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Keep dreaming 10:24 Sat Nov 2
Pellegrini Out
Had to be done sooner or later. I'm afraid our owners will keep it later to save some pounds.

I applauded him coming in, and to be honest, have really tried to play football after a couple horrendous years under bfs and Moyes.

But now, he seems lost. I don't believe is the manager to get the most out of our players anymore.

What about you? In or Out?

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SUM A DING WONG 9:26 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Howe went on an 6 - 8 game losing streak last season.

Im not sure that would go down too well, here.

Im afraid, we're a poisoned chalice.

Sven Roeder 8:48 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Howe is on a very good wicket in a cosy situation with a calm well run club. He has 16 points and everyone loves him.
Pellegrini has 13 points and everyone wants to kill him.

Reckon Howe is a bit institutionalised now and will probably remain a small club manager.
The pressures and skills are different when you have to attract more expensive players and deal with bigger egos.
Also seems that Premier league clubs are keener to give foreign managers from smaller French etc clubs a go but English ones need to get a Premier league job by getting a Championship club promoted.

Upton Fart 8:37 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Out without a doubt !

Clueless currently and only now starting to understand the balance of the team is wrong

goose 8:17 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Every manager outside the top 10 or 15 clubs in Europe would jump to come & work in the PL.

normannomates 3:19 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
I like Wilder.. Everything I respect in a fella.. Same generation helps.. but I RATE him highly in every way

normannomates 3:16 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Deano 09.06

ak37 1:02 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
In times of trouble there is only one choice

Carlton F Cole

Joe Cole as assistant
Ole King Cole as coach

George’Arthur Daley’ Cole as director of football

. . 12:34 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
I can understand the calls for Pellegrini to go, but Seriously who are we going to replace him with ?

Would love to know what is going on, thought the lack of interest the players showed was down to Payet, he went we picked up a bit then I thought the attitude was bad due to Arnautović he left we picked up again and now we are back to poor attitude/Commitment

Considering this has been going on since before Pellegrini arrived I feel there is something else going on

zico 12:29 Tue Nov 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
It's not who we could get but who would want to come here! We aren't an attractive position. Why for instance would Eddie Howe leave his nice residence by the beach in Bournemouth and a Chairman he trusts and a Club he knows inside out to come and work in a soulless stadium for Gold and Sullivan?! Money? He is a millionaire, would another couple of million change his life?! No, so why would he come?!

As for the next big thing on the continent or a hidden foreign gem G and S's history in managers show their Managerial scouting network doesn't go any further than this country. Who was at Birmingham, Fry, Francis, Bruce, McCleish, With their West Ham appointments all have major links to English football and Bilic and Pellegrini were probably against the grain style wise compared with 90% of their other appointments.

Honestly, who would want to work with them? Who would want to take on such a shambles? I'm not surprised Ex managers have confidentiality agreements in force because I'm sure they would make grim reading!

rochesterjohn 10:41 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
It’s called Gallows humour, nothing more nothing less.
I’m in absolute bits mate and getting slaughtered from all sides, it’s all I have left so don’t take it too seriously!

Bernie 10:39 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
Imagine Mark Noble being manager!


But I would have Peter Butler as groundsman

goose 10:24 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
I think this had all gone to your head RoJo.

Bernie 10:22 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
I'd make Danny Gabbidon kit man and have David Unsworth doing the half time oranges

Iron Duke 10:20 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
Who should we get in next then, Rochester Damus?

rochesterjohn 9:53 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
All hail RJ....

In future any football related issues please run by me first, all the other shit you cunts squabble about , crack on!

Hail RJ
Hail RJ
Hail RJ


oioi 9:42 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
Sir Alf 8:58 Mon Nov 11

There's nothing stopping you using magnesium flash in the world of digital photography and computers if it gets the result you want.

Just saying............

WHUDeano 9:16 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
As I said previously, this board will not select the manager needed. Pellegrini is about as good we they get - he has signed some fantastic players and made us watchable again (up until the last 4 or 5 weeks).

Continuing to play Roberto is unforgivable though, in particular starting him at Burnley must be one of the worst selection decisions any West Ham manager has made in history? I said in a post on here that if he did start him, I would have to question his position. Now I am - but still I see no answer with this current board. They want a safe pair of hands, whether it's an Englishman or a foreigner - they will only appoint someone who can keep us up. If Pellegrini goes now, we're looking at desperate managers not asking for huge budgets - Pullis, Warnock, Allardyce etc until the end of the season. Then maybe they might approach a big name overseas manager, but it will depend again on the fans reaction.

We will not move on as a club until the current owners complete their mission and sell up for a massive profit having sold off our soul.

The Stoat 9:02 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
FFS diehard anyone who takes my Warnock comment as serious has clearly had their sense of humour surgically removed

Sir Alf 8:58 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
No ex-West Ham players please. The ones I admire like Trev ( too old ), Noble I would not want to fail and to be honest , that gives no measure of qualification and arguably is "populism" at best and highly likely to fail.

Rafa would not come as mentioned and to be honest he is the one to "stop the bleeding" short term. Longer term, we need someone who understands the way the game and tactics have changed, uses the latest techniques, includes stats in both assessment of current squad but also for recruitment or at least knows its a useful input. Does Hussilos or is he just relying on his eye, judgement, videos? Whats his scouting team, what are they doing or is he another Silkman with a golden roladex?

Thing is none of us know the set up and processes that Pellegrini employs , his methods but some traits of his City team ( defensive weakness ) and lack of running, work off the ball seem to have followed him or come with him?

We don't know what the deal/conversations were between Old Man Pellegrini and the 2 Old Men who run the club ( notice the theme here). What was promised funding wise? A big budget first year only because owners wanted to address cash flow ? Or have they reneged on the promises?

But we are up the proverbial "sh*t creek" :-(

Pellegrini looks to be past his sell date and the game has moved on but his methods and philosophy have not.

The "innovators dilemma" where someone or a company that has been successful doing something or producing something cannot change or adopt a new process, method or produce a new product or service until it is too late. Kodak a great example. Pellegrini still using a magnesium flash in the world of digital photography and computers . Poor analogy but the image sums him up :-)

Bishopsfinger 8:56 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
Yes I’d have Noble

Bishopsfinger 8:56 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pellegrini Out
Warnock can fuck off

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