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Q: 2019/20 Wolves (a)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, win
b.Wolves will be tougher than the rent boys but I think we can grind it out, draw
c. We rarely follow up a win with anything and Wednesday will be no different, lose
d.The poll's back and everything is rosy, I've missed you old friend
e. Well how's your luck this one is on Amazon Prime and I subscribe along with SKY, BT & Netflix I've got all bases covered, it may be cheaper to buy a ST but then I'd have to get out of the armchair, WHU through & through me

garrrrlic bread? 8:22 Thu Nov 7
Share tip
For anyone who likes a punt. I3e. Listed on aim. Made one nice oil discovery recently in the North Sea, about to drill another hole, which is highly likely to have a good result. Massively underpriced @ 35p. I'll be selling @ 120p....

Mortgage on it, stand on me, etc.

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Turpinator 6:25 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
Probably been tipping Tullow Oil last few weeks(TLW). Only down 70% today. Scrapped dividend and Ceo jumped Rig

brick_lane_batty_boy 4:26 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
garrrrlic bread? 8:22 Thu Nov 7

Do you have any strong views on Metro Bank?

Leonard Hatred 1:20 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
Anyroad, I'm staying in and playing the long game.

I remain optimistic.

Leonard Hatred 1:18 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip

C&P is Eddie B's game.

Exiled In Surrey 1:17 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
Like it or not, i3e is now a playground for traders, i wrote about it a week ago and todays tradings demonstrate it.

Every jump this undervalued share will make will be followed by profit taking of traders.
I don't like this guessing games of daily share prices, what is it good for?

The important thing is the junior loan was given with 11m of reserves and the senior loan, if it will come through, will have 80m of reserves.
That is just a fact of the outcome of this years campaign.

Dan M 1:01 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
"Look - it's Lobot from Empire Strikes Back"

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:37 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip

Caption Competition

Lee Trundle 11:32 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
Up to 17p now.

*starts Viking clap to get the crowd going*

Buster 11:05 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
daveyg 10:59 Mon Dec 9

Read this car crash of a thread and never again ask for help with shares on this website.

joe royal 11:04 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
Only stuck in £250 , if i drop to 100 I’m bailing out.

daveyg 10:59 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
I want to buy shares in an Austrlian Pharmaceutical company .
How does one do this ?

Lee Trundle 10:46 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
Up to 21p now down to 15p.

This is exciting for the neutral.

Leonard Hatred 10:08 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
Up 3p in the first 15 minutes

Leonard Hatred 9:55 Mon Dec 9
Re: Share tip
Expect a big surge on this today

joe royal 11:51 Sun Dec 8
Re: Share tip
So, whose got their fingers crossed for Monday?

Leonard Hatred 12:03 Sat Dec 7
Re: Share tip
They did find oil.

It seems the main reason for the price fall is people lying and being cunts for their own gain.

Northern Sold 11:33 Sat Dec 7
Re: Share tip
Who knows Darby.... but there could be life in this old dog after all...

Darby_ 8:57 Sat Dec 7
Re: Share tip
Sounds like they had a punt at finding oil. Didn't find it, didn't have enough money to carry on, and so tried to flog the company to BP.

I'm sceptical that the share price will reach great heights.

Northern Sold 5:37 Sat Dec 7
Re: Share tip
Hmmmmm....its all very interesting all of a sudden...some mental prices being bounded about for monday... fingers crossed for all of us who have had a dabble

joe royal 9:04 Fri Dec 6
Re: Share tip
I’m £15.65 up , add the £75 from premium bonds and I may be able to afford to fill my car up.

joe royal 9:00 Fri Dec 6
Re: Share tip
I invested 250 quid at 17p

Let’s see how that pans out.

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