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garrrrlic bread? 8:22 Thu Nov 7
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For anyone who likes a punt. I3e. Listed on aim. Made one nice oil discovery recently in the North Sea, about to drill another hole, which is highly likely to have a good result. Massively underpriced @ 35p. I'll be selling @ 120p....

Mortgage on it, stand on me, etc.

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Northern Sold 11:06 Fri Dec 23
Re: Share tip

Increase in the monthly dividend.... nothing but good news... what's not to like... Merry Christmas all...

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:25 Thu Dec 22
Re: Share tip
I had a go with the magic formula at the start of the year. Selling soon. Done about 25% gain which ain’t bad.

BRANDED 2:01 Thu Dec 22
Re: Share tip
You’ve made or lost nothing until you sell some.

Leonard Hatred 1:58 Thu Dec 22
Re: Share tip
I3e up 15% today.

Nice little Christmas bonus.


RBshorty 8:49 Tue Nov 8
Re: Share tip
Looks like the arsehole dropping out of Bit coin. 9% so far on the day.

joe royal 6:27 Sat Oct 15
Re: Share tip
£300 worth, no idea at what price I got them or anything. I broke the iPad so can’t log in to HL anymore as it doesn’t recognise my email address.

Northern Sold 11:11 Wed Oct 12
Re: Share tip
Bloody hell Joe how many shares you got?? I got a pityful amount (just under 30k) and I’m clearing £40 a month on the divi…

joe royal 11:01 Wed Oct 12
Re: Share tip
Another £1.97 hits the coffers.

joe royal 8:32 Tue Oct 11
Re: Share tip
Nutsin 7:33 Mon Oct 10

You will get a million to one on that bet, seeing as you have to be born in the USA to become president.

Musk was born in South Africa.

Northern Sold 2:04 Tue Oct 11
Re: Share tip
TBF Len... the serenity field was a bit of a free hit... would have been nice but vast majority of the cash is in the Canadian gas,,, thats what is giving us the monthly dividend... pretty safe holding .... unlike my monkey in EoG... in which it was all on that drill... nigh on 50% walloped off in one day.... ouch !

Nutsin 7:33 Mon Oct 10
Re: Share tip
Elon Musk next president of the USA… Worth a punt!

goose 7:13 Mon Oct 10
Re: Share tip
crude oil and product tankers.
there's a shortage of the 'right size' ones now needed because the world wont touch russian oil.

the companies arent building new ones so there will be a significant supply shortage for some time to come.

COSCO shipping
International seaways
Scorpio tankers
Teekay tankers

Leonard Hatred 3:14 Mon Oct 10
Re: Share tip
So the North Sea drill turned out to be a duster 😡.

Down to 24p again.


Mike Oxsaw 7:47 Tue Oct 4
Re: Share tip
Buy Twitter!!!

Oh! Wait.

You can't.

Hermit Road 7:05 Tue Oct 4
Re: Share tip

My 5 followers on social media have been duped

, 7:00 Tue Oct 4
Re: Share tip
Beware Hermit Kardashian who might be pumping Cassava Sciences.


Hermit Road 6:45 Tue Oct 4
Re: Share tip
Dunno about you lot but I sold out of this a while ago.

Got one for you if you have a taste for risk and fancy a shit or bust punt.

Cassava Sciences on the Nasdaq. It's currently just above $40

I'm averaged at about $30. It's a company with an Alzheimers drug in phase 3 development. It's been hit by a concerted short campaign with loads of coordinated negative news coverage. Phase 2 was successful and extended with further results coming soon. Will rocket if they're good.

Like I say though, it's shit or bust so don't bet the farm.

The drug is called Simulfilam


Leonard Hatred 6:43 Fri Apr 29
Re: Share tip
Up nearly 10% today.


joe royal 6:02 Fri Apr 22
Re: Share tip
Drinking there puts the share price up.

Win win.

Leonard Hatred 3:02 Fri Apr 22
Re: Share tip
I just bought 85 shares in JD Wetherspoon.

RBshorty 12:22 Wed Apr 20
Re: Share tip
It’s all about being a one trick pony. (A bit like Fat Frank.) Eventually you hit the ceiling and there’s only one way for you.

“A man must know his limitations.!”

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