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Lovejoy 8:26 Fri Oct 4

Why so many you lad arses? What do you have?

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Darlo Debs 12:24 Sun Oct 6
Re: Meals
If you disagree with me then you disagree with me, my job is irrelevant to that.

Ridikzappa 12:16 Sun Oct 6
Re: Meals
An honourable role Darlo. I wish i had not been such a twat to you in the past.

Darlo Debs 10:29 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Vexed is ok
Bit grumpy maybe but ok

andyd12345 10:19 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Do you look after Vexed, Debs?

He’s elderly AND got learning difficulties.

Darlo Debs 9:32 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Well allsorts really as look after people with learning disabilities, and mental health issues etv

Darlo Debs 9:25 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
yes Rid

TheBoleynBoy 8:21 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
I call it breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Starters, mains and desserts/pudding/afters.

I call that all 3 depending on what comes out my mouth.

Ridikzappa 7:24 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Are you a carer for the elderly, Darlo?

Darlo Debs 4:50 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
I would normally call evening meal.dinner but the bulk of the people here call their lunch dinner so have taken it to.calling it tea so i don't confuse the people that i.look after..Some of whom are bemused enough by a cockney accent.

White Pony 11:52 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Is this another thread where everyone desperately tries to show how working class they are. Supper is well posh though.

BRANDED 10:13 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Supper is generally just a late dinner.

Tea is a cupper and some sarnis and cakes.

Manuel 7:20 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
goose 5:16 Fri Oct 4

I’m also aware of the sites:
Retard - you
Bore - IOC
Weirdo - Manuel''

I might be many things, a cunt being one, but I am definitely NOT weird.


Iron Duke 2:56 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Noun - One who sups

jfk 2:37 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
When we were kids we used to say when we got home from school what's for tea ? Didn't know what supper was.infact I still don't .

jfk 2:31 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
bruuuno 2:09 Sat Oct 5
Exactly.Puddinng working class ? What a load of bollocks.When I'm flush herself and I fuck off up west for a gut busting lunch somewhere posh.
A raging bender waiter always says and what does madam want for fucking "pudding" ?
Working class my arse.

BRANDED 2:10 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Coffee and a croissant

Mid morning cuppa chuppa or two


Mid afternoon beer


bruuuno 2:09 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals

jfk 9:15 Fri Oct 4
Re: Meals

I had a mate whose family called it pudding we all took the piss out of them for being posh

bruuuno 2:05 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals

Anything else you’re either a fucking gypo or northern or both

Alfs 2:00 Sat Oct 5
Re: Meals
Breakfast - Don't bother with as I'm rarely up before twelve.

Lunch - Maybe at around 4.00 I'll have a snack.

Supper - my main meal of the day.

Afters - don't like sweet stuff.

When I was a kid, Supper used to be a snack before you went to bed, like a bacon sarnie. Tea was supper.

My ex was upper middle class and drummed into me that Supper was Dinner and Dinner was Lunch. Tea is cakes and shit with a cup of tea. It's a sitting room not a lounge, a lavatory not a toilet and anal isn't on the menu. Looking back, I'm surprised that we lasted 24 years.

Bernie 10:14 Fri Oct 4
Re: Meals


Is everyone else on here northern?

plankton 9:53 Fri Oct 4
Re: Meals
Breakfast - first thing you eat (yogurt can fuck right off)

Lunch - midday meal

Tea - something mid-afternoon typically revolving around kids coming home from school

Supper - cheese on toast, bangers and mash etc in front of TV

Dinner - involves going out and eating with other people (some of them bloody boring sometimes), perhaps in a restaurant

And it is always PUDDING. Dessert is what you get at Dinner, and Afters is when you kick someone when they're on the ground after you've cleaned their clock.

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