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VirginiaHam 2:31 Fri Sep 13
VAR shocker
They have to get this right. This isn't going well, at all. After 1 billion reviews, how can you still get the bleeding obvious wrong? Isn't the review system meant to stop this?


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Sven Roeder 3:35 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
Is that now 60 Premier league games without VAR disagreeing with their MATE on the pitch to over turn a penalty decision?
I wonder who will be the first?
Will there ever be a first?

Is that true that VAR evidence looked at a yellow card?
If so the system is a bigger farce than we thought

VirginiaHam 3:33 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
Thank God for that.......certain they showed the actual offside footage during the Chelsea game yesterday on the screens in the ground.

Far Cough 3:28 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
Yes both screens, just the decision, not the replay itself

VirginiaHam 3:27 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
Brighton definitely have a screen; furthest end from where we stand/sit.

VirginiaHam 3:26 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker

Must have been facing the wrong way; not on both screens?

Far Cough 3:21 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
VAR decisions were shown on the screen at our first game against City

Jasnik 3:20 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
Yes .. not sure Brighton have a screen so has to be an announcement.

VirginiaHam 3:18 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
Did I imagine it or were VAR decisions shown on screens in the ground at Chelsea v Liverpool yesterday? Is this new or has showing decisions always been the case ?

If yes, why no big screen at WHU v MC, or our away game a Brighton?

El Scorchio 10:35 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
Absolutely dreadful decision. Those should be exactly what it’s there for.

Also in the same match the ref there called for VAR to help with the red card decision, or at least VAR was involved. Which leads me to ask why the hell wasn’t that the case on Monday night?

diehardhammer 10:34 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
The FA need to look at refining the system during the international break

Eddie B 10:23 Mon Sep 23
Re: VAR shocker
Anyone see that handball Villa should've got in the Arsenal match yesterday? How anyone can look at that and not say it was handball is unbelievable.

Westham67 11:30 Tue Sep 17
Re: VAR shocker
There have been 6 changes but should have been 10 40% out worse than on field decisions

El Scorchio 11:22 Tue Sep 17
Re: VAR shocker
One rule for some, one rule for the others. VAR won’t change that.

Sven Roeder 11:10 Tue Sep 17
Re: VAR shocker
ter Stegen saves a pen for Barca against Dortmund.
A foot, maybe two off his line as he does it
Good old VAR

arsene york-hunt 6:09 Sat Sep 14
Re: VAR shocker
gph 1:04 Fri Sep 13

Jasnik 11:47 Fri Sep 13
Re: VAR shocker
But Farke said he was robbed not us .. but looks like we were .. which we all knew

Small print always use VAR except for WH.

VirginiaHam 10:40 Fri Sep 13
Re: VAR shocker
There's margin for error in the 'no a clear and obvious error' department but I fail to understand how the trip on Haller was not a clear and obvious error, or Haller wasn't booked for diving.

As stated earlier, VAR was brought in to avoid his crap. No point in having it if it doesn't do its job.

Huffers 2:03 Fri Sep 13
Re: VAR shocker
Well, we have conceded 2 goals less due to VAR. Maybe 1 if you say the penalty against City would've have been retaken.

El Scorchio 2:01 Fri Sep 13
Re: VAR shocker
Well, he's a fucking imbecile, or blind, then!

Absolute nailed on penalty. I remember being utterly shocked in the ground that it wasn't reviewed. This is exactly what the system was supposed to avoid happening.

fraser 1:42 Fri Sep 13
Re: VAR shocker
Scorch - Michael Oliver was in the booth

Haz 1:27 Fri Sep 13
Re: VAR shocker

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