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Coffee 9:15 Sat Sep 14
Saturday football
After a fortnight dominated by Bulgars, Kosovans, parliamentarians and Australians, it’s back to the serious stuff of the Premier League. We don’t play until Monday in what should be a battling away win, so all eyes today are on the also-rans.

Steve Bruce says that his side will “go there and take them on”. If they really do that, if it’s not just hopeful Geordie bluster, then we could have a quite an opener to the weekend’s proceedings. You suspect, though, that their recent training will have focused on defence. Jurgen Klopp is becoming a legend on Merseyside and a fully-expected trouncing today will further cement that status. Home win.

Both have averaged a point a game so far this season, and both are enveloped by a return of positivity. It’s a rare meeting of two English managers and should be a hard-fought encounter in the style of yore. The visitors have Ashley Barnes on fire, while Brighton have found goals less easy to come by. Draw.

An interesting one, this. Leicester are flying in airspace traditionally occupied by their hosts and show no sign of starting a descent. You fear that OGS may not have much more time in the Old Trafford hotseat unless he can put some decent results together. Leicester are probably not the kind of opponents he would want today, but that’s the Premier League. Draw.

Survival-plus is the target for both sides this season and they’ve both made a decent start. Sheffield have been particularly impressive in the way they’ve battled for everything in their opening four games. The Saints come into this on a run of good form and their confidence should be high. Potentially the game of the 3.00pm kick-offs. Draw.

Spurs fans will be forgiven for grumbling at their team’s start to the season, which has been a little strange. They haven’t pushed on from last year and look as if they’ve all just woken from a collective bad dream. That will give hope to Palace, who will look back fondly on occupying fourth spot at the start of play. Home win.

Speaking of not pushing on from last year, what’s happened to Wolves? It’s that Europa League thing again, isn’t it. Still, they haven’t lost a home league match since January – their longest unbeaten home run since the days of Derek Dougan et al. It will be a tricky visit for Chelsea, who have the firepower to win but also a generosity in defence that could see any outcome. If you manage to avoid an afternoon in Tesco with the missus and are not going to watch Sheffield United, this is the one to tune in to. Draw.

David against Goliath and little surprise that this is the late kick off. David is further diminished by a lengthy injury list. There are no such concerns for the opponents. The question is not so much who will win, but by what margin? It could be cruel. Away win.

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Sven Roeder 9:08 Mon Sep 16
Re: Saturday football
Watched some highlights of the Watford game.
Deeply worrying if you are an Arsenal fan as they had no answer to Watford in the second half who absolutely battered them. Should have scored another couple and Arsenal just looked fragile and soft.
Their defence was appalling and even though they will have Tierney and Bellerin at some point the centre is a car crash.
Still not seen that keeper Leno do anything of note either

RBshorty 6:12 Mon Sep 16
Re: Saturday football
Arsenal’s problem lies in the boardroom not so much in the managers office. As much as I dislike the SPIVS. I would truly despair if Silent Stan was our owner. The guy is a world class parasite. Only a long slow death for the Goon. Is on the cards.

Texas Iron 2:49 Mon Sep 16
Re: Saturday football
Laughing at Arsenal Self-destruction defence...
Any other team with 31 goal attempts would have beaten l'arse...
Time for some resolve from Hammers...3rd tomorrow night is within our grasp...

gph 1:49 Mon Sep 16
Re: Saturday football
Do the Arsenal fans want Wenger back yet?

They did this to themselves.

nychammer 9:55 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
Steve it wouldn’t be un-west ham like not to take this opportunity. Villa have some key injuries, but that didn’t stop Norwich either. Expecting us to win but it won’t be easy.

SteveJacko 8:48 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
It’s set up for us to fuck it up...

wanstead_hammer 8:44 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
We’ll win tomorra. Haller’s gonna ave defences running scared all season. Come on West Ham!!

Westham67 8:39 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
West ham 3rd tomorrow in caps

Westham67 8:37 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
Cheers O I am having a look myself

Mart O 8:23 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
*heads over to Arsenal Fan TV*

happygilmore 8:22 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
Great watch. How are Arsenal the exact same with new manager? Still spineless despite the odd moments of false hope of a new dawn for their fans

Lily Hammer 8:22 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
Results have been perfect apart from Chelsea getting a moral boosting win, and if you want to be really ambitious, apart from Liverpool winning again.

Come on you Irons! Beat Villa FFS! Big chance to put ourselves amongst things.

Grumpster 8:13 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
Only watched 15 mins of it and good to see Luiz playing like only he can, fucking awfully.

Been stealing a living as a defender for years, he's atrocious.

Love it.

Westham67 8:10 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
Nice one

nychammer 8:01 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
Arsenal look shot to pieces

Mart O 8:00 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football

nychammer 7:57 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
2-2 let’s keep it they way

nychammer 7:56 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
Penalty to Watford!

Westham67 7:16 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
That's if Arsenal don't score any more

Westham67 7:15 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football
We have to win by 3 tomorrow to go joint 3rd with Arsenal.

Lily Hammer 6:53 Sun Sep 15
Re: Saturday football

So many of those dreaded “winnable” games, but see my last post. If we can be a bit ruthless against teams we really should be beating, we could find ourselves in nose bleed territory.

That’s a win for Villa, then.

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