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Q: Manuel Pellegrini - What should we do
a. A good man & a good coach we should stick with him
b. A busted flush & he's outstayed his welcome, time to go
c. What difference does it really make who's in charge while the current owners are still in control

Keep dreaming 10:24 Sat Nov 2
Pellegrini Out
Had to be done sooner or later. I'm afraid our owners will keep it later to save some pounds.

I applauded him coming in, and to be honest, have really tried to play football after a couple horrendous years under bfs and Moyes.

But now, he seems lost. I don't believe is the manager to get the most out of our players anymore.

What about you? In or Out?

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Bishopsfinger 2:45 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
SDKFZ 222 3:21 Sun Dec 15

Is this another not so subtle way of warming us up for when he takes over?

First a report on how he too the Chelsea game and not it’s filtering into forums.

goose 2:31 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
Yeh Italians are mental

Sven Roeder 1:31 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
Ancellotti got the sack at Napoli this week after winning a Champions league game 4-0

Sajmo1 1:26 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
Doubt howe would come until the end of the season..

The old c wing 1:24 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
If you believe the star then realistically it’s between houghton, moyes and Howe.

Moyes has the worst win percentage of any West Ham manager I believe. Houghton is a nice bloke but negative as hell and Howe is completely overrated.


goose 12:58 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
Many people get the sack after winning?

Barty 10:00 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
If they are gonna do it the time is now

Give the new manager time to prepare for the January window

camel-with-3-humps 9:58 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
Looks like his time is up - rightly.

They could limp along with him, but watch results deteriorate and no manager having the desire to pick up the wreckage.

Or, they sack him now, with us just about okay in the tables, and get a decent boss with time to improve us.

They are choosing option B.

camel-with-3-humps 9:55 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out

daveyg 8:56 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
But Zab will see his contract out and go into coaching.
More worringly Fredricks is suspended for the Palace match.
If Zab plays it will be another totally non progressive move by Pellegrini.
His substitions yesterday were all negative. By pulling Haller off and bringing Sanchez on was dire. It put more reliance on Antonio and we know now how reliant we are on him, another injury or overuse of his aching muscles.
FFS stretch the opposition with some pace,Southampton came at us at the end even with our defensive approach.
Pellegrini went in Allardyce mode.

Barty 7:25 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
"Look at that bench.Zab,Sancez,Diop and Masuaku,Ajeti."

That´s a terrible bench, I still have faith Diop will come good but he has alot to prove to justify his price tag

In January Zabaleta, Masuaku, Ajeti and Sanchez should be shipped out and replaced

daveyg 6:54 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
I'm not convinced.
Look at that bench.Zab,Sancez,Diop and Masuaku,Ajeti.
No game changers,no youth.

Manuel 4:26 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
All this get him out, then oh hang on we won a game so it's okay now, is just farcical. The football club is going nowhere. A 1-0 win against shit makes no difference I'm afraid.

normannomates 3:55 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
I've been hugely Dissapointed and let down as most have with Pellegrini..
Really poor.

normannomates 3:52 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out

Very well said my friend.

Sullivan needs to do the right thing for once.. Back him to the hilt if he truly believes in this man..
Shifty fucker won't.. Grant season all over.. Going game by game..

SDKFZ 222 3:21 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
I noticed in the pre match warm up that a dark haired Italian or Spanish looking chap was taking the drills and that the players were looking quite focused and enthusiastic. We were sitting near to Val and I asked her if it was Enzo Maresca, to which she confirmed.

If the rumours are true then it seems that they respond more to him. However, that said, they all seemed to run over to Pellegrini after we scored 🤷🏼‍♂️

Mart O 3:08 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
master 12:26 Sun Dec 15

Cheers, but not convinced by your thinking at all. What is true is that if I can't stand to listen to MP, not sure if the players can be that enthused. Although I am a cunt.

southbankbornnbred 2:56 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
I'll be at the Palace game.

southbankbornnbred 2:55 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
I think he's been a huge disappointment as a manager (including his purchases) and tactician this season.

But let's give him some small credit where it is due - he got it right today. He got the formation and line-up broadly right for the circumstances. The team played pretty well and the only problem was us not putting them away sooner.

I'm not sold on Pellegrini at all. But I just want us to keep winning games, or picking up points. If he does that, then none of us will mind.

Our problem this season has been building on wins. We followed the victory at Chelsea with some utter tripe against Wolves and Arsenal. Pelle's job right now is to stop a similar inconsistency.

Any Old Iron 2:38 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
I'm glad we won today, as I'm not sure I could take many more thrashings, but we were up against a very poor side and only just crept over the line.

I know this gives him a few more weeks, but I still want him gone and think it would be better to do it now..

Barty 1:45 Sun Dec 15
Re: Pellegrini Out
It was a lucky win today as they hit the bar and 2 times

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