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Big Dawg 12:28 Mon Oct 21
Joan Jordan
I'm sure Ex-Whu stated we were looking at getting him. Would have been a bargain for £14m and plugged that hole in midfield!


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Sven Roeder 12:04 Tue Oct 22
Re: Joan Jordan
I hear it’s a triple deal
Her, her old boyfriend Dwight Yorke and their son Tom Huddlestone

Northern Sold 2:00 Mon Oct 21
Re: Joan Jordan
Whatever next?? A bid for his best MATE Gordon McQueen?? Scraping barrel time...

New Jersey 2:00 Mon Oct 21
Re: Joan Jordan
He was an ugly cunt without those teeth in but surprised he's gone for a sex change! Probably mates with Kellie Maloney.

Far Cough 1:56 Mon Oct 21
Re: Joan Jordan
and he was a coach at Tottenham

Northern Sold 1:52 Mon Oct 21
Re: Joan Jordan
Was shit for the Jocks in the 78 WC... oh and has tragic Hampsteads... so it's a big fat NO for me...

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