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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Barty 3:25 Mon Sep 23
Team vs Bournemouth

Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cresswell

---------------Rice Noble

Yarmolenko - Fornals - Anderson


Roberto, Balbuena, Masuaku, Zabaleta, Snodgrass, Wilshere, Ajeti

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daveyg 1:38 Sat Sep 28
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
Read that article. Ravel would of been great under Pellegrini hope he sees the wisdom of his ways, like Josh King..
On him I think he is Bournemouth's main threat down the left. His power and work rate together with his goals could decide the game. Fredericks and Yarmelenko are going to have to be 100% on their game

Sydney_Iron 6:53 Sat Sep 28
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
Expect we will see the same line up as ManU, the only change that Lanzini (if fully fit) will replace Fornals.

Scraper 10:19 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
If only we still had Ravel 🥰

"As for United, King reels off a list of former teammates, including Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard, but when asked who stood out in such a talented group, he answers before the question finishes. “Easy, Ravel [Morrison],” he says. “That’s the easiest [question]. If you ask any player at United back then, Ravel was just different class. Ravel could have been the level just below Messi and Ronaldo.

“He’s been unlucky but he’s got a good heart. People have probably got the wrong impression of him. Sometimes when you grow up, it’s rough and you can’t control that but he’s got the biggest heart and he is easily the most talented player I’ve ever played with.”

King’s aspirations are to establish Bournemouth, who host West Ham on Saturday after successive wins, as a top-10 team."

RM10 8:38 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth

andyd 7:16 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
fraser 4.02

Leic winning the PL was an astonishing once in a lifetime achievement as we all know, which is why they were 5000/1.

Not saying I’m content that we tossed off the League Cup but let’s not kid ourselves that we’ve missed out on a significant chance of a trophy as we simply haven’t. Other than the biggest clubs who can rest players and still put out a top class team and progress, the rest of the Prem make fairly half hearted attempts to advance.

The last 12 FA and League Cups have been won by 4 teams - City, Utd, Che, Ars....

Sir Alf 6:33 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
What a difference a few days make eh?

Last Sunday the mood was so positive and talk of whether we could higher than top 6 ( yes there were some thnking that :-) ). Then completely pulled apart and thrashed by Oxford and the prospect of a fast/mobile Bournemouth at their place.

Would be no surprise if we get another mauling if I am honest. Like I say, they work relentlessly, have speed and ,movement and close down quickly. That continues to be our biggest weakness. Norwich and United gave us a bit of time and space and Watford too.

We will need top performances and a real work ethic from Anderson, Lanzini and Yarmalenko and the likes of Cresswell to have a good game again assuming he retains the shirt ( which he should based on last Sunday ).

I would be happy with a point. ( Allardici "respect the point" )

Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cresswell
Yarmalenko Rice Noble Anderson

Mr Anon 5:31 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
Good news on Lanzini

Sajmo1 4:17 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth

ironsofcanada 4:11 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
"We continue without Michail Antonio and Winston Reid. The rest of the players are okay.

"Manuel Lanzini returned to work with the team in the last two or three days. He doesn't have any pain in his feet. He doesn't have any problems, he's in the squad list."


"As always when we finish the game we analysed it. Of course, nobody was happy with their performance.

"I was very disappointed also, but you must try to learn from the experience and try to think about the next game."

Sajmo1 4:09 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
Lanzini is fit?? I feel much more confident if he plays

diehardhammer 4:08 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
3-1 west ham with callum wilson getting his usual goal

goals from lanzini, anderson and haller

fraser 4:06 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
Was just bruising wasn't it?

crystal falace 4:04 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
I saw they said Lanzini was back in training, might be a bit of a leap to declare him fit, unless there's some more recent news im unaware of.

From being out for a month to missing less than 2 weeks seems a bit off, hope they're not rushing him back, would rather have him miss the next 2 games before the international break than aggravate something and potentially be out for an extended period

fraser 4:02 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
That shout isn't good, Leicester won the PL..ffs it's just the league cup, if as a supporter you can't hope to win it, why be a supporter.

the exile 3:56 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
andyd 3:43

Good shout.

paulon 3:55 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
buzzing for this, could go third - bollocks to Wednesday and the negativity

Lanzini and Fredericks both fit

same team as last sunday


fraser 3:55 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
Lanzini is fit

ChillTheKeel 3:47 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
Couldn't give a fuck. I'm sick of this cup throwing cunt of a club.

andyd 3:43 Fri Sep 27
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
rochesterjohn wrote...
Really Sajmo? The bloke that thinks being 3rd before the break is more important than winning a cup? Not even finishing 3rd which is a joke in itself but being 3rd after 8 games is much more important than winning a trophy?
I think you have bigger problems than me .

I don't understand why a lot of fans think its realistic for us to win any trophy at this point. The last 5 seasons the 2 domestic Cups have been won by M City x4, Chel x2, Ars x2, MU x2

Its extremely difficult for a club of our size to win a Cup unless we get a massively favourable draw in every round.

Whilst I was very disappointed about Wed night its not as if the result cost us a great chance of a trophy. Its extremely likely that one of City,Liv,Chel,Ars or MU (more unlikely) will win the Lge Cup

That's not being defeatist, just realistic. I'd much rather have beaten MU on Sun than Oxford

daveyg 11:33 Thu Sep 26
Re: Team vs Bournemouth
The bench should be
Roberto Johnson Cardoso Powell Holland Scully Coventry

None of that useless lot from Wednesday night should be anywhere near the bench if Pellegrini has any balls.

Alwaysaniron 6:54 Thu Sep 26
Re: Team vs Bournemouth

A significant number of prams on here with very few toys left in them!

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