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oioi 3:26 Wed Sep 18
Club London
Is anyone on here a Club London member? I'm taking a look at a deal for the rest of the season. What do you think? Worth it or a waste of money?At the moment I'm BMU. Good overall view but I might be tempted to shell out if the seat and lounge are a big improvement.

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Huffers 4:00 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Sorry, its the first 3 home cup games. So if we're drawn at home Round 4, 5 & 6 of the FA Cup but none before that, they'll be "free".

pass the dutchy 3:42 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Just seen this thread.

It was me and my mates who were told if we leave Club London we go to the back of the waiting list for a new season ticket.

Seriously stay away from the over priced shit that is Club London. The food awful, the atmosphere shocking. the boleyn is so tacky, with its shit street food stalls and even next to the toilets selling shirts on a market stall.

Honestly those three years were the worst three years I have had as a season ticket holder in over 24 years.

So after lots of calls and even turning up at the ground off season to speak to people, we got offer Club 66 tickts.

Half the cost of Club London and you can move to anywhere in the ground if available at the end of the season.

Thats how Club London should have been run.

Sod the shit free drink, it aint free!!!

Sod the shit pie and mash.

All supporters should boycott that area and get it closed down (remember its separate company).

Dont go anywhere near it.

goose 3:42 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
I'm in the Umbro box for the Newcastle game.

that's all.

Rossal 3:39 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
£109 a game?!!?!?!?!

that is mental, you are mad to pay that

Im in block 132 which arguably is closer to the pitch and im band 3 which works out £35 a game

You say you get the first free cup games for free but if thats maccelsfield at home then not really value

Agree you should be able to relocate same as every other season ticket holder. Im paying nearly 4 times less so dont think i should have more rights

Tomsdad 3:34 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Sorry Mate, is that the FA Cup? or both cups, because we have been drawn away for the first two rounds of the League, so i'm guessing you would only get one more chance!

Huffers 3:20 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
1 free drink, programme and the first 3 cup games so best case it works out £109 a game.

Cup games don’t carry over if we don’t get drawn at home.

This season they’re saving 50-100 away tickets per away game for corporate customers but again, there’s no process and you just email if you want 1. I use the PP application still as I’m on 30 points but if I was on 15 for example, I wouldn’t have more chance than someone on 0 going through club London.

Tomsdad 3:16 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Sorry Huffers, but what exactly do you get for your 2400?
Does that include cup games?

Huffers 3:10 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Exactly, the last home game I missed was in 2002.

They love a pitch side tour to try and flog the seats. They should sell themselves. Anyway, I’ll carry on for now all the time I can afford it but when it comes to taking my boy and any future children, I may have an issue as there are no concessions.

RichyP 2:45 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Eggbert Nobacon 12:18 Thu Sep 19

I disagree. Huffers is still a Season Ticket holder even if it is in the posh seats. Why shouldn't he be allowed to move to a different part of the ground when the renewals are done. Every other ST can apply to do that I don't see the difference.

It's even worse if this wasn't the case and the T&C's have since with an either you sign the new T&C's or fuck off to the back of the queue ultimatum.

Don't forget a lot of the people in the posh seats were also long standing ST holders at Upton Park

oioi 2:34 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
I’ve just come out of the stadium. Was given an extensive tour of Club London plus went pitch side, sat in Pellegrini’s seat, went into changing room. First question I asked was about reverting to general admission season ticket next year and was assured that it was not a problem. Not the same seat necessarily but would definitely be able to get a season ticket. Doesn’t matter because I don’t fancy it. The upper tier seats have got that horrible gap with the weather worn claret tarpaulins barely hiding the scaffolding in front of them and the cheaper lounges face the car park. The Royal East lounge is nice but expensive and corporate. Prefer where I am in BMU and I’m paying peanuts. Nice tour though. COYI

Grumpster 2:29 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
£2400 fucking notes???

They may be cunts, but they are certainly good businessmen.

I obviously have no idea how good Club London is, but you have to respect them for getting people to pay that to watch a team who haven't won a trophy for 39 years.

Northern Sold 2:06 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Like a pair of golden handcuffs then... so you either have to stay put... or get to the back of the line... if there is still one that is...

Huffers 12:39 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
In January 2015 when signing up to The Boleyn was possible, it was not made clear that you are not a "standard season ticket" holder anymore and that if you moved, you would start fresh.

They have included this in their new t&c from June 2019 however.

Eggbert Nobacon 12:18 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
they can't give you the right to swap to a normal season ticket, not when others have paid to be on the waiting list

agree with the club there

Eggbert Nobacon 12:14 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
, 11:48 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Football, outside of the top two or three divisions is still very much a working class man’s game. It is also competitive and thriving.

can't be thriving that much, one club just went to the wall and another couple came very close

, 11:48 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Football, outside of the top two or three divisions is still very much a working class man’s game. It is also competitive and thriving.

Let’s not be so besotted by EPL and CL football such that we miss all the other games taking place around this country.

LeroysBoots 11:42 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Football, the working class mans game...not

Northern Sold 11:36 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Huffers 10:15 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Mine is £2400

Think of all the cats you can save with that Huffy son??

MATE gave 3 up this season... that's quite a nice holiday he's got there now...

Vexed 11:21 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
A shit situation not helped by a section of our fans being fucking scrotes. This sort of greed plus VAR will be the end of premier league football. Hopefully.

Huffers 11:08 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
Its not a corporate experience so those who are after just that, don't renew it seems. I am not in that bracket, I only opted for this so I could still have a similar seat to what I had at Upton Park. Unfortunately it came at 4 times the price.

Security Checks are only in place for going into the bar as well and nothing is done about general admission fans coming to sit in the seats around the dugouts and tunnel. Often I would get to my seat and someone is sitting there (I sit the row behind the home dugout). Programmes are taken by other fans as they know everyone in that block gets them for free and leaves them under their seats at half time. Someones jacket even got taken at half time vs Man City. I suspect it was a new season ticket holder's seat and they assumed the area was restricted to people who pay to sit there.

The upper tier's corporate area has barriers like Club Wembley but they haven't done it in the lower tier as apparently it's a fire risk. I suspect having them in the Upper is more of a risk.

Far Cough 10:56 Thu Sep 19
Re: Club London
This has got Brady written all over it

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