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Rossal 3:14 Thu Oct 17
Visiting Bath
Im there tomorrow as a stop off on way to a wedding

things to do?, places to see? , best place to park?

Looked online but somehow for once.......this site can appear useful with this stuff

Thanks in advance

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jooliandix 1:49 Fri Oct 18
Re: Visiting Bath
Me and the missus done a night tour of the baths,included was a 3 course meal close by,we got the tickets from the tourist office near the cathedral.I can’t remember how much it was,but it wasn’t that expensive.You get your own personal guide for the tour.Also we had a meal in a restaurant called sotto sotto,I recommend the calves liver.

Any Old Iron 1:39 Fri Oct 18
Re: Visiting Bath
Plenty of good boozers to choose from, but if you fancy a quality cocktail or two of an evening then check out Opium Bar in the Vaults below Grove street.
Great drinks and atmos, and loads of milf crumpet just gagging once they've had a few.

Briano 12:30 Fri Oct 18
Re: Visiting Bath
The Victorians put a load of statues in the Roman Spa so it looks like a cheap impersonation.
It's a tourist town but I would go for lunch and a beer at the Chequers, a 10 min walk up the hill

mashed in maryland 9:27 Thu Oct 17
Re: Visiting Bath

joe royal 8:48 Thu Oct 17
Re: Visiting Bath
A rowing boat? Haven’t engines made it that far west yet?

mashed in maryland 7:25 Thu Oct 17
Re: Visiting Bath

atb trev 3:41 Thu Oct 17

Would agree with all this.

There are also some great little pubs about (too many to name) which serve all manner of local ciders (drink with care. Seriously)

The baths are worth a visit

If the weather is nice, defo go to royal crescent. When its shit it used to be full of goths smoking weed and drinking Monster for some reason.

Rent a rowing boat and go up and down the canals. Again probably weather dependent.

Much of Bath's charm like many places is just waking about and TAKING IT ALL IN but the town's shopping centre is a bit of a generic dump and it can get surprisingly rowdy at night. However it is a great little place to visit so you'll defo enjoy

Dan M 7:20 Thu Oct 17
Re: Visiting Bath
Always worth having a look at a site like JustPark for city visits. Can usually book someone's private parking space bang in the middle of whatever town you're going to for the same or less than the public car parks.

atb trev 3:41 Thu Oct 17
Re: Visiting Bath
I live in Bristol but used to work in Bath. Never done the tourist thing, but Bath is one of those places you can just spend a while wondering around the city center and Royal Victoria Park (including the Royal Crescent)

I remember the baths being quite pricey so never went in. Loads of museums too if you're interested in

Usually rammed full of tourists but this should be the quietest time of year before the Christmas markets kick in.

Charlotte Street Car Park is my goto car park if I can't find street parking near where I'm headed. Well located for the center and the park.

Loads of places to find good food, but in my opinion the Bath Pizza Co in the old Green Park station do the best pizza outside of my back garden (I love making pizza).

bruuuno 3:39 Thu Oct 17
Re: Visiting Bath
I’d reccomend an afternoon at the spa,
It’s about £40 and is a nice thing to do for a few hours

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