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armchair 9:28 Sun Sep 15
Diangana - yesterday at Fulham.
Was very mediocre. Did nothing much and then was subbed. Few OK runs in First half but very underwhelming.

best player on pitch was Brazilian attacking midfield on WBA called Mateus Pereiera (sp). Quick feet. quick thinking.

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Westham67 7:36 Mon Sep 16
Re: Diangana - yesterday at Fulham.
3 goals in 5 games he must be shit get rid

Darby_ 3:06 Mon Sep 16
Re: Diangana - yesterday at Fulham.
I wouldn’t read too much into one game unless you were a spastic like Vexed.

Reports of him this season so far have been generally good, but as others have said, he needs a season holding down a regular place.

Sven Roeder 11:24 Sun Sep 15
Re: Diangana - yesterday at Fulham.
As said this is why he needs to stay the whole season there and work on his game.
If he is going to have poor games it’s best that he does it in someone else’s shirt.

The other bloke is a Sporting Lisbon player on loan.

El Scorchio 9:44 Sun Sep 15
Re: DIANGANA - yesterday at Fulham.
Well. That’s why he’s on loan. Needs to learn how to be consistent and more effective and prove his worth to a team week in week out.

Will he make it? Who knows.

Vexed 9:42 Sun Sep 15
Re: DIANGANA - yesterday at Fulham.
Fuck off, he's brilliant, I heard it on here. He's only young so that means you have to dispense with all normal yardsticks of quality and just blindly state that he's brilliant. Someone will buy him for 50m next season you'll fucking see! He's brilliant!

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