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mulle91 6:06 Sat Sep 28
Roberto is shit
Worse keeper Ive ever seen

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brick_lane_batty_boy 6:07 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
If you are David Martin and you're sat there watching that shower of shyte get picked over you every week - you'd probably consider retirement

charleyfarley 6:03 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit

Lukasz Fabianski Thigh Injury Oct 17: Lukasz had surgery last Saturday, now we must be patient. He needs some time to recover, you cannot do it faster than you need. As we said at the beginning, probably he will return next year." No Return Date None

Eerie Descent 2:05 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
I can't believe we have a DOF on a couple of millions a year and a manager on crica £8mil a year and they had no idea how shit Roberto is. I watched 30 seconds of his Youtube 'highlights' and knew what was going to happen, and that's in black and white on these boards.

David Martin is better than him, without doubt. He's not a brilliant keeper, but his positioning is good, he'll come for crosses, and do some of the basics well. Give me that over this clown any day of the week.

Bungo 2:02 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
So, any news on a Fab return?

Iron Duke 2:00 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
Is Martin really that bad? I know he made that terrible mistake for Millwall in the cup (I'll forgive him for that), but otherwise I heard good things. He's got to be worth a try.

charleyfarley 1:45 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
dealcanvey 12:33 Mon Nov 4

ag ag brilliant

ironsofcanada 12:37 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
dealcanvey 12:33 Mon Nov 4

Sadly, a perfect way to describe it,

Gavros 12:33 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
Yes, he's fucking pony.

dealcanvey 12:33 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
He dives in installments

Eerie Descent 12:29 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
Block 12:10 Mon Nov 4

I certainly don't agree with booing him at games, that's as disgraceful as his positioning, but let's have it right, he is fucking terrible.

ironsofcanada 12:14 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
Whatever else you want to say, since he tried to score a spectacular own goal at Oxford, the defense has been nervous with him in goal. And rightly so.

He needs confidence (if you watch him, he takes a half second to second guess most actions, sometimes making routine saves look difficult) and/or the defense needs confidence playing in front of him. But that did not come against a League One side and no Premier League to is going to give him a free ride.

So you either let him play and try and gain that or replace him with a backup Championship keeper (or if you can, recall our keeper playing in League One).

Block 12:10 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
Eerie, I'm not saying he's good enough for us, I just think he's at times getting unfair stick.

Eerie Descent 11:55 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
He is absolutely terrible at the basics. Yeah he's make saves, I mean fucking hell McKnightmare made saves, it's the fact he is diabolical at the fundamentals.

The fact is, even those defending him would swap him for any other goalkeeper currently starting for any other Premier League club. And probably every Championship club if we'd seen enough of them.

Pickle Rick 11:42 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
As much as you want to support him, our dip has occurred since he's been covering for Fabianski, he may make mistakes but if the defenders in front of him are not trusting him then he's in a no win situation. I have sympathy for the fella but if we continue to lose against sides that we should be looking to pick 3 points up against then we are in our usual position of continually looking over our shoulder as a couple more defeats could see us in the bottom 3 at Xmas.

Razzle 11:42 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
get the youth keeper in

DJH 11:31 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
With Roberto I don't think we are talking about mistakes, misjudgements or whatever that Adrian would be prone to but fundamental weaknesses in his game in my the same way one developed with Joe Hart that will cost you goal after goal and at his age only get worse.

We have had numerous bad keepers over the years and this guy is up there and in this day and age it is unacceptable that a club with our resources should have someone as clearly incompetent in goal, serious questions need to be asked.

Rossal 10:19 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
I expect a gk to make excellent saves to be honest

I dont expect them to have 4 or 5 errors leading to goals in 3 or 4 games. That is simply unforgivable at this level.

Block 10:01 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
Roberto is prone to errors no more than Adrian was.

People liked Adrian, because of his character but was no better than Roberto in goal.

The bloke has made mistakes yes, but he's also pulled off some excellent saves in the process as well.

Part of being a goalkeeper.

The fans jeering him on saturday but clapping Andy Carrol need to have a fucking long hard look at themselves.

Modern football is fucking shit. I hate it.

normannomates 6:40 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
I doubt Pellegrini said fuck all to him or any of em..
That's what worries me..

normannomates 6:38 Mon Nov 4
Re: Roberto is shit
How about givin the geezer some support eh?
He needs it.. Not his fault he's out of his depth.
Don't ruin the fella.

Mex Martillo 7:20 Sun Nov 3
Re: Roberto is shit
He did make a few great saves, but I put him at fault for 2 of the goals. We could have won with Fabianski.

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