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garrrrlic bread? 8:22 Thu Nov 7
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For anyone who likes a punt. I3e. Listed on aim. Made one nice oil discovery recently in the North Sea, about to drill another hole, which is highly likely to have a good result. Massively underpriced @ 35p. I'll be selling @ 120p....

Mortgage on it, stand on me, etc.

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Northern Sold 2:44 Fri Feb 21
Re: Share tip
UP 1.23% Joe….


joe royal 1:01 Fri Feb 21
Re: Share tip
Think I paid 20p for mine . I’ll stick to killing hookers than stock market dabbling.

More profitable.

DagenhamDave 10:48 Fri Feb 21
Re: Share tip
Can they go to a minus? Haha. No.

FWIW from the brief skim Ive had of their RNS and other articles (and I must stress that my opinion is not worth much) they look like a reasonable punt at 8p. If I were you I would sit tight and wait for news on farm out discussions. Its only a couple of hundred quid so no point doing anything else.

joe royal 10:27 Fri Feb 21
Re: Share tip
What happens if they go to zero , just game over?

Can they go to a minus ?

Buster 9:28 Fri Feb 21
Re: Share tip
Just sell up, Royal. It’s clear you couldn’t afford to lose £200 in the first place.

Moncurs Putting Iron 9:23 Fri Feb 21
Re: Share tip
Flattered to deceive
Erratic performance
On a downward spiral
WHOers invested, lost out but still able to laugh about it.

I think we have found our Championship Shirt sponsor people

DagenhamDave 2:29 Thu Feb 20
Re: Share tip
Hes not shorting it. Wouldnt be a particularly impactful strategy, using a football forum to whip up interest in shares you are shorting. Accusations of 'ramping' shares are basically just a way for people to find a strawman to beat up to deflect from their own bad decisions. No judgement here from me either, Ive made some absolute howlers in the past.

Spandex Sidney 2:16 Thu Feb 20
Re: Share tip
I'm not sure the spread would interest day traders honestly.

Joe, if you are down just over a tank full of fuel then you might as well let it ride. Might be different if you are down a few grand rather than a few hundred as I'm not sure this is going anywhere now. Treat it like a bet and it makes more sense, this isn't investing.

Plus I'd actually like garrrrlic bread to come back and explain his original post, only because I'm nosey, even if it was a shorting scam and he's cleaned up. At least we would know one way or the other.

joe royal 1:46 Thu Feb 20
Re: Share tip
54.74% down , I could withdraw but would only fill my car up with it.

Northern Sold 6:49 Wed Feb 19
Re: Share tip
Summer months is when it will happen (if it's going to) .. have faith Lenny son...

Leonard Hatred 6:48 Wed Feb 19
Re: Share tip
I'm gonna stay in, forget about it and hope for the best.

Optimism is key innit though but man Dennis.

Northern Sold 6:32 Wed Feb 19
Re: Share tip
UP 5.52%


lufbra iron 6:09 Wed Feb 19
Re: Share tip
at these levels only likely to appeal to the day traders who will have a bit of fun with it. will take the 5/6% and run.

but that type of pump and dump dont really suit the long termers like those on here.

Spandex Sidney 5:29 Wed Feb 19
Re: Share tip
Yeah its cash out or chuck it in a drawer and hope for the best time I think

Kaiser Zoso 5:10 Wed Feb 19
Re: Share tip

Getting a feeling about this tip

lufbra iron 5:52 Thu Feb 13
Re: Share tip
Spiked 20% on a relatively vague 7am corporate update RNS. No data.

most likely a dead cat bounce.
but all the best if you are in hope it recovers

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:02 Thu Feb 13
Re: Share tip
Does Sir want that served Barrymore style? (Like his share tips)

Northern Sold 3:42 Thu Feb 13
Re: Share tip
UP 17% ON THE DAY...


Jim79 2:36 Thu Feb 13
Re: Share tip
no mace, you would have had to open up talking about your yacht by complaining about the price of petrol and how the costs of running you floating palace are almost as bad as your heating bill at your sprawling estate in Thailand.

Mace66 2:34 Thu Feb 13
Re: Share tip
Jim, Zoltaneering would be more along the lines of " i had a little £2k dabble in this as i was a bit bored after flogging my £250million yacht in the Bahamas and £965m mansion in Thailand

Jim79 2:27 Thu Feb 13
Re: Share tip
Mace66, great Zoltaneering, top marks fella.

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