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bruuuno 10:37 Sat Sep 21
Broken ribs
Broke my rib last Sunday, currently only getting 3 hours kip a night and sneezing involves going atchooAAARGGH

Share your RIB stories whoers

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Hammer and Pickle 9:36 Sun Oct 20
Re: Broken ribs
Got whacked into the bulwark on the cutter a fortnight ago and still can feel it, so empathise as I didn't even get a break to the ribs.

bruuuno 9:32 Sun Oct 20
Re: Broken ribs
Well, five weeks after breaking it I’m pretty much fully recovered. I can even sleep on my injured side now which is nice.

It took a month before I was able to do any proper exercise.

Fuck that for a game of soldiers

bruuuno 12:17 Mon Sep 23
Re: Broken ribs
Another helpful thing I’ve found is to press firmly on the affected rib if I have to sneeze or cough, it keeps it stable

bruuuno 8:15 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
The plug thing sounds awful. That said, I once stood on a dirty great nail that was sticking out of a pallet and it went deep into my foot. Sounds bad but I barely felt a thing, it must have been some sort of acupuncture spot or something

zebthecat 7:27 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
cup of tea 6:52 Sun Sep 22

Yep I've done that.
It was the evening of a gig I was playing and the plug belonged to the Farfisa organ I was carrying at the time. It bled like crazy but I strapped my foot up and went to play the gig.
The venue (some toilet opposite the Hackney Grand) was freezing and our drummer was being a snarky twat all night. My bass head fell of the speaker cabs during our souncheck and the speaker jack punched a neat hole in the backplate. Our support were awful, the soundman dropped acid and decided to explore the full feedback possibilities of the PA, I into a fight with a guy in the audience as thrown a full can of beer at me and it hit me smack in the forehead. To top it off the promoter refused to pay us (although our drummer's twattish bad mood soon fixed that one).
All in all a pretty shit night.

gph 7:11 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
I have.

It's ten seconds of agony and a sore foot for half a day.

(Well, it is if it doesn't get embedded in your sole.)

Bruised/broken ribs enter your soul*.

*Poetic language, and for the sake of the pun

cup of tea 6:52 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
But has anyone ever stood on a plug bare foot? Now that is PAIN. Ive done it but not too bad. Mate done it and ended up in A&E as a plug pin went through the bottom of the foot.

Nurse Ratched 6:47 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
Boys are silly.

gph 6:44 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
Anyway, one thing's for certain, it hurts.

And for a long time.

bruuuno 6:32 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
It was the loud cracking noise that gave it away for me geep

gph 6:23 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
Odd that people know if they've broken or just bruised their ribs.

Unless the break is so severe that the rib comes out of place, the medics can't tell without an X-ray.

The three times I've done mine in, they told me that since the treatment for both is the same, they think the gain from an X-ray isn't worth the risk of an X-ray.

So I don't know if I've never broken my ribs, or broken them three times, or something in between.

bruuuno 6:15 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
I’ve figured the best way to get out of bed is to secure the duvet with one foot then hold onto the top end of the duvet and pull myself up

only1billybonds 12:19 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
Same as Manuel. Slipped on the last couple of stairs indoors and that was it,fucking agony for days afterwards. Although i only bruised mine, my breathing became so difficult and painful the hospotal looked into possible pneumonia. And yes sneezing,which i usually enjoy became an absolute bastard.

Alwaysaniron 11:44 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
Did mine when wave hopping on a jet bike in Poole Quay. Flat out going over the wake of a ferry and when a total cropper. Broke 4 ribs and punctured my lung. Hut like fuck for weeks.

Darlo Debs 9:57 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
jfk 7.43. Standing on anything pointy like a plug is not good.

Childbirth obviously very painful, however i once had pluracy and iOh My God i thought i was gonna die. It was way way worse than being in labour and i did that twice.

jfk 9:22 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
Have a Good'n Ted.

jfk 9:18 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
As it happens I'm well behaved nowadays I'm off out now to take the hound for a quick run.
Mrs jfk is a Mick and she's off to our local they have the Ireland Scotland game on my eldest is going too.They are doing a full Irish breakfast wich is the same as an English with the addition of white pudding but no beans?
I'm gonna swerve it and watch it indoors,can't be arsed to go over the hammers later either fancy watching Essex in the cricket got an appointment with the setee and steak and chips inbetween at some stage.

ted fenton 8:58 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
Well I'm 69 mate and my family aren't talking to me result of alcohol sadly shit happens even when you get fecking old


jfk 8:53 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
It could well have been me as I've mentioned getting runover on here before.i was 16 when it happened and the driver wearnt to blame.
I had loads of unfortunate occorrances in my youth of which most were down to my own doing.

wanstead_hammer 8:12 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
And the hens get something stronger than tramadol to space em out. Got it easy!!

ted fenton 8:08 Sun Sep 22
Re: Broken ribs
I seem to remember your accident jfk or am I thinking of someone else ???

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