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Q: Manuel Pellegrini - What should we do
a. A good man & a good coach we should stick with him
b. A busted flush & he's outstayed his welcome, time to go
c. What difference does it really make who's in charge while the current owners are still in control

Keep dreaming 10:24 Sat Nov 2
Pellegrini Out
Had to be done sooner or later. I'm afraid our owners will keep it later to save some pounds.

I applauded him coming in, and to be honest, have really tried to play football after a couple horrendous years under bfs and Moyes.

But now, he seems lost. I don't believe is the manager to get the most out of our players anymore.

What about you? In or Out?

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Block 4:08 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
I believe we're a top 10 club, he's stubbornness to change tactics and motivate are what's going to cost him.

Sometimes the players need to see passion and motivation from their manager, he offers little in this department.

It's a shame, on paper he would have been the perfect manager to take a mid table club to bigger better things.

Bring on another year of utter dross.

goose 4:08 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
the OS describes Maresca as a 'second assistant coach' but i think it means that MP has two assistant coaches now Maresca is on the team.

southbankbornnbred 4:07 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Btw, you'll like this...

He gave some updates on players' injuries. Fab is still not training. Reid has returned to training and is doing OK, but long way off. Wilshere, he said, is 'training but is in some pain'.

So Jack's in pain before he has even returned from injury? This will all go swimmingly, no doubt.

I do feel for Wilshere - he's clearly a very talented footballer. But his body gave up on him years ago. What an absolute shambles it was signing, on an expensive three-year deal, a crock who makes Andy Carroll look like an indestructible machine.

goose 4:05 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
me too Swiss, i dont think the squad is that bad.
its good for 9th-12th place without tonnes of injuries.

there are weaknesses in that squad but he does nothing to protect them............ if anything his approach exposes them more.

R.E - Chelmsford 4:04 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out

Dmitri Halajko is the second team coach.

southbankbornnbred 4:02 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Never mind that bought most of the players who are so poor that they have no confidence.

nychammer 4:02 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
What are we even giving him the Southampton game?

southbankbornnbred 4:01 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
"I always think as a manager that the results of the team depend on the individual performance of a player. After that you can work on tactical, physical and technical work but the performance of the players decide the games. We must try to work with the players and give them confidence."

Abject abdication of responsibility. He has never said this so overtly before, and he is only saying it now because he knows his mega-salary is about to be taken away from him: he's trying to blame his players to mitigate his own responsibility. I used to admire at least his dignity, but he is losing that alongside his footballing reputation.

Swiss. 4:00 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
The core principles of management are to organise and motivate the team. I don't believe our squad is that bad.

It's all on him. If a player gets out of line then straighten him out. End of.

goose 3:56 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
any quotes??

southbankbornnbred 3:54 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Awful words from Pellegrini at today's press conference.

He essentially blamed his players for everything.

He knows he is one defeat from getting sacked and losing his huge salary, so he's panicking and blaming everyone but himself. It amounts to cowardice and any sense of dignity that the man had is going fast.

Of course players impact games more than managers - that is the case for any manager, regardless of how good or bad they are. Guardiola would not win the league with Dagenham and Redbridge - that isn't much of a shock.

But managers are paid huge sums to take the responsibility when things are not going well, to make sense of problems within any team and to structure that team to ensure those problems are overcome.

He needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself why so many of his own, expensive signings have performed so atrociously.

I fear we are just days away from yet another boring search for a new manager - what will be our 12th manager (including caretakers) since Redknapp left in 2001.

We're a joke of a club at the moment.

Block 3:33 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Isn't he the SECOND coach, goose?

goose 3:25 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Maresca probably takes training sessions all the time.
Just more spin from the club to oil the wheels.

Any Old Iron 3:22 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Ok, I've just spotted that this story is covered in The Gruaniad and that it was his 2nd assistant Enzo Maresca.

goose 3:22 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
I’m not buying that for a second.

It’s common for coaches to run training sessions & deliver the message but the message comes from MP.

It’s Sullivan up to his usual.

Any Old Iron 3:20 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
I've just heard Andy Jacobs on Talksport claim that Pellegrini was not involved in any tactical instruction for the Chelsea game and that it was left to Cousillas. I've not heard this before but because we played quite differently in that game compared to games before and since, then it wouldn't surprise me. We seemed to play with much more energy and enthusiasm, and got forward much quicker than normal.

If this is true it only confirms how beligerantly stupid Mr Dead is, and needs to be outed immediately.

Sir Alf 2:25 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Willtell 12:07 Thu Dec 12

Agree with that. The repeated back and forth from attrition style tactic manager to more pleasing football ( passing etc) style manager associated with the intangible "West Ham way".

I might question the point about Pellegrini being the first of the managers who want to play a more entertaining style being backed financially.

Yes his opening season he got 90 miillion net spend. Some 40 - 50 milliion more that any predecessor but this last summer he got 25 million. It nets out at 60 million. A bit more than average but then taking in the inflationary nature of transfer fees I would argue he has had the upper end of our usual average spend under Sullivan.

He spent it badly no doubt about that. But in light of the players being released / loaned out it was suicide in hindsight or at best high risk. He already had a very unbalanced., incomplete squad at the end of last seaso, the 70 million gross spend on Haller , Ajeti and Fornals, + 2 freebie goalies when he was losing Hernandez, Perez, Carroll , Obiang, , Edmilson Fernandes Adrian, Cullen/Diagana/Hugill on loan , and many of those played games was diluting an incomplete squad even further.

Just look at the list of INs and OUTs. There were underlying whispers of concern by some fans and many on here but the overriding thought was "its Pellegrini a top manager, he must know what he is doing"? He didnt.

But the real question and what we never will know is Sullivan's role, the constraints on spending. Pellegrini said at the end of the window he was replacing Obiang. He didnt.

In summary the 2 Bobs backed him a little bit more than previous managers but not materially. And when you take into consideration the outgoing players ( cash flow savings was the driver ) , they have not backed him anywhere cliose to be enough to get us out of teh endless cycle of relegation struggles which has predominated their ownership.

I keep saying it, 10 years of Sullivan and Gold on 20/01/2020 and they have achieved 1 relegation. we rent a stadium and have a more divided fanbase than I can recall in 60 years.

Abject failure which could well feature a 2nd relegation in 10 years teh way things look to me

Swiss. 1:41 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Harry Rednapp ''I've heard that a certain club might be interested in me as a manager. Jam rolly polly anyone? "

goose 1:09 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
i said a while back, Sullivan has got a 2009 Rothmans Football Yearbook that he consults for his info.

Sven Roeder 1:04 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Can imagine the owners looking around Jurassic Park for the new manager and considering someone like Harry.
Jim Smith might have had a chance as well if he wasn’t inconveniently dead.

Queens Fish Bar 1:02 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Football insider saying Redknapp is in the running.

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