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Q: Manuel Pellegrini - What should we do
a. A good man & a good coach we should stick with him
b. A busted flush & he's outstayed his welcome, time to go
c. What difference does it really make who's in charge while the current owners are still in control

Keep dreaming 10:24 Sat Nov 2
Pellegrini Out
Had to be done sooner or later. I'm afraid our owners will keep it later to save some pounds.

I applauded him coming in, and to be honest, have really tried to play football after a couple horrendous years under bfs and Moyes.

But now, he seems lost. I don't believe is the manager to get the most out of our players anymore.

What about you? In or Out?

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CARTERS 8:46 Sat Dec 14
Re: Pellegrini Out
I support you and the other poster on this.
However, surely this old toppie should be fired for Investing 100k a week on Wilshere who is obviously finished.
Mind boggling stuff .
Reid plays for the NZ team three weeks ago albeit 45 minutes, but can't make our bench.??
Just what is this old prick doing?
Today will be same old ............same old.
Snodgrass a midfield dynamo at 32 ???RIGHT>>>>>>>>

Texas Iron 8:56 Fri Dec 13
Re: Pellegrini Out
Basically he says Pellegrini has is a stubborn...old school...failed...manager...
Current problems mainly down to him...

I agree...

, 8:34 Fri Dec 13
Re: Pellegrini Out
Jacob Steinberg's take.


Darby_ 2:15 Fri Dec 13
Re: Pellegrini Out
Labour losing is not so bad when you realise the alternative is thinking about West Ham again.

Sajmo1 2:14 Fri Dec 13
Re: Pellegrini Out
Media linking us with pochettino this morning. Sullivan doing what he does best..

normannomates 4:43 Fri Dec 13
Re: Pellegrini Out
Not that I want him back.. That ship has sailed.
I'd take H till end of season.. Might even heal a few wounds all round if he does the business.
Mad eh.. But I reckon the old blagger would get most of our players firing for next 6 mnths I really do

normannomates 4:39 Fri Dec 13
Re: Pellegrini Out
I thought Moyes.. Irvine and Pearce did alright myself
But Moyes is one of those that has the negative tag regardless of what they actually achieve that is positive.
Got the best out of ARNIE and LANZINI.. and shored up at the back.. Not bad work in 6months I say.

normannomates 4:34 Fri Dec 13
Re: Pellegrini Out
Southbankbornandbred 4.50

Sir Alf 9:28 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
New Jersey
I agree that having a plan and a manager and owners that work to that plan buying young and types of players ( pacy , techical ) and getting a good blend of them for a squad takes a while. But also depends on where you start. Leicester has Vardy , Mahrez , the Danish keeper and a couple of others from that freaky Prem tttle year. They have in the last 5 years spent well but sold well. Mahrez sale was well spent. We have never had a 50 million plus sale although we will with Rice so our net spend would need to be more for a few seasons 2 or 3 to get a quality foundation in the squad. But our owners would never do that.

It’s a multitude of things but it’s clear our owners dint do joined up thinking and will never be able to risk investing or allow a manager to invest over the average for 2 or 3 seasons. Pellegrini did not spend well but maybe if he had another 70 million he would have got a central midfielder and left back and keeper which makes us a stronger team and then Firnals and Haller look better investments?

master 9:12 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Teams that cross the ball beat arsenal. We didn't. As usual.

Texas Iron 8:06 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Pellegrini lost the plot...blaming the players...surely they will not respond to this in a positive way...

"I always think as a manager that the results of the team depend on the individual performance of a player "

Most unimpressive...demotivating thing to say ... especially just before a key 6 pointers ...

Come On You Irons 7:26 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
I can easily see the cheapskates making a cheapo internal appointment if they finally pull their fingers out and sack Pellegrini if (when) we lose at Southampton. They will certainly not be buying any employed manager out of his contract, that is for sure.

It is so frustrating having such a self-interested, money obsessed, cheapskate wanker in Sullivan owning the club. He is totally inept at running a football club successfully, as he has proved in his 26 odd years attempting to do so.

Sajmo1 7:16 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
They've had success with players like mahrez kante and drinkwater and sold them for a lot of money, therefore owners didn't need to invest much of their money. We can't have the same net spend as them as we can't collect much money from outgoing transfers. The fact is that they've spent much more then we did even though they were in championship just a few years ago.

New Jersey 7:03 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Sajmo1 - I think we're at cross purposes here, for the last five seasons Leicester's net spend is less than ours but they have won the premiership and are almost nailed on to be runners up this season.

Our two messiahs at the moment are a keeper on a free transfer from Swansea and a beast we got from Forest for £5m.

Sajmo1 6:54 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
And yes I would trust MP with 300 mil.

Sajmo1 6:51 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
But your point was that it's not about the money and as an example you said leicester who spent 100mil more then we did..

New Jersey 6:48 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Sajmo1 - My point is that it isn't always about how much you spend, would you trust Pellegrini with £300m? It's more important you don't have a clown in charge of them.

Look at that team that got relegated under Roeder, fuck me we had Lampard, Carrick, Defoe, Cole etc but we had another clown in charge, agreed shit net spend but not the reason we went down.

Sajmo1 6:39 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
New Jersey surely you are just taking the piss. Yes their net spent is low yeah, but they've spent around 300mil in the last 3 seasons..

New Jersey 6:34 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
Sir Alf - It's not about the net spend, if it was Leicester would be relegation candidates having a net spend of £16m and £11.1m in the previous two seasons!

Also if it's about the money, apparently our manager is the 7th highest paid in the Premiership, so money logic tells us we should be 7th!

It's about a Board of Directors who are fucking clueless about running a highly successful premiership football team.

goose 6:29 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out
having spent a bit of time on the HU facebook page i've noticed that a high % of our fans are as thick as fuck and have very limited understanding of the game of football or how football clubs are run.

Northern Sold 6:22 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out

Swiss. 1:41 Thu Dec 12
Re: Pellegrini Out

Harry Rednapp ''I've heard that a certain club might be interested in me as a manager. Jam rolly polly anyone? "

Funny that as there was a couple of blokes on TS this AM saying we should go tits out for Harry...

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