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Keep dreaming 10:24 Sat Nov 2
Pellegrini Out
Had to be done sooner or later. I'm afraid our owners will keep it later to save some pounds.

I applauded him coming in, and to be honest, have really tried to play football after a couple horrendous years under bfs and Moyes.

But now, he seems lost. I don't believe is the manager to get the most out of our players anymore.

What about you? In or Out?

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southbankbornnbred 1:30 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
I don't think anybody gives a shit about Chinese football, let's be perfectly honest.

Diehard - Kovac is simply not the man for the job and he won't be West Ham's next manager.

He was sacked - after a 5-1 drubbing at the hands of Eintracht Frankfurt: the equivalent of losing that way to Watford. To think that he wasn't sacked would be foolish in the extreme - a naivity about the term "mutual consent" that only somebody wedded to a theory, rather than the realities of life, would cite.

He has been heavily criticised in Germany for looking like a little boy lost during his media interviews. Indeed, he has been criticised in Germany for many of the very things that we have criticised Manny for. He found himself out of his depth at Bayern - a tough club to manage, of course. But if you listen to the criticisms he faced, it has all the hallmarks of Pellegrini at West Ham.

diehardhammer 1:30 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out

video on Kovac's style for bayern and frankfurt

goose 1:29 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
So all his success was just a fluke?

Sajmo1 1:28 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
Based on following his work everywhere he was.

twoleftfeet 1:25 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
1) Pochettino
2) Moyes
3) Howe
4) Benitez
5) James Corden

goose 1:24 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
tactically poor?

based on what exactly?

Sajmo1 1:23 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
Kovac is tactically really poor manager. The only good thing about him is that he makes his players work REALLY hard on trainings.

goose 1:23 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
Sullivan is the majority shareholder.

he makes the decisions.

Iron Duke 1:22 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
It doesn't matter anyway because our chairmen are fucking useless and they will:

1. Dither and take too long
2. Make the wrong decisions

Just like they have done for the last 10 years.

twoleftfeet 1:22 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
So the board is tied?

Simple answer, let the fans have the deciding vote.

Email all of the members with a simple back him or sack him question, they have to reply within 24 hours.

Democracy at its best.

goose 1:19 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
his stock in China is rock fucking bottom.

Steve Bruce is busy showing up his Newcastle 'miracle'.

simon.s 1:19 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
Beat me to it, TM.

Sullivan is the more ruthless of the two, I can see Gold having more sympathy for a fellow pensioner.

diehardhammer 1:19 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
southbankbornnbred 1:15 Tue Dec 10

1. Kovac resigned, wasnt sacked. and this was after winning the double for bayern
2. Numerous managers have come to the PL without PL experience and succeed after success abroad
3. Kovac speaks english
4. knows how to use Haller properly and the current squad is suited to his 3-5-2 tactics and not much change would be required.
6. Howe plays 4 at the back which everyone has seen doesnt work for west ham

stewie griffin 1:18 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
Why is Benitez's stock high?

With anyone other than his fan club in the British media, obviously

simon.s 1:17 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
Moose saying the board were split on sacking him before last night. One wanted to get rid, the other wanted to keep him. And they want an English manager next. Yeah it’s the Moose, but all that sounds about right.

Takashi Miike 1:16 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
talksport moose reckons the board is split, one wanting a change, the other wanting to wait. not sure what the cunt's waiting for other than relegation

southbankbornnbred 1:15 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
There is no argument to be made - Kovac doesn't have a Scooby about English football and the Premier League and, having been sacked from his last job after just 18 months, he would be walking into a storm trying to manage a new club, in a new language, facing relegation.

Not. The. Man. For. The. Job.

chedylan 2 1:13 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
The actual fuck is he still doing here ?

Full fire at our awful, dithering cheapskate board please for prolonging this cruel farce.

He should have gone after Tottenham at the very latest. We all know these midgefucks dont want to pay him off but what was the point of keep giving him 2 games to turn it around? Hes fucking broken. This is just pulling us further down and wasting valuable time.

southbankbornnbred 1:13 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
Benitez won't come to West Ham.

His stock is currently high and, to be blunt, he's looking at the likes of Arsenal and Bayern first.

Never say never in this sport, of course, but I don't think Benitez is a realistic target for us at this point. He'd wait to make sure the Arsenal and Bayern jobs have gone before even beginning to look in our direction.

diehardhammer 1:13 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
there is no argument to be made, Kovac is a better manager, trophies/transfer record blah blah

board are incompetent and wont get him sorted before someone else does anyway.

Norman 1:10 Tue Dec 10
Re: Pellegrini Out
The fact that the pathetic excuse for a manager hasn't been sacked yet says everything about our owners.

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