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Q: Manuel Pellegrini - What should we do
a. A good man & a good coach we should stick with him
b. A busted flush & he's outstayed his welcome, time to go
c. What difference does it really make who's in charge while the current owners are still in control

tonka 7:50 Tue Nov 5
Why the fuck do they selectively "confiscate" umbrellas? You'd have to be Fatima Whitbread to get one near the pitch. It also seems to be inconsistant as I see plenty inside the ground.
It's like braving Dartmoor walking back to Hackney Wick in the pissing rain.

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ATHammer 10:21 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas

Tomshardware 8:29 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
Has anyone seen the 'Takes of the Unexpected' episode about an umbrella? It's superb.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 3:41 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
i never have used an umbrella i have a hat

Side of Ham 3:21 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
Every time Sold posts, I keep seeing this.....


Block 2:28 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
This is a sore subject, Sold0.

Not even a huge sheet of tarp done the job.

Northern Sold 2:27 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
Ha ha ha !!!

Block 2:26 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
I am yet to find an umbrella big enough to cover my head.


Northern Sold 2:24 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
Brolly's are for homosexual men who don't want to get their perms wet and Llyod's Insurance underwriters.... you can't beat a baseball cap and a fully waxed barbour...

Tomshardware 2:04 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
The umbrella was invented by the chinese.

Pickle Rick 10:30 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
Wear a coat with a hood!! if you're that sensitive to the rain.

Hammer and Pickle 8:46 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
Why don’t you troll another club?

mashed in maryland 8:30 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
A. Bringing an umbrella to a football match

B. Stewards confiscating umbrellas

Hahahahaha, what the fuck have West Ham become

gph 2:02 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
I've got a golf umbrella.

I never use it when I'm on my own, but a former girlfriend FORCED me to buy it.

May come in useful if I ever have future girlfriends.

White Pony 1:36 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
What Mad Dog said. Especially those people who use them in exceptionally light rain. Fuck off.

yngwies Cat 1:16 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
Still not found my hip flask, picknick basket and WHITE BOG ROLLS. Yet.

Slight of hand at the gates. You lot are just to slow and fat.


zebthecat 1:09 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas

Mad Dog 12:55 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
People that use umbrellas are cunts.

They all manage to hold them at my exact eye level. One of the things I don't miss about working in the city is having to swat these cunty things out of my face.

It's just water

Iron Duke 12:48 Wed Nov 6
Re: Umbrellas
I’ve just sent Peter Storrie an email about it. I want answers.

gph 10:25 Tue Nov 5
Re: Umbrellas
Shit, I've slipped into youth-speak (possibly youth-speak of a decade ago)

So MUCH more

gph 10:23 Tue Nov 5
Re: Umbrellas
They're just worried about a mass Mary Poppins-style stadium exodus should we go 4-0 down.

Would be so more conspicuous than sneaking out the regular exists.

Mickey Rat 10:13 Tue Nov 5
Re: Umbrellas
I called the club last year when heavy rain was forecast and they said I could take a small collapsible one in but not a full sized one

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