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BRANDED 11:01 Thu Oct 17
Head of Atlantic records UK has resigned because seven years ago he went to a party dressed as one of his hero’s from RUN DMC.

This was his resignation letter

It is with great sadness that today I announce I am stepping down as President of Atlantic Records, UK.

“Seven years ago, at a birthday party where guests were asked to come dressed as their favorite musical icon, I came as a member of Run DMC. Late last year rumors began to circulate about my appearance at that event, many of which are simply untrue. While my intention was to honor a musical hero, I recognize my appearance was offensive and I made a terrible mistake.

“As a consequence of this, I readily agreed to disciplinary actions by my employer last year. Since then, however, allegations surrounding the party have continued to be made against me. Moreover, they have been used against a wonderful company and the label I love. I have therefore come to the conclusion that I should make this statement and step down, with immediate effect.

“I am devastated that this mistake has caused upset and has called into question my commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion, values which I have championed throughout my career. I have learned a great deal from this event and will resolutely continue to champion these values moving forward.

“It has been an incredible privilege to have worked with the immensely talented artists, managers and team at Atlantic and the wider Warner family.

“I unreservedly apologize to anyone who has been hurt.”

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Lily Hammer 3:27 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
I dare them, I double dare them to try lynching Chris Morris for blacking up in the 90s.

I'm pretty confident he'll simply say "Fur Q, cock, bitch motherfuckers!"


ironsofcanada 3:22 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Probably good I never ended up being anywhere near successful in politics.

A few pictures of me out there as a kid, dressed as Mr. T, complete with brown make-up.

Iron Duke 3:15 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
I've read that Stormzy kicked off and threatened to quit the label if they didn't take action. Sounds shitty.

the coming of gary 2:47 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
black cannibals used to eat white Kate and Sidney pie

Iron Duke 2:12 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Lol @ tomsdad.

Seriously though, we live in a fucked up world of extreme views. There's no room for moderation and common sense.

collyrob 1:44 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface

Tomsdad 11:16 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Still find it strange that this sort of thing offends people, but it's like that and that's the way it is!

World class that

Fifth Column 1:38 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Tomsdad 11:16 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Still find it strange that this sort of thing offends people, but it's like that and that's the way it is!

I love your work there

Far Cough 1:33 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Death by CAPTAIN Bongo*

goose 1:29 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
went to a stag do in Cheltenham about 10 years ago. second night was 80/90s fancy dress. people 'blacked up' to look like the following

MC Hammer

the latter was especially scary as he was ex-army and barely spoke or smiled.

luckily there were no black people in Cheltenham. another form of one-way racism that exists in this country.
its okay to say KDB looks like the milkybar kid, but you cannot liken Mendy to anyone black.

Golden Oldie 1:29 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
I believe the correct term is "Death by Bongo"

BRANDED 1:28 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
I’m bongo

Golden Oldie 1:24 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Branded take a trip down the Republic of Congo and see how they treat diversity with all their respect...

joey5000 1:23 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia dealt with the blackface debate very well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0L_oJMhcs0

BRANDED 1:18 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
I don’t think cannibals singles people out for their skin colour. Although, it’s generally not wise to eat your closest relatives because brain disease can easily develop. Even cannibals knew that.

Golden Oldie 1:12 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Black people used to put honkeys in pots and ate them on sight and no-one saw that as 'problematic' enough to campaign to put a stop to it, but Honkey Dem might say a few words and they need to hand over their entire countries to make amends, and yet its still just not quite enough.

BRANDED 1:09 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Racism has a historical weight of experience.
It’s like learning about Henry the Eighth or The Suffragettes. 😉
I admit if you are poor and white you might feel like you are a hopeless case that needs sympathy and help or just go out and use your opportunity to do better.

Far Cough 1:06 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
The TV companies used to whiten up Nat King Cole for his show, so as to be more appealing to the advertisers

Shameful but true

cornish 1:05 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Good grief what has the world come too,better fit they went after the real racists instead of the easy targets who aren't.

Golden Oldie 1:03 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Black people can't be racist silly, racism is about destroying ancient white societies, nothing to do with equalising the odds.

BRANDED 1:01 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
Many black women lighten up.

Grumpster 12:58 Thu Oct 17
Re: Blackface
I blame Stormzy, he massively pushed to have the bloke fired.

Problem is that loads of honky's have black heroes and so are often dressing up as them, but basically black people are fairly racist as a whole and so when it comes to liking famous people, they will only ever worship fellow black people, as otherwise they'd be white'ing up for fancy dress as well and it would work both ways equalling no issues.

Not hard to see when a costume is racist or not, so it's sad that such instances get thrown into the pile alongside monkey chanting and the other disgusting shit.

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