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easthammer 3:01 Fri Sep 13
A Mascot's Story
Sorry if this post is overlong but if not here where else should this be told? (Unless not at all)

At the next home game on 22nd Sep against Man United after three years of waiting my 9 year old Grandson will run out as Mascot.
Nothing remarkable in that except maybe the expense! But the cost is being met from an inheritance from his dad, my late Son-in-Law.

My Son-in-Law a life long fan and season ticket holder died just over six years ago after a seven year battle with a brain tumour from the age of 30years. Before he started his arduous battle for life involving two major surgeries, radio therapy, laser treatment and the inevitable chemotherapy he made the good decision to freeze sperm. And through the wonders of IVF (but only after several attempts) my Grandson was born albeit six weeks premature.

My Son-in-Law eventually succumbed to the tumour when his son was nearly 4 years of age. We never really talked about who his son would grow up to support. I think partly because he always was of the mind that he would do his damnedest to be around to make sure it was the “Cockney Boys” But he also knew that my Daughter and myself could be trusted with the task of indoctrination to the Claret and Blue. That we have done. My Grandson has been Season Ticket Holder since the last season at the Boleyn Ground. I have taught from the start that supporting West Ham will be full of highs and lows and never really without incident. Only once has he wavered saying he didn't want to go to a match because we weren't winning after Payet left. Not that Payet was his favourite, Adrian and Sakho were his boys. After a gentle reminder of the highs and lows and a timely good result he is long since back on track, he is without doubt the loudest nine year old ( or adult for that matter in his support in Block 204 ) and is showing greater appreciation of players' abilities, Anderson is now his main man. Hopefully, he may get to walk out with him on match day.

Also on match day there is the possibility that my Grandson will get to meet his dad's favourite player, Sir Trevor Brooking. Towards the end of my Son-in-Law's battle Sir Trevor and his good Lady Hilkka visited him at his home and spent an evening with him. It meant a lot to him and despite his by then fading short term memory he was able to relate the fact to his brother the next day. The visit was arranged by the Js Hospice who together with St Luke's Hospice cared for him in a marvellous fashion. My daughter has in the past raised money for both these excellent charities by organising Charity Balls (one of which both Tony Gale and Tony Cottee gave of their services as auctioneers free of charge). And Sir Trevor has donated prizes – one being a signed shirt for which I gladly paid an exorbitant price. And if ever you are asked for money from either of these to charities please give generously, they have cared for a hammer.

So if you are at the Man United match and the person next to you has a tear in their eye even before the game starts it might just be that it is a family member of a young mascot taking to the pitch looking the image of his dad at a similar age. COYI

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easthammer 9:45 Tue Sep 24
Re: A Mascot's Story

He walked out with Fredericks, and I think he played alright, must have been the boy's good influence, Told me he was singing in the tunnel "I live by the river" as well as bubbles don't if Fredericks joined in :)

easthammer 9:30 Tue Sep 24
Re: A Mascot's Story
Huffers will do can you email the return address

Mike Oxsaw 2:30 Tue Sep 24
Re: A Mascot's Story
Coffee 2:21 Mon Sep 23

Huffers 1:41 Tue Sep 24
Re: A Mascot's Story
Send the photos back to me if you like and I'll get them signed for him.

Which player did he walk out with?

El Scorchio 12:54 Tue Sep 24
Re: A Mascot's Story
easthammer 2:25

Astonishing! How miserly. Does it really hurt, interrupt or inconvenience their players that much just to say hello to some kids?

easthammer 2:25 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
El Scorchio

The mascots were told before hand that there would be no interaction with the Manchester United players what so ever. You may have noticed that Man U didn't have their own away Mascot.

Must be worried about claims of child cruelty😉

madeeasy 2:22 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
Moncurs Putting Iron 2:19 Mon Sep 23

That bloody flying grit in the office

Coffee 2:21 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
Moncurs Putting Iron 2:19 Mon Sep 23

Moncurs Putting Iron 2:19 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
easthammer 2:16 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story

Of all the match/game/race reports for this weekend this was the one I was waiting on.


Rossal 2:18 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
Haha class good on him, glad he enjoyed it makes a great win even sweeter

easthammer 2:16 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story

He had a great day, despite some disappointment of not being to get much signed by the players. Fabianski signed one of his pictures that Huffers sent him. His favourite player Anderson was unavailable due to pre match massage. As were most of the starting eleven. He did get some signatures from the subs.
He really enjoyed the on pitch warm up and walking out through the bubbles. And his mates saw him on the TV.
Sir Trev was true to his word, what else! He came spoke to him and had photos taken with other mascots and their parents. I think that greatly pleased many of them. A warning to parents of future mascot families the parent going with them apart from going out on the running track when the mascots do their warm up. You don't get to go with the kids but stay in holding room. Extra bonus for me was meeting and having photo with Alan Taylor. As he said he couldn't refuse as I was wearing my 1975 replica Cup Final Shirt.

That being said it wasn't about me it was for my Grandson and he really enjoyed it.
Although when I asked him what was the very best bit of the day he said. Singing Cherio Cherio Cherio to the departing Man U fans.

True Hammer or what.

El Scorchio 12:59 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
Great day for it!

Was he one of the kids in West Ham tops Solskjaer high fived and gave a smile to on his way into the stadium, while all his players just ignored them all?

Say what you like about him as a manager, but that was a really nice touch.

HairyHammer 11:42 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
May his dad rest well he would have been very proud of his son and the win against man utd must make the experience even sweeter for your family, Coyiiiii’s !!!

Alwaysaniron 11:36 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
Wow, that bought a tear to my eye this morning. What a lovely well written piece.

Hope your Grandson had the time of his life. I'm sure his dad will have been looking down upon him with a huge smile on his face. He'll never forget his day I am sure.

I support this club because we're a family club and posts like yours show why.

Rossal 10:54 Mon Sep 23
Re: A Mascot's Story
How did your young lad get on? Glad we got the win for him

wanstead_hammer 11:29 Wed Sep 18
Re: A Mascot's Story
What heart rending stories.All the best to all those who have suffered.
Your grandson will ave a day he’ll never forget. Hope you all ave a smashing day.

arsene york-hunt 11:01 Wed Sep 18
Re: A Mascot's Story
Lost my 30 year old daughter to a brain tumour. Don't think we will ever get over it. What a lovely story, and I hope he enjoys his day.

FrancoisVanDerElst 9:49 Wed Sep 18
Re: A Mascot's Story
Hope the lad has a good day

Shame that the mascot experience is so expensive would be a lot better to give every young fan a chance Especially the ones with stories like yours

Russ of the BML 7:11 Wed Sep 18
Re: A Mascot's Story
Sad but heart warming story. Thanks for sharing. I will be there and I will be thinking of your grandson and the family. Have a great day and COYI!!!!

Troy McClure 4:23 Wed Sep 18
Re: A Mascot's Story
Great post mate - hope the little lad has a fantastic day ⚒

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:20 Wed Sep 18
Re: A Mascot's Story
Oh Crap. Wrong thread.


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