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easthammer 1:27 Mon Oct 7
Ball Boys [or Girls]
Where are they at the London Stadium? Do they exist?
On several occasions on especially along the West Stand side nobody went to retrieve the ball. Players were looking at the assistant ref to send the ball back but of course they won't Neither is the opposition likely to.

Has there been a cost saving on wages

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HairyHammer 6:42 Mon Oct 7
Re: Ball Boys [or Girls]
When Corbyn gets in the players will have to get the ball or the chairmen must pay the ball boys/girls the same money as the average premier league player.
I think that is fair comrades don't you ?

easthammer 6:07 Mon Oct 7
Re: Ball Boys [or Girls]
Agree entirely these sort of things do make a difference albeit at the margin. Another issue I have is why do we always kick off facing the same way i.e. South irrespective of the prevailing conditions. Facing South means what sun there is particularly with early kick offs will be our defenders eyes. Later in the second half it will be lower and below the stadium roof.

Huffers 10:16 Mon Oct 7
Re: Ball Boys [or Girls]
I think eventually it will be a PL initiative to supply them anyway.

andyd12345 9:27 Mon Oct 7
Re: Ball Boys [or Girls]
It is ironic that we are probably the one club that could benefit the most from some kind of ball boy strategy considering the distance from the touch line to the stands, yet we are the once club that employs toddlers to do the job.

Get the U14’s in there, and get them trained on when to speed up and when to slow down.

It’s all these little 1% differences that could add up to something meaningful.

Sven Roeder 8:58 Mon Oct 7
Re: Ball Boys [or Girls]
Need more

Can I suggest 500 in the space behind each goal and a couple of thousand standing along each side.
To apply (ages 8 to 80) call K Brady from 9am Monday on 079 88 888 888

Huffers 7:36 Mon Oct 7
Re: Ball Boys [or Girls]
One of my biggest issues every fucking game. We had a couple of 5 year old girls with bibs longer than their bodies and lanyards that nearly trip them over over the west side towards the away fans. They don’t watch the game and don’t provide any home advantage. If anything, they seem to give the ball back quicker to the opposition.

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