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garrrrlic bread? 8:22 Thu Nov 7
Share tip
For anyone who likes a punt. I3e. Listed on aim. Made one nice oil discovery recently in the North Sea, about to drill another hole, which is highly likely to have a good result. Massively underpriced @ 35p. I'll be selling @ 120p....

Mortgage on it, stand on me, etc.

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daveyg 8:25 Tue Nov 19
Re: Share tip
I've got an account with HL.
Just a small SIPP, but I want to make use of my Government allowance. I'm over 55 I can see the advantage of using my SIPP over just buying shares.
Garlic Bread
My own feelings is it's North Sea Oil and didn't think this is a good investment as Oil is not a long term investment but I guess they wouldn't be drilling for oil if it wasn't.

BRANDED 4:38 Mon Nov 18
Re: Share tip
1. A capital loss can ONLY be offset against a capital gain. There are no capital gains in tax efficient wrappers.

I said if you make a gain at some point that is greater than your yearly allowance I have already said you're quids in. Its the losing I was commentating on.

Jim79 4:04 Mon Nov 18
Re: Share tip
BRANDED, other point of view though can be that if you are not a regular equity investor and just using this as a rare punt that using your SIPP or ISA are exactly the vehicle to use for this scenario given any gains you may experience are tax free.

New Jersey 4:04 Mon Nov 18
Re: Share tip
Branded - I thought if you lumped all your shares, funds etc into one SIPP, say with Hargreaves, then if you did make a capital loss on a particular share (fucking Purple Bricks in my case), then it would be set off automatically against your other investment gains held within that one SIPP investment vehicle?

Leonard Hatred 3:48 Mon Nov 18
Re: Share tip
Up again today.


Stubbo 10:30 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
Well this one is safe as houses according to Garrlic isnt it? ;)

Most of my SIPP just tracks the S and P 500, is in Fundsmith, or Framlington Tech fund to be honest, with some in Bailie Gifford Emerging Markets and some in BG Global Discovery.

BRANDED 9:19 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
So. The point I originally made was, use the Sipp for safe investing. Good stuff like properties and the best investment funds.

Do all the risky betting type trades outside so any losses can go against the gains.

Unless you’re a fucking lucky genius of course.

Stubbo 8:45 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
Right I understand now.

I guess it's just different. Youve already made your gain in the 20% tax saving made on the contribution. Plus it's never "stupid" to make a loss since making a loss cant really be guaranteed avoided...only by not playing in the first place from a SIPP perspective.

Oh to have 100k to invest in a single company mind you! My SIPP dabble on this tip is just that...a minor dabble at best!

BRANDED 8:38 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
No probs.

Let’s say you invest 100k in a company and it goes bankrupt. Outside of a Sipp you could claim the loss against a gain you made on another company, relative to the taxable amount.

Stubbo 8:24 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
Cheers Branded although afraid I'm being a bit thick and dont understand your second sentence

Cheezey Bell-End 6:28 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
The crypto thing was Initiative Q. Was about a year ago. Never heard anything more about it.

BRANDED 6:03 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
If you get a gain in your SIPP and you get out before it crashes you’re quids in.

If you make a loss in your SIPP you can’t make it against a gain. So making losses in a SIPP or ISA is stupid.

Alfs 4:14 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
devonhammer 9:34 Fri Nov 8

Oh yeah, I forgot all about that. Something to do with Paypal wasn't it?

Spandex Sidney 4:11 Fri Nov 15
Re: Share tip
Hello Mr garrrrlic bread, seems you are perhaps onto something?

Up nearly 10% today. Good on you if this comes off.

gph 10:41 Fri Nov 8
Re: Share tip
I didn't sign up for the crypto-currency thing, and I'm not a millionaire.

Not sure my mistake was not signing up for the crypto-currency thing, though...

Peterboroughiron 10:36 Fri Nov 8
Re: Share tip
😂😂😂😂😂aim shares every one is a winner if I had a pound for every aim share that’s gonna bust the bank I wouldn’t still be working
Good luck with it though and remember the real trick with shares is selling at a profit and not hanging on for the mythical figure you have in your head

Tomshardware 10:00 Fri Nov 8
Re: Share tip
Anyone tried Football index where you buy and sell shares in players?

devonhammer 9:34 Fri Nov 8
Re: Share tip
Whatever happened to that new crypto currency thing that we all signed up for a couple of years ago.....
Thought we'd all be millionaires by now

twoleftfeet 8:04 Fri Nov 8
Re: Share tip
Thanks garlic 👍👍

garrrrlic bread? 8:00 Fri Nov 8
Re: Share tip

Don't matter really, it'll be about 9-12 quid a trade. I like Hargreaves Lansdowne, the app is decent.

New Jersey 7:37 Fri Nov 8
Re: Share tip
Stubbo - I've done the same, govt give you 20% as well, don't really see the problem?

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