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The Stoat 9:10 Mon Oct 21
Under 23's
Two up away to Stoke

Powell & Coventry


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gph 1:44 Sat Oct 26
Re: Under 23's
Frank Lampard didn't play between 1985 and 1996...

Sven Roeder 11:07 Fri Oct 25
Re: Under 23's
I can’t think of a player being out for so long
March 3 2018 he was injured v Swansea

Jasnik 10:57 Fri Oct 25
Re: Under 23's
Winston Reid expected to play -- who?

Sven Roeder 10:55 Fri Oct 25
Re: Under 23's
Norwich 1 West Ham 4 FT

Play Wolfsburg next Wednesday, Winston Reid expected to play

Athletico Easthamico 9:55 Fri Oct 25
Re: Under 23's
Winning 3-0 at half time away to Norwich.

2 for Kemp , 1 for Scully.

Holland playing so not being considered for Sheffield United.

goose 6:34 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's
seen the goals from last night, now i've seen some bad defending in my time but they were pretty special............

HAMMERAMA 6:33 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's
In response to the under23's relegation last year the were many mitigating circumstances. To list just some Trott in goal ,not inspiring those in front of him,Oxford centre back just was not at the races on the floor or in the air,the 2 left backs not Johnson again woeful,a midfield which lacked a skill player,Diaganna,Cullen,Sameulson,Powel and one or two others out on loan,an uninspiring coach with very little tactical nous,Silva who started like a train then got injured,Holland and Kemp coming back from previous season long term injuries.
An introduction of a lot of very young players that were a little lightweight and in general the team lacked height.
This season a totally different package,there is not a lot of difference in Div1 and Div2 .

crystal falace 5:12 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's
Shame for Johnson he'd clearly impressed enough when given his opportunities, played a lot in the pre season and was probably part of Pellegrini's plans for this season.

With Zaba leaving next season he should be guaranteed a place on the bench at least as he can cover both sides.

Syd Puddefoot 1:56 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's

Rossal 1:20 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's
Yes Johnson was injured

Our U23's got relegated last season didnt they, hence why theyre in impressive form this season. Not sure Scully will make it with us.....Holland id like to see involved on saturday and Powell and Coventry can go on loan in Jan

SUM A DING WONG 1:16 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's
Asidefrom all that, what's happened to Johnson?

I assume he's injured?

SUM A DING WONG 1:15 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's

We're only a couple of months away from Jan.

If it was 20 - 30 years ago, id be well up for your suggestion. Because of the money these players are on, you cant have them completely out of the picture.

Nowadays as well, the team doesnt play well for a few games and theres pandemonium and uproar.

No point exposing all the youngsters to that.

Get them out on loan early, bring them back then chuck them in.

Different times mate, different times.

daveyg 1:03 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's
I used the bench from the last game,sorry you didn't see that. Fornals in brackets,no ?

As for your suggestion of Holland and Scully out on loan,that can't happen till Jan.

Stupid response

Yes,I'd keep Fornals on the bench as you rightly said.
But when are you going to try these guys out. It'll send a message out to the other players that there's someone with desire out there wanting to play.

I would start Holland. Yarmelenko back in and Anderson on the bench in place of Snodgrass.

SUM A DING WONG 12:31 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's
Yarmolenko has been excellent recently - so Holland in for him is a no, no,.for me.

Fornals has to get used to the Premier League, so you have to persevere - same for Ajeti.

I would stick Holland and Scully out on loan and see how they progress.

We've regards to your other suggestions, you could give it a go, i suppose.

We do need to remember, as excellent as it is, seeing our youngsters performing really well - they are playing in the 2nd division of the U23 league.

daveyg 12:17 Tue Oct 22
Re: Under 23's
On the bench v Sheff Utd

Longolo for Zabaleta
Kemp for Snodgrass
Scully for Ajeti
Holland for Yarmelenko (Fornals)
Powell for Wilshire


Can anyone say they would be any worse.
All would put more effort in and work to the plan.
This is getting ridiculous how some of them don't get any game time.

Sven Roeder 11:15 Mon Oct 21
Re: Under 23's
3 points clear at the top of the table and play again away at Norwich on Friday night.
Stoke had won their previous 4 so a very good result.

The old c wing 10:59 Mon Oct 21
Re: Under 23's
Seems to me that Coventry, Holland, Scully and Powell are clearly the most first team ready, we need a properly managed loan system for these guys

pdbis 10:50 Mon Oct 21
Re: Under 23's
Scully with a 4th in injury time.

Sven Roeder 10:21 Mon Oct 21
Re: Under 23's
Another one for Holland
0-3 close to 70mins

pdbis 9:46 Mon Oct 21
Re: Under 23's
If the first team spirit was as good as the u23's we would be a decent team.They obviously train hard unlike the first team.

Side of Ham 9:37 Mon Oct 21
Re: Under 23's
I think it's clear what you have to do.......put in an excellent cup display for the first team when given the opportunity.

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