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teddyp 8:07 Sat Sep 28
The review system works in Cricket, VAR definitely doesn't in Football This is killing the game Bin this NOW...

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Eddie B 5:16 Sun Oct 13

Load of old bollocks.

Lee Trundle 5:37 Tue Oct 1
They missed out the bit where the VAR team are fully decked out as full kit wankers?

Far Cough 5:29 Tue Oct 1
How does VAR actually work?

The process for reviewing a decision can work in two ways; either the referee can request a review after making a decision or the VAR team can recommend one. In the latter situation, if the VAR judges that there is the potential for a clear error to have been made, he or she can notify the referee.


gph 5:15 Tue Oct 1
How does VAR actually work?

Do they have one bloke and one screen per match? If so, I wouldn't rely on him to intervene when the ref actually misses something. It must be fairly difficult to maintain concetration on a screen for 90+ minutes.

If the ref alerts him that he's unsure, then that bit should work.

dax47988 5:09 Tue Oct 1
whoops should have gone on the VR thread.....

dax47988 5:09 Tue Oct 1
had an HTC Vive for a year. It is, in fact, the dog's bollocks. Still get a bit of motion sickness every now and then but nothing major. Fallout4, Skyrim, No Man's Sky...... not forgetting the porn.....

Sniper 3:03 Tue Oct 1
The lack of consistency with it is ridiculous

It should be used for clear and obvious mistakes - the haller penalty should have been a situation where the VAR team contacted the ref and told him there was a penalty. And I do t like the idea of var being used to retrospectively over rule the linesman. Especially when sometimes it’s marginal.

When you see the graphic for deciding king was inside at the weekend it’s laughable - they were drawing lines manually with it to check. At least in tennis and cricket the ball is tracked properly with ‘umpires call’ used to cover margins of error.

For me, with offside, I would say use the same as you would in athletics and say judge from the torso for a start. Then only have VAR intervene if the mistake is clear and obvious not a quarter of an inch out as I don’t even trust that VAR gets the moment the balm is kicked right and the lines it uses aren’t from views straight across the pitch.

Use VAR to spot off the ball incidents and missed fouls/penalties but not as a safety net to avoid the ref making a decision - it doesn’t matter how you try in football, it’s simply not as clear cut as other sports and what needs to be addressed are howlers not marginal decisions

Tomsdad 12:32 Tue Oct 1
Linesman are now redundant because of VAR.
Everything gets checked now, so no point in raising the flag and what with them looking at the ref when the ball goes out to see which way he points, there is nothing else for them to do.

Darlo Debs 12:14 Tue Oct 1
It doesn't seem.to be used consistently which seems to.defeat the object of its introduction. Can't say i am.impressed so far.

Manuel 11:12 Tue Oct 1
Well yes, I am talking generally, when I say var is a farce I wasn't specifically just talking about the actual software. I just think there are too many variables in a game for var to ever cover the lot correctly.

jack flash 10:57 Tue Oct 1
Manuel ~
I think we may be at cross purposes mate!
What I'm saying is, yes, VAR is fine BUT it needs to be applied properly with clear rules that we can all understand & applied with some consistency
That isn't happening at all currently
In it's current form VAR is not fine because of the way it's being so randomly applied
The technology is fine

Manuel 10:49 Tue Oct 1
I think the ref may also have to blow up? You listed a load of things wrong with var then closed by saying var is fine? IMO it's not fine at all, it's a total farce with no-one seemingly knowing the rules half the time.

Did the ref request var look at that goal last night or was he told it was onside after var decided upon itself to have a look?

jack flash 10:46 Tue Oct 1
Manuel ~
I hold my hand up to understanding wrong, but only because the current rules appear to be unclear!

jack flash 10:45 Tue Oct 1
Manuel ~ Fair point but ignoring the official's flag & playing on, putting the ball in the net for example, could very easily result in a booking!

Manuel 10:43 Tue Oct 1

''As I understood it, if an official flagged for offside, then it's offside regardless of VAR''

Well you understood it wrong, but wouldn't have been the only one.

Manuel 10:42 Tue Oct 1
The goal last night has now highlighted another issue with var that I bet the powers that to had never thought of. It's all well and good to say play to the whistle but it's human nature to react differently when you see the flag go up (for the attacking side too) just seeing the flag is enough to change your mindset and possibly stride a little and that's all the difference that it might take. I suppose the players will have to have it drilled into them to completely ignore the flag (unless it totally obvious it's offside)

jack flash 10:41 Tue Oct 1
I don't think there's a lot wrong with VAR itself, but the way it's being applied is appallingly inconsistent

There appears to be no clarity in when it should be applied

As I understood it, if an official flagged for offside, then it's offside regardless of VAR. For that reason the officials were apparently given instructions not to raise their flag immediately but, if there was any doubt, afterwards to raise their flag
Clearly in last nights game, when the official raised the flag early it effected the ManU players (not that I give a monkeys!)
In our match with Bournemouth, VAR proved their first goal to be just onside but the question is should VAR have been used as the official had raised the flag?
There have been several instances where the referee has been adamant that VAR has not been necessary where he's given or not given a penalty, yet replays have proved his decision to be totally incorrect (The blatent foul on Haller against Norwich, for example, though there have been several others)
Then we have unclear instructions to referees on whether VAR should be used when giving out yellow/red cards, especially when a second yellow involving a sending off results (Masuaka's second yellow decision was clearly incorrect watching the replay!)
So for me, VAR is fine, but it needs to be applied with more consistency

dicksie3 10:25 Tue Oct 1
Players need to play to a referee’s whistle. If they stop when a flag goes up and concede a goal as a consequence then that’s their fault.

Linesmen have been told to keep their flags down if it’s a close call in any case. Clearly the linesman last night who flagged for offside didn’t obey instructions. Not only that but he got it so massively wrong when he was standing right in front of the action. He should be dropped for the next round of fixtures.

Sniper 10:05 Tue Oct 1
The issue with last night is allowing a goal that’s been flagged (albeit totally wrongly). You can clearly see it affected the man u defenders What if aubameyang has been 30 yards from goal and the flag went up? Does the ref still allow the phase of play to finish then give the offside then wait for VAR to check?

It’s easy to disallow a goal given incorrectly or to award a penalty etc but not so easy to undo an incorrectly awarded offence

Sniper 9:59 Tue Oct 1
flyingV 4:03 Mon Sep 30


Chrisel 9:15 Tue Oct 1
The review system didn't work well in cricket when it started. They have gone through many iterations to get it working as it does today.

Have to accept the same with football, identify failings and improve. It's called learning.

One of the problems with the modern world, something doesn't work: give up. Couldn't possibly work to adapt it.

Hell; handcart; etc

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