side so why change? Balbuena in pre season from what i see looked a shadow of the player we see last year so Oggy has the shirt and if we keep winning he'll keep it

Norflundon 9:37 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Not bad when everybody is arguing over who should play when arguably our most in form player Antonio gets injured and the discussion is whether we should play yarmalenko fornals or wilshere.....
Massive game tonight if we put ina good performance and win lays a marker down that we are a serious team and you can’t underestimate the value of momentum and the belief it creates in football

White Pony 1:36 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
Why is everyone fucking off Balbuena for Dogbonna these days? What's the fucking matter with everyone?

WestHam Family 1:18 Mon Sep 16
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
It will be a tough game....and we have a terrific attack.

We Must,,,be Up for it. Aston Villa are a good side and worthy opponents but they are not Liverpool. It should be a fantastic game. It has been a long long time...but..the fans really deserve to see us go third.

We absolutely have the capability to do this.

COME ON you IRONS..we have all been waiting a long time to be in this position....

Good work..Pellers....


daveyg 12:07 Sun Sep 15
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
I was going to post on how long untill CandH put n thier site that could go 2nd. Like the 10yr old kid they've done it already.
I know we can go 2nd but they way they go on about such things is pathectic.

BRANDED 10:09 Sat Sep 14
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
It’s different. mostly we’re mid bottom shit cunt wasters looking for a morsel of hope. This feels like an opportunity to cunt off people. An opportunity to gloat and be a bit more East End and in your face for good reason as opposed to bluster and bollocks.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Eddie B 9:39 Sat Sep 14
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
BRANDED, well yes. You DO realise all of us do too, don't you? It's called being a football fan.

BRANDED 9:37 Sat Sep 14
Re: WHU team Vs Aston Villa?
I really really give a fuck about this game now. Really want us to win.

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